Chapter 1

We can do just exactly what we want to do! And you know why? Cos where the young ones!Bacholer boys! Crazy, mad wild-eyed, big bottomed anarchists!


Rick woke with a groan, he felt like hell and he didn't know why, he tried to open his eyes but the glare of white lights blinded him, forcing him to close them again. He sank into his pillow, trying to think of the last thing he remembered. They had tried to rob a bank…but Vyvian had crashed his car…and, he had stolen a bus and then…Rick whimpered as he remembered plummeting over the edge of the cliff and towards the ground.

He tried again to open his eyes and this time forced them to stare through the light, and slowly things began to come into focus and gradually everything began to separate themselves from the light and take shape, first his own body, wrapped in what appeared to be a hospital gown, then the bed he was lying on, and from the clean sheets and metal bars around the bed there could be no doubt that he really was in hospital, the next things to come into focus was an iv drip, then the bedside table and everything else in close range became visible.

'HEY! Rick man! You're awake!'

Rick squinted, trying to make out the blurred shape on the other side of the room, and after a slight pause the lanky frame of Neil came into view, sitting opposite him in an identical hospital bed with his feet sticking out the end and a huge grin plastering his face.

'Neil?' Rick tried to sit up but his chest had flared up in agony, causing him to release a sharp yell and tears to prick his eyes.

'Rick man you've got to stay still!' Said Neil, ignoring him Rick gently lifted up the neck of his hospital gown to look down at his body. From his waist to his under-arms his body was completely wrapped in pristine white bandages 'apparently you like, got some really bad burns from the crash but the doctor says everything's going to be ok!'. Anger flared up in Rick, ok? OK?! Of course everything wasn't going to ok! Oh it would be ok for Neil maybe, apart from a bandage wrapped around the hippies forehead Rick couldn't see anything wrong with him whereas he was probably scarred for life! On any other day Rick would have screamed at Neil til he was blue in the face but he was too tired, so instead he settled for shooting a glare at the bloody hippie.

'Hey mike! Rick's awake man! Rick glanced to the corner opposite him where another hospital bed a gone previously unnoticed, the beds occupant was hidden behind a newspaper who's headline read


The newspaper was lowered revealing mike behind it, the American sat in the bed looked as well turned out as usual, and he was even wearing his sunglasses which appeared to have magically survived the crash. 'What's wrong with you then?' asked Rick because like Neil he seemed completely unharmed. Mike shot a glance at Neil then went back to his paper. Neil turned to Rick 'um mike breathed in a load of smoke so he like, can't talk but they reckon he will soon'.

The anarchist flopped his head back onto the pillow, wincing as it gave a dull throb. With a resigned sigh he asked 'alright where is the bastard then?

'Umm…where's who Rick?'

'What do you mean 'where's who?' Viviane of course! Who else could I be talking about? So where is he then?'

There was no answer, Rick glanced up, Neil had stopped smiling and was biting his lip, even mike had lowered his newspaper and was staring at Neil, clearing waiting for the answer the hippie seemed reluctant to give…

'Neil…where's Vyviane?'