Chapter 4

Rick pulled back the covers; slowly he slid himself to the edge of the bed where his wheelchair was. Lowering himself down carefully in order not to hurt his chest he finally sat down in the chair.

The corridor was surprisingly empty, presumably all patients were either bedridden or gone for lunch, checking round to make sure there were no nurses around Rick set of down the corridor at a determined pace. He knew exactly where he was going, he had run over the route to Vyvians rooms countless times in his head, the end of the corridor then turn left then right then take the 2nd right then another left then…

As Rick turned the final corner rick became aware of a small beeping, hardly audible if there hadn't been silence in the corridors, he wheeled himself forward and the beeps became a little louder. He wheeled himself forward until he reached the door the beeps seemed to be emanating from. Vyvians room. Rick wheeled himself against the door, struggling to open it from his chair. Slowly but surely though the door opened, revealing the room inside, but Rick wasn't sure whether he wanted it open anymore.

Vyvians body was twisting wildly on the bed, his once prone body contorting itself as it was hit by spasm after spasm. Rick was in shock all he could do was stare at the horrific sight in front of him. Suddenly Vyvian let out a groan of pain which finally brought rick back to reality. He immediately wheeled himself to the bed and franticly began to hunt for the button to call the nurse which wasn't in its holster by the side of the bed. Wheeling himself back slightly he spotted it lying underneath the bed, he reached forward, doing everything he could to ignore the pain in his chest. Dammit. Wheeling himself forward slightly he tried again. Still too far away! Tears of frustration rolled down Ricks face as he suddenly felt powerless. Well he wasn't going to be! Putting on the brakes to his wheelchair he threw himself forward out of the chair and landing heavily on the floor. Taking a second to catch his breath he started to pull himself under the bed using his arms towards the remote.

The sight that greeted the nurses was one of pandemonium. One boy spasming wildly on his bed while another was curled under the bed, crying, stabbing the help button over and over and doing everything he could to block out the shaking and screams of pain coming from the bed above him.