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Part One - Of Delphiniums (Blue) and Geraniums (Red)

Chapter One - First Impressions

Citadel Docks - Civilian Transport Sector

2206 - 19 Years After the End of the Reaper War

Sarah 'Angel' Shepard-Vakarian was awoken very suddenly and very rudely.

This did not bode well for whoever had woken her.

By the time she had woken enough to have her wits about her, Sarah found herself pinning an asari stewardess to the wall of the shuttle, her pistol to her head.

She sighed a little at the inconvenience. It wasn't the best start to her new, normal life.

Her sleepy state was quickly dispersed as she noticed the faint blue glow over her skin. However, it flickered and died as soon as she realized its existence.

Figures, she thought to herself as she turned her attention to the terrified woman in front of her.

"Sorry." She told the asari, although she didn't look it, as she checked that her visor was still in place, cleverly hiding her ice-blue eyes so that no one would notice the fact that, while she looked mostly human, Sarah's eyes were very much turian in nature.

"I just... We have arrived at the Citadel and you didn't wake to disembark." She explained, still terrified. Sarah nodded as she tucked her pistol back into her jeans, under her leather jacket that hid the odd curve of her waist.

"Right. Thanks." Sarah replied coolly as she picked up her bags, clenching her jaw as a headache started to form. She moved to leave the shuttle when the asari called after her again.

"You dropped th-" She cut off when she realized what she had in her hands and Sarah grabbed the empty med-tube from her.

"Thanks." She said and the asari looked a little more afraid. Sarah didn't have the patience to deal with her or the inclination to care. So what if some random asari thought she was a junkie? It wasn't her fault that her metabolism processed normal drug doses too quickly. And if anyone thought she was getting on a crowded transport without sedatives... well, they would be in for a nasty shock.

She moved into the first restroom she could find, dumping the empty tube of krogan sedatives in the nearest bin as she went. She checked the time on her omni-tool and swore under her breath. If she was late for her first day of work, her aunt would... Well, she'd probably understand, but Sarah wasn't one for screwing up. Not anymore. She quickly checked herself in a mirror, making sure her blonde hair was still in it's plait, the deep blue streak from root to tip the only indicator that she belonged to the Vakarian clan. It was her compromise. She wasn't dumb enough to wear her facial markings, even on the Citadel. She had learned that lesson the hard way.

After that she checked her clothes to make sure they didn't look as if she had been sleeping in them. Of course, they did, because she had been, but she decided that she simply didn't care. All that was left was her face, her make-up had been mostly wiped off during her journey from Illium and the faint outline of her markings, that had been left by years of staining her skin with blue paint, was partially visible. As were the dark circles under her eyes.

She couldn't remember the last time she had slept properly, without the aid of sedatives. Three years? That seemed right to her as she carefully covered her skin to make her look like any healthy eighteen year old human girl. She, of course, was none of those things. Well, except for eighteen. She was two months from nineteen, but her eyes looked older. They'd looked older for a while now... About three years.

She frowned slightly as her mind kept on returning to that place. She knew it would happen, but it was testing her patience as she applied lip gloss to cover up the slight purple tinge of her lips. A side effect of her body producing both red and blue blood cells. It just couldn't decide if it was human or turian. But, then again, neither could she.

She zipped up her bag and prepared to leave the bathroom, but her hand hovered over the painkillers that were packed in next to her clothes. But she knew that she couldn't risk taking them so soon after taking the sedative, so she left them in her bag, ignoring her pounding headache and tired muscles, as she left the bathroom and headed towards C-Sec headquarters.

She stopped about halfway there to buy a cup of coffee, as she knew that she was going to struggle to stay awake throughout the day without it. She finished the cup just as she approached the front desk at C-Sec. It was being manned by a human male, around her age, with dark hair and stormy gray eyes. She frowned a little at her observation. She had never really noticed someone's eye color before... She shook herself mentally as she approached and took a deep breath.

Being put on the front desk at C-Sec meant one of two things; you're incompetent or you're a troublemaker. Philip wasn't quite sure which had earned him this position, but he suspected that it had been a combination of the two. Tiala would insist that his problem would be solved if he actually put some effort into his work, but he couldn't be bothered. So, instead of actually manning the desk, he was caught up in his new omni-tool game.

"Umm... hello?" Came a voice from the other side of the desk. It sounded like a woman, but he couldn't tell what species without paying closer attention, or actually looking at her. Which would involve taking his eyes off of the screen of his omni-tool.

"Just a minute..." He managed, but the momentary distraction had cost him dearly and he frantically moved his fingers across the interface to try to make up for it, but he was failing. "No, no no... Dammit! Power attack! Power attack!" He shouted at the game as the Game Over screen popped up. He banged his fist on the desk and sighed with frustration. "Dammit..." He muttered before turning his attention to the woman in front of him.

"Yeah, yeah, what do you want?" He asked tersely as he turned to face her, his irritation instantly draining away as he took in the figure in front of him. This woman in front of him was very, definitely human. All curves but with a slender waist and pronounced collar-bone, and she dressed like she knew it; in perfectly fitted dark jeans, a low-cut white vest and a gray leather jacket. She was tall, even if she wasn't wearing heeled boots, and she stood with her hands clasped behind her back. Her blonde hair was pulled away from her face in a plait, a blue streak running from root to tip, all except for a fringe that fell across her forehead and down to the one thing that suggested that she wasn't a civilian; a visor that ran across the width of her face, partially obscuring her brilliant blue eyes, but still leaving them visible enough for him to see that they were watching him carefully. Although he couldn't see any emotion in them (unless tired was an emotion), or anywhere on her small, slightly pointed features.

Her eyebrows moved a millimeter further up her face, but her expression didn't otherwise change.

"My name's Sarah and I'm here to see Executor Vakarian. She's expecting me." She replied, her voice neutral and lacking inflections. He had always thought himself good at reading people, but he was getting nothing but a hint of tired from her.

"Just Sarah? No last name?" He asked, and her gaze seemed to harden a little.

"No." She said simply and he didn't question it. She was making no attempt to be friendly, as if she didn't care how he perceived her.

"If you need something, you're asking the wrong person." An asari said as she approached. She was grinning at Philip, who pulled a face in return. Sarah regarded the asari carefully, noting her pale blue skin and the white pattern across her cheeks that she thought resembled freckles. "Can I help?" She asked, and Sarah noticed the human scowling at her, but the asari simply rolled her eyes in response. Sarah decided that she liked the asari, but it didn't change her outward demeanor.

"Yes. My name is Sarah and I'm here to see Executor Vakarian." She said, as she stood straight and clasped her hands behind her back. She may not be the warmest person in the galaxy, but she got the job done and she was determined to have that be her first impression. They could question her personality all they liked, just as long as they didn't question her ability or commitment. The asari in front of her nodded.

"The Executor told me you would be coming. She said to tell you that she is sorry, but she's too busy to greet you this morning, so I've been put in charge of showing you around and introducing you to your partner, Officer Tallin. My name is Tiala, by the way." She said and Sarah nodded. That was when Philip re-entered the conversation.

"Wait, she's been paired with Guy Smiley?" He asked and Tiala nodded. Sarah frowned a little at that as her visor pulled up the relevant cultural information about the nickname, showing her pictures of a strange puppet. She wondered how many social cues she would miss as a product of growing up on the Normandy. Not that she cared, outside of scientific curiosity. "Good luck with that." He said and she raised her eyebrow in question as Tiala rolled her eyes.

"He's not that bad. You just annoy him." Tiala replied, but the man turned to Sarah.

"You know how all turians have a stick up their butt? Well, good ole Tiberius has two." He explained and Sarah didn't bother to react to the slight, even with her sub-harmonics. She figured that she would have to be careful if her partner was turian. The last thing she needed was someone identifying her...

The man behind the desk continued on, obviously not realizing that he had insulted the new girl.

"He's so serious all of the time and I have never seen him smile. Not once." He explained and Tiala rolled her eyes at him, shaking her head a little.

"You're just jealous because he gets to patrol out of uniform while you're stuck behind a desk." She countered and he scowled before looking confused and a little upset.

"Wait, does that mean the rookie is on patrol? On her first day?! That's bullshit!" He exclaimed, but Tiala just shrugged.

"She must have tested well. Alright, Sarah, let's go. I think we'll head to the lockers first." She said, indicating to Sarah's bags at her feet. Sarah couldn't help but look tired as she nodded.

"My transport just arrived. I didn't have time to dump my stuff." She explained as she moved to follow the asari.

"No problem, you can dump it in your locker before you go on patrol. I assume you know what you're doing?" She asked and Sarah nodded. "Good. I can't imagine Smiles would have much patience with a noob who can't handle a gun. Although I guess if that were the case, you wouldn't be paired with him. Executor Vakarian must think highly of you to have you out on your first day." Sarah nodded again, deciding not to explain herself.

Simply avoiding lying would be the preferable course to keeping track of several different stories. To her credit, the asari didn't ask and Sarah found herself liking her more with each passing moment. They quickly reached the lockers.

"Well, this is your locker. It unlocks with your ID." Tiala said and Sarah nodded as she opened it and placed her bags inside. "Ah, Tiberius, we were just coming to find you. This is your new partner; Sarah." Tiala said and Sarah turned to face her new partner.

She was faced with a dark-plated turian, a little older than her, with red colony marks and piercing green eyes. What is with me and eyes this morning? She wondered, shaking herself a little as he regarded her carefully. She immediately stood straight in response, her hands moving to her hips in a defiant stance. Daring him to find fault. After a few moments, he nodded and she let herself smile a little. Tiala stood with a raised eyebrow, the very turian display lost on the asari.

"Okay, maybe you two will get on fine..." She muttered, before turning to Sarah. "Well, Tiberius can take it from here. I'll see you later." She said before moving away, leaving Sarah alone with Tiberius.

"The Executor told me you were coming. You have field experience?" He asked and she nodded.

"That's right." She said, not bothering to elaborate and his features remained still and unreadable, annoying her to no end.

"The Executor told me the details were classified. I'm not sure how an eighteen year old human girl can have a classified background, but I know when not to ask. Although that doesn't mean I trust you." He said and she gave him a look of understanding. She still had to prove herself to him and she was determined to do so.

"Good. I don't trust you either." She told him, her daring gaze had shifted during their conversation, so that she now gave off an air of simply not caring. She was waiting for him to try and find fault with her, remaining a little on the defensive, but for the most part, she didn't seem to care what he thought of her. His sub-harmonics took on a questioning tone and she realized that she had been vocalizing her attitude with more than just her body language. "Vocal implants." She explained and he nodded. She figured that they had become common enough over the past twenty years for him to not question it too much.

"Okay then, Sarah. I guess we'd better get moving." He said and she moved to follow him, ignoring the strange chill she felt when he said her name. "You're not going to call me Guy Smiley are you?" He asked, sounding a little resigned, and she smiled a little in response. She was glad that everyone seemed friendly, simply because it made her life easier. She could count her friends on one hand and to say that she wasn't used to prolonged social interaction with strangers would be an understatement. But that had never bothered her before and still didn't. At least, she figured, Tiberius seemed to have a similar attitude to her own and she respected that.

"No. I have no problem with you and I may not be... Friendly, but I am never mean." She told him and he nodded. "So, I think I'll call you Red." She told him and he sighed.

"Not just 'Tiberius'?" He asked and she shook her head.

"Where's the fun in that?" She asked, a little amusement in her sub-harmonics, allowing herself to smile a little more as her headache began to lift a little.

"Okay then, I'm calling you Blue." He said and she froze for a moment, before remembering the streak in her hair. Her mind once again wandered to the painkillers in her bag, knowing that it would lift the fog from her mind.

No, she didn't need them.

"I like that. Okay then, Red. Where to?" She asked and he folded his arms in thought.

"Well, you need a weapon so, to the armory, I guess." He said, but she shook her head, reaching behind her to pull out her pistol. His sub-harmonics took a slight tone that told her that he was impressed by the extensive modifications and she shrugged as she replaced it. "Okay then, we're patrolling the lower wards today without our uniforms. You okay with that?" He asked, indicating to her outfit and she nodded before regarding his. He was in armor, but instead of the standard C-Sec blue it was a faded orange and black design. She figured that if they were in the lower wards, they must be trying to pass for mercs and deemed his outfit appropriate, even if it did make him look a little like a tiger. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, she thought to herself.

"Trust me, I'll be fine." She said, as she walked past him. "Come on then, Red.

"Right behind you, Blue."

Sarah walked through the lower wards, observing her environment. She had never really spent much time on the Citadel before. It's not as if her parents could ever dock the ship there without attracting unwanted attention. The last time they had been there was for the ten year anniversary of the end of the war when they had made a brief appearance. Sarah had been nine at the time and still hadn't looked normal enough, one way or the other, to be out in public. That hadn't come until puberty, but she was as thankful as possible for the chance it gave her. The chance to know what a normal life could be like. Or as normal as you could expect from a human/turian hybrid who grew up on the Normandy...

She breathed a sigh of relief as the ward wasn't particularly crowded. She avoided the larger groups but for the most part she was fine. Until she noticed that people were watching them and she felt a chill down her spine, working to suppress the panic that was slowly building. She was doing everything right, blending with the shadows to go unnoticed. She had never seen the need for the technique that her mother had tried to teach her when she was younger but she had learned her lesson... She turned to her new partner and quickly identified the problem.

"For fuck's sake Red, stop walking like a cop." She said as she reached the end of her patience and he frowned at her, causing her to roll her eyes. "Your stance screams 'the fuzz' and people are staring." She told him, allowing irritation to fill her sub-harmonics as she battled the overwhelming feeling of being suffocated that she was experiencing as eyes followed them down the street. He nodded before loosening up and slouching a little. It wasn't great but the stares lessened as they turned a corner and Sarah's lungs remembered how to take in oxygen once more.

After that she watched her partner as much as her environment. They kept a companionable silence for which Sarah was glad. She had no need for prolonged social interaction and hated wasting words on inane chatter. She hadn't been keen on the idea of being paired up with someone, but she figured Red wasn't too bad. Just as long as he could shoot and didn't get in her way...

The noise of the ward increased and Sarah began to feel a little claustrophobic, so she keyed up some music on her omni-tool, hoping to calm herself a little.

"Destroy everything you touch today,

Destroy me this way,

Anything that may desert you,

So it cannot hurt you,

You only have to look behind you,

At who's undermined you,

Destroy everything you touch today,

Destroy me this way,

Everything you touch you don't feel,

Do not know what you steal,

Shakes your hand,

Takes your gun,

Walks you out of the sun."

"Are you listening to music?" The music cut-out as her visor registered Red's voice and she shrugged.

"Yeah. So?" She asked, her tone neutral. He couldn't tell if she was expecting him to reprimand her or if she simply didn't care if he did. Regardless, he simply kept walking.

"Just don't let it distract you." He told her and she nodded before they fell back into silence. They continued on like that all morning and Sarah wondered what exactly they were looking for. Was he simply evaluating her, or were they looking for something specific? She frowned a little as her eyes drifted across two blood pack mercs and she made a note of it. After that, she began to see patterns in movements, easily identifying the mercenaries in the crowds as she tried to figure out where the focal point of activity was. It didn't take her too long.

"The docks." She said and Tiberius frowned at her. "The mercs? That's where they're centralized. I assume that's what you're watching for?" She said and he narrowed his eyes a little but otherwise kept his expression unreadable. It was driving her up the wall.

"Yeah. Been tracking down some intel for a while. I had hoped to figure out who might have it. Good job, Blue." She ignored the praise, her expression remaining neutral as did his.

"What now?" She asked.

"Recon work." He said and she her stomach grumbled, alerting her to the fact that the sedatives had completely left her system.

"Can it wait until after lunch?" She asked and he nodded as they headed out of the lower ward, the crawling feeling in Sarah's skin settling down the further from the crowds they ventured.

The place he took her to was a standard fast food joint and she felt his eyes on her as she asked for the largest portion of junk food available. She simply shrugged and offered no explanation. Her sub-harmonics dared him to say something but he didn't. Most people were off-put by her defensive attitude, or they tried to challenge her, but Tiberius just took it in stride, for which she was glad.

"Sarah! Tiberius! Over here!" Tiala shouted from where she was sitting with the man from earlier and Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed. She heard Tiberius groan next to her and noticed him glaring at the human male, but he went to sit next to them, causing Sarah to groan as well. She wanted to limit her interaction with others as much as she could.

"Hey guys." Tiala said as they sat down and they both simply nodded in response, causing the asari to shake her head and smile. "Wow, you two are just two peas in the loner pod, aren't you?" She joked and Tiberius smiled a little but Sarah just shrugged as she began to eat.

"Hey, Sarah. I'm Philip, and I just realized that we weren't properly introduced before." The human male said as smoothly as he could, causing Sarah to smile a little. She had to admit that this guy was pretty funny. He was a total ass, even she could see that much, but in a funny way. "So, how have you and Guy Smiley here been getting on?" He asked her and she frowned a little before raising an eyebrow.

"Well, Red and I have been getting on just fine." She said curtly, emphasizing her new nickname for him.

"Red, huh?" Philip asked Tiberius and he shrugged.

"Well, it turns out Blue here is good with nicknames." He joked and Philip raised an eyebrow at him before turning to Tiala.

"Did you hear that, Tia? Tiberius is trying to be funny!" He said and the asari rolled her eyes at him before turning to the other two.

"Excuse the idiot." She joked and Philip narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm not that bad." He said and she gave him a disbelieving look before turning back to Tiberius and Sarah.

"We only have an hour for lunch and he wasted the first thirty minutes buying comic books." She sighed before turning back to Philip. "Honestly, I don't know why you don't just get them on your omni-tool..." She muttered to him and he rolled his eyes at her.

"The colours aren't right on the screen. Physical copies are the only way to go." He said as he pulled a comic from his bag, a picture of three very familiar figures across the front.

"I can't believe you read that shit. You do know it's all just made up, right?" Tiala said and he shrugged as Sarah tried to keep her expression nonchalant and neutral, despite clenching her jaw.

"Well, technically it is based on things that the crew of the Normandy have actually done." He said, as Tiberius frowned at the cover.

"Okay, I get that those two are Shepard and Archangel but who's the girl with them?" He asked, pointing to the illustration of a dark-haired haired girl with blue eyes and blue colony markings painted across her face, similar to those worn by both Shepard and Archangel.

"That's their daughter Angel. She was an orphan of the Reaper war that they adopted." He said and Tiberius frowned.

"So, she's actually a real person?" He asked and Philip nodded.

"Most information about the crew of the Normandy is just gossip but there have definitely been reports of a teenage girl with dark hair and Vakarian markings. Though, like I said, most of the truth is lost." He said and Tiala smirked a little.

"Of course it is. I mean, look at her outfit. That's just impractical. Right, Sarah?" She asked and Sarah shrugged, remaining silent.

"Oh, please. Sarah's not going to back you up. She's patrolling the lower wards without armour " Philip pointed out and Sarah shrugged once more. If any of them found her silence disconcerting, they didn't mention it.

"Well, duh! She's a biotic." Tiala said and Sarah raised an eyebrow at the asari, who smiled a little, knowingly. "Only biotics eat that much and stay that skinny." She reasoned and Sarah shook her head.

"I'm not a biotic." She said, causing Philip to frown.

"Then why do you have an implant scar?" He asked and she sighed.

"I used to be." She said simply, refusing to elaborate further.

"That doesn't make sense. How do you stop being a biotic?" Philip asked. Sarah wasn't particularly bothered by his questioning but Tia elbowed him under the table to shut him up.

"Idiot, she probably doesn't like to talk about it." The asari hissed at him, so low that Sarah figured a human wouldn't be able to hear, although they could have probably figured it out. Philip just frowned at the asari in response before turning back to Sarah.

"So, Sarah, tell us about yourself." He said and she sighed, folding her arms.

"Not much to tell." She said simply, but he refused to drop it.

"Come on, everyone has stories." He said and she fixed him with a glare, although he didn't seem to notice.

"I don't like to talk about it." She told him, but he refused to take the hint.

"Come on, not even why you joined C-Sec?" He asked and she shrugged. She wasn't even sure about that one.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." She told him and he smiled, taking her cryptic response as progress.

"Okay, so where'd you grow up?" He asked and she groaned a little, knowing that he wouldn't let up. She didn't want to make friends.


It would do nothing but make her life harder.

But she was bored. And she suddenly thought of the perfect way to amuse herself. If it alienated them in the process, then so be it.

"Fine. You really want to know?" She asked, trying to suppress a grin as he nodded. "Okay then, I will tell you the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute if you'll just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the newest rookie at C-Sec." She said, her tone neutral but a smile flitted across her face.

"Ha!" Philip said as he began to tap out a beat on the table. Tiala and Tiberius just gave the both blank, confused looks so Sarah continued.

"In Terminus Systems I was born and raised. On the spaceship where I spent most of my days chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the shuttle. When a couple of guys, they were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighbourhood I got in one little fight and my mum got scared and said 'You're moving with your aunties on the Citadel'. I begged and pleaded with her day after day but she packed my suitcase and send me on my way. She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket. I put my visor on and said, 'I might as well kick it'. First class, yo this is bad. Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass. Is this what the people of Citadel are living like? Hmmmmm this might be alright. I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said 'fresh' and had a dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought nah, forget it, 'yo homes to C-Sec!' I pulled up to level about seven or eight and I yelled to the VI 'Yo, homes smell you later!' Looked at my kingdom I was finally there. To sit on my throne as the rookie of C-Sec." She finished and Philip laughed, shaking his head.

"You're alright, rookie." He said as he raised his hand for a high-five.

"There's an old asari saying that I think applies in this situation." Tiala said, frowning at the two of them. "It goes; 'What on Thessia are you idiots babbling about?'" She asked and they both laughed a little more.

"You just got 'Bel-Air'ed" Philip told her but she fixed him with a glare.

"That doesn't explain anything." She said and he shrugged.

"You really need to watch more vids, Tia. I'll show you when we get back to HQ." He said and she shook her head. Tiberius had rolled his eyes and stopped listening a while ago.

"So Sarah, you grew up on a ship?" Tiala asked and Sarah stopped laughing, nodding.

"Yeah. I'm a spacer brat." She admitted. She was still smiling and her attitude had lightened. She had been prepared to just show up, do her job and go home again. No messy friendships or complicated relationships, but damn it all if messy and complicated wasn't more fun.

"Ah." She said and Sarah gave her a questioning look. She shrugged in response. "It explains a lot." She explained and Sarah raised her eyebrows at her.

"So, your parents are in the Alliance?" Philip asked and Sarah shook her head, not entirely happy with where the conversation was heading.

"No. They run a private frigate." She told them, not explaining further. But again Philip wasn't happy with the short answer.

"So, do they transport cargo or what?" He asked and she shrugged.

"Something like that." She told him, once again keeping her reply short, her smile slipping.

"So, is that why you joined C-Sec? To get off your parents' ship?" He asked and she shrugged.

"Something like that." She repeated and Philip smiled, shaking his head a little. He decided to approach a different topic after that.

"So, any siblings?" He asked and she shrugged.

"Something like that." She repeated again, the ghost of a smile returning on her lips.

"Come on, Sarah. You've got to give me something." He said and she sighed. She wondered why the hell he was so curious. And then she remembered. Duh, they're all cops... She sighed internally. There was the messy part of having friends. Keeping secrets from them.

"There were other kids on the ship, but none were technically my siblings." She finally said, rolling her eyes. Tiala cocked her head slightly before speaking up.

"So, was the crew all human?" She asked and Sarah shook her head.

"Nope." She said, refusing to elaborate further, but Tiala narrowed her eyes a little.

"Were your parents?" She asked and Sarah almost dropped her fork. She clearly hadn't given the young asari enough credit. She sighed a little, trying to figure out what to say. Did she feed them some bullshit line, or did she stay silent? How did she stop them from digging? This was why she wanted to avoid people, but here these three were, making her job much harder than it needed to be.

"My mum is." She settled for, as she carefully watched their reactions. Tiala had already figured it out so she just nodded. Philip looked shocked but wasn't saying anything. Tiberius had a better poker face than she did, which was both impressive and annoying as hell.

"Wait, only asari can have kids with other species. And you're not asari." Philip said and Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I hadn't noticed." She said sarcastically as Tiala hit him a little.

"Clearly she's not their biological daughter." Tiala told him and he looked a little confused before understanding dawned on his face.

"So, you're adopted?" He asked and her gaze briefly flickered to the comic book in front of him. She had taken up the mantle of Angel three years ago. After she had learned the true extent of evil in the galaxy. But it hadn't given her the answers she was looking for so she had decided on a change. Now she needed to distance herself from her past life as a vigilante as much as she could. Something this conversation wasn't helping. She shook her head in response.

"Donor." She clarified, hoping that she wouldn't need to explain further. Silence was a hell of a lot easier than lying.

"So, what species is your dad?" Philip asked and Sarah sighed a little, but Tiala answered for her.

"Turian." She said and Sarah nodded. She wasn't sure how the asari knew so much about her but it was damn annoying. As if sensing her question, Tiala answered it. "You act like a turian." She explained and Sarah sighed a little. She hadn't realized that she was so easy to read...

"Bondmates?" Tiberius asked, finally speaking up and Sarah nodded, rolling her eyes a little.

"Yup." She said and Philip frowned.

"Wait, what does that mean?" He asked and Tiala rolled her eyes at him.

"Philip, for someone who lives on the Citadel, you know surprisingly little about other cultures. Turians mate for life. They only ever fall in love once, if ever. And then they're bondmates." She explained and Philip frowned.

"So, what if they don't find their bondmate?" He asked and she shrugged.

"They're very pragmatic about it. They take a mate from a clan of similar status to their own." She explained and Philip frowned.

"But they don't love each other?" He asked and she shook her head.

"Not in the same way. They're usually friends who are attracted to each other but not in love. Humans often have difficulty understanding it." She reasoned and Philip frowned, before shrugging it off. Both Sarah and Tiberius remained silent until Philip turned to the turian.

"So Tiberius, you ever found a bondmate?" He asked and the turian shook his head.

"No, thank the spirits. Bondmates are nothing but trouble." He said and Sarah nodded.

"Amen to that." She said and Tiala and Philip both gave them incredulous looks.

"How can you say that?" Philip asked and they both shrugged, neither elaborating further.

"We should get going." Tiberius said and Sarah followed as he got up to go.

"Didn't figure you guys for friends." Sarah observed once they were out of earshot.

"We're not. Tiala is alright but I wouldn't call us friends and Philip is an ass." He told her and Sarah raised an eyebrow. "But you two seemed to be getting along just fine." He said and she again cursed the fact that she couldn't read him.

"Oh, I know that he's an ass. But he's not too bad." She said, shrugging, before her gaze lowered a little. "I wasn't... planning on making any friends here. I'm not here for that." She admitted and he frowned.

"So then tell me, Blue. What are you here for?" He asked and she sighed, folding her arms.

"I'm... I guess I'm looking for something." She said and his sub-harmonics trilled with question.

"Looking for what?" He asked and she shrugged.

"I don't know. Answers maybe..." She trailed off before shaking her head. "It doesn't matter. Point is, I had no intention of making friends. I'm not exactly a people person. But... I guess sometimes intentions don't matter." She said and he nodded in understanding.

"I'm not exactly a people person either." He admitted and she smiled.

"Good." She said.

"So, recon work?"