Chapter eighteen

Every person that was at the Burrow for Ron and Hermione's wedding could only gaze in wonder at what they were seeing and what they were hearing. They knew something significant had happened, now they just had to wait out the two men that were inside the house before they would find out.

It took another couple of hours before Charlie and Harry stepped back into the marquee and they first thing everyone noticed was how happy and content they both look and of course they noticed that they had their arms around each other. Before either of them could move further in, Minerva McGonagall stepped over to them, took both their hands and led them to the middle of the dance floor.

'Oh blimey,' Harry's jaw dropped at what he was seeing, 'But how?'

'Harry love, what's going on?' Charlie saw the stunned look on Harry's face and he also couldn't believe what he was seeing.

'It's a star hawk Charlie, a mythical bird, well, was mythical, but it's here and real.'

Charlie stared at the man size golden bird standing in the middle of the dance floor that was emanating a beautiful melody.

'I know I deal with creatures and thought I knew everyone there was. But I have never heard of a star hawk let alone seen one.'

'Then let me explain Charlie,' Minerva smiled, 'In mythology, a star hawk would only show itself to one that had completely lost his will to love. The person's soul was dying due to having no love left either due to a failed love, or lost love, things like that. They would keep watch on this person, they were this persons soul guardian. They would not be seen, but send its aura, then it's pure self would join with the one to keep them from losing themselves until this person found his one and true love. From what I remember, it was a gift to the one person in our world that was meant to live and meant to love because the star hawk would know that this person used his true self to save the world, used his inner love to save everyone. They knew one day there would be a saviour that would lose his love, lose his hope, lose his soul until eventually he would lose his life.'

Everyone watched as the star hawk stepped over to Harry, put his golden beak to his lips, then a golden bright light surrounded Harry, Charlie and the star hawk. The glow brightened and even though it was brighter than any light that anyone had ever seen before, it was easy to look at. Over the next few minutes, the light got brighter and brighter until it disappeared altogether, but so did the star hawk leaving a glow around Harry and Charlie, a golden aura of pure light. It took another few minutes before the light slowly faded by as it did it centred around both men's hearts until it disappeared right inside Harry and Charlie.

'It joined with you, it showed the love you both have is the strongest and purest love there is. But if you look at your left hands, it also joined you to one another. Their magic, their inner being joined you together as partners for eternity and that joining is the start of your lives as one,' Minerva said softly as she stepped back to watch Harry and Charlie as they stared at each other, then the two men melted into each other's arms and danced. Danced with the one they loved, but danced with their life partner, their soul mate, the one they belonged to, forever.

'I know Harry has always surprised me, but I think this time is the most surprising of all,' Ron grinned, 'Now even though it's our wedding Mione, Harry and Charlie just became one as well, married like us. What we just saw was truly amazing and beautiful.'

'It is Ron,' Hermione sniffed and wiped a tear from her eye, 'He looks happy, doesn't he. I've never seen Harry like that before.'

'No, neither have I,' Ron put his arm around his wife, 'I think all this also means that Harry will finally return to the world he belongs to.'

'Yes, I think it will.'

'Hermione,' Kingsley said softly, 'I know you won't like this, but your muggle relatives, not your parents, but the others.'

'I know Kingsley and I understand. Can you do it?'

'I can take that part of their memory, but I'll need your help to get them together. When I'm ready I'll give you a nod so you can move so the magic won't affect you.'

'Let's do it now, then they will think it's still just an ordinary wedding reception.'

Hermione, Ron and Kingsley spoke to all Hermione's muggle relatives, moved them outside away from the crowd. Hermione and Ron stepped back behind Kingsley while he removed the muggles memories of the star hawk and the magic they had just seen. Ron went back in and spoke to a few people, then the dance floor was again crowded with couples dancing. But Harry and Charlie were in the centre and didn't seem to be taking notice of anything but the man they had in their arms.

For another hour the bride and groom dance, but stayed not far from Harry and Charlie who never once let the other go and not once did they look away from the other. Hermione and Ron knew they had to go so they never said anything, just wrapped their arms around Harry and Charlie giving them a hug. They waved to everyone before leaving to start their lives as husband and wife. They were happier than they ever thought they would be. They knew it mainly came down to finally being married, but they also knew it came to having their best friend back, but having him happy.

Harry and Charlie hugged everyone, Charlie went and packed his things, then put his arm around Harry and the two men went to start their lives as married partners, as soul mates, as life mates. Everyone knew just from the looks Harry and Charlie were giving each other that no one would see them for a while, how long, no one knew. Their love for each other was easy to see, but so was their wanting, their desire was evident, so they knew these two men would head straight home to love each other in every way possible. They weren't just leaving to have sex, they were joining their hearts, their minds, their souls and their bodies with their love.

The end: