Highschool of the dead: Shinobi help

Chapter 1: How doth the fate conspire weaving a complex tapestry before us

"Where the hell am I?" a blond haired boy said as he looked around

He saw buildings that soared into the heavens, many lights around, he then felt a pang of pain and put his hand into his chest… it was covered in blood.

"Oh yeah… Sasuke tried to kill me" Naruto said as he walked about… his chest against the wall, he trailed the wall with his blood.

Flash back

"Give it up Dobe!" Sasuke yelled

"No! I promised her… I swore I will bring you back, EVEN IF I HAVE TO BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY!" Naruto yelled as he charged

Both rival's attacks collided

Naruto charged with the nine tail's power and Sasuke with his cursed seal in level 2 collided with their signature attacks

The power behind the jutsus was so much it bended the laws of physics… a tear in the space/time continuum appeared, Sasuke noticed that Naruto was taken aback by this anomaly and stabbed him with the chidori on his chest and then kicked him into the tear… Sasuke was ripped by the power of the tear while Naruto was sucked into it.

"I am sorry Sakura-chan… I couldn't keep my promise"

Flash back end

Naruto was found by a police officer and was thankfully send to the ER… the medics however couldn't do much, not due to the lack of knowledge, but because the wound itself was healing in an advanced rate…

At first they thought it was cancer… but all his cells where normal… so he only needed rest, they put him on an IV drip until he regained consciousness.

2 Weeks later

Naruto woke up… he was in shock, he was in an unknown facility with no recollection of how he got here, there were no familiar scents either… he was also hocked to many strange machines. He managed to unplug himself… and escaped the hospital, he was lucky all his belongings where in a small storage room close by.

"Man… I am lucky… but I got to get out now" Naruto thought as he sneaked out of the hospital.

He managed to get out and was walking around Fujimi highschool… Naruto was lost… he had no idea where he was or where to go… but for some reason he felt he should enter this building.

He used his henge to transform his clothing into something more… to the norm, as all the male students were wearing the same uniform… little did he knew that this was going to be the day of the end…

Couple hours later

Naruto had gone to the roof after pilfering a couple books from the school's library… he needed information on this world in order to survive, he had no idea how right he was.

"uhmm interesting, this world… most people would be like civilians back in my world… and chakra in basically non-existant… I have an advantage" Naruto said

Then a young boy entered the roof… he had brownish hair and eagle-ish eyes.

"oh? There was someone here? Sorry, you mind? I just wanna take a nap" he said

"The roof is big, I got no problem" Naruto said

"The name is Takashi, Koguro Takashi, who are you? I never seen you around here" he said

"Name's Uzumaki Naruto… I am new here" Naruto said

"Oh… well… welcome to my little spot" Takashi said.

And that is how Naruto's first friendship started…

2 weeks later

Naruto was on the roof once more… he was bored… regular classes where boring… he was happy that he meet some of other people that he got along with… Rei Miyamoto, Kohta Hirano…

Rei is Takeshi's old friend… while Kohta…

Kohta was Kohta… he was reminded of his old friend Chouji…

Then was Saya Takagi… she was a VERY haughty girl… he (Naruto) almost thought he saw Sakura… she was identical sans… well… to be crude about it?

Her breasts where of a 36.22 inches

Sakura's…was an A cup… at the very least…

But there was something wrong in the air… Naruto could smell it… it was the smell of cooper… of blood.

And it was by the tons…

"Seems like peaceful times are over" Naruto sighed as he went to the astronomy club place and got his scrolls with weapons inside… he bit his thumb and unsealed his weapons, he put the shuriken and kunai holster on his leg as he heard footsteps of labored breathing… the door flung open… it was Rei, Takashi and someone else…

"GET DOWN" Naruto yelled as Takashi tackled the other two down as Naruto threw his kunai at the… targets.

They fell down dead…

Hisashi Igou… he was wounded on his left am.

This was going all over the place.

Naruto helped make a make-ship barrier to hold them back.

"Man we are lucky I keep an extra stash around here" Naruto said as he grabbed some of his emergency stash of food he kept… as well as the food the Astronomy club had as well as bottled drinks.

"There is nothing to do now but to wait for someone to save us" Igou said.

"Don't act so scary… but It'd be more comfortable if we could make it to the cafeteria or the dorms"

A strangler of them was walking towards the school

Takashi grew furious "WHY YOU!" he lifted his arm to throw the bottled water but was stopped by Naruto.

"That… would be stupid… we need all resources if we want to survive" Naruto said stopping him.

One f the teachers commited suicide as to not get eaten by them

"I can't… I can't take this anymore' Rei said as she was shaking…

She was having a panic attack… this situation seemed hopeless.

"Why!? I don't understand… I don't understand at all! Why! Why!" she asked.


Igou was coughing blood.

Naruto looked at him… he sighed "You been bitten… haven't you?" Naruto said.

"Looks like what happens in the movies… one bite is all it takes" Igou said

"Hey… you do me a favor?... please… before I become one of them… drop me from here… the impact should crush my skull" he said

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?" Rei yelled

"I don't want to become one of them!" Igou said as he was looking sickly and weak

"Hey Takeshi… I am counting on you… when I am finished, toss my body" he said

He arched back as he coughed even more blood and with another spasm… he died.

"Nooo!" she yelled

"Let go of him…. Rei" Takeshi said as he gripped the bat even tighter.

"Don't! you can't do that… he won't… he won't turn into one of them! Hisashi is different" Rei

"Rei… you can't continue like this… look at him… he is dead and he will turn into them… Takeshi… this will be hard… but… as your friend… please, keep your promise" Naruto said.

Blood feel unto the lap of Rei

Hisashi Ougi stood up… he became one of them.

With all his might… he hit him and opened his skull… making him go back as the corpse he was.

Rei snapped "AAAAAAAHHHH!"

"Why did you do that!?" Rei yelled

"He would have bitten you if he hadn't" Naruto said

"I… I wanted all of us to be okay! I didn't want to see Hisashi like this! If Hisashi's going to leave me behind just because he got bit, then I want to become one of them too" Rei yelled in hysteria.

"He wouldn't have wanted that" Takashi said as he looked down… Naruto continued to be silent.

"Yeah, I get it now! Takashi, you… actually hated Hisashi! Because he and I were going out!" she said with a snarl.

Naruto had enough… he walked up to her.


She looked at him his yes where cold and focused…

"Never… say something like that… again" Naruto said.

There was a turmoil in Takashi's heart… "could it be… that she is right?"

Takashi then begun to walk away

"Wait! Where do you think you are going?" Rei asked

"Going together will only cause problems… I am going downstairs and fight them" Takashi said.

"I'll go with you… backup is always good" Naruto said.

"PLEASE DON'T GO! I DIDN'T MEAN WHAT I SAID… PLEASE DON'T' GO!" Rei pulled him back… and he embraced her.

Naruto jumped over the barricade and pulled his shuriken and shot them to them killing them swiftly and silently.

"Come on… you don't even make me break a sweat" Naruto said with a smirk.

Takashi grabbed the hose while Rei turned the water… they "washed" them away.

They walked into the school; Naruto pulled his kunai out as he recovered his shuriken.

"Where did you get those?" Takashi asked

"I always had them, I just hid them away" Naruto said.

They walked on the halls as Naruto dispatched them with Takashi behind grabbing the stragglers and finishing them off.

They found more people…

One of them was covered in blood… she saw herself on the mirror and broke down.

She was a little civilian girl after all.

There in the room was Shizuka, the nurse from the school… and she had Tsunade level breasts… in the group was also Saya (the one who broke down after looking at herself in the mirror) Saeko Bushujima (President of the kendo Club and their senpai) and Kohta Hirano.

They barricaded themselves and fell down to catch a breather.

They asked Shizuka for her car keys, hoping to escape in her car… however that plan was shot before it even hatched since her car was a Coupen.

"we should check the TV to see the news… this is too much to be just an isolated incident" Naruto said.

The nurse nodded and turned on the TV the news reported death's on the thousands… and then the corpses on the body bags came back to life attacking the newscasters…

They talked thinking of what it could be, the most possible explanation would be a virus… like influenza or the like Spanish flu.

"The time to think on this can wait" Naruto said as he twirled his kunai on his finger "Right now is important for all of us to escape… we should head to the buses, they are stronger than a car and in there we can be safe… if only for the moment"

As they walked Naruto kicked them away smashing them against the walls… he put his hand up.

"I hear survivors" Naruto said as he dashed around the corner dodging one of them and slicing his head wide open.

It was a group of 2 girls and one boy with a baseball bat.

The undead creature stopped and dropped to the floor… a kunai on the back of his head as a testament of it's death.

Takashi and Rei followed up by smashing the others to clear the path smashing their heads.

"T-thank you" one of the girls said

"Don't speak so loudly… were any of you bitten?" Saeko asked.

"huh? No we weren't!" the girl said

"they look fine, really" Rei said.

"We are going to escape the school… do you want come along?" Takashi asked

"Y-yeah" they said

As they walked they discussed Saya's theory… them were blind and only reacted to sound.

However the theory was just that… a theory…

Someone had to be used as a genea pig and test it.

No one wanted to be so… but Takashi became resolute, however…

"I'll do it, I can get in and out without alerting them and I am faster than all of you" Naruto said

Grabbing a shoe he threw it at a locker that was a lengthy distance from the front door


They reacted to the sound and closed in to the source of it leaving a path to the door.

Naruto signaled them to move and be quiet… he grabbed his senbon needles and dispatched a few of them to clear the way on the main entrance.

Someone then yelled.

And it was going so well…

Naruto was dispatching a few of them with just his hands and feet kicking them, smashing them into the ground.

However one of the other survivors got sloppy and they went over him and got him.

They bit his arm.

"Takuzou!" the other girl yelled.

"Don't go, once you get bitten escaping will be pointless!" Saya yelled.

The girl was crying.

Naruto grabbed Saya's arm and moved his head.

The girl ran towards her beloved

"Why should I? what am I supposed to do!? Tell me why I should turn back! I don't have anyone I can trust anymore!" she said as she ran into them.

"I can understand where she is coming from" the nurse said, Rei and Saya turned to look at her in anger "if the rest of the world is this bad… maybe it'd be better to die"

"Yeah… but dying is easy" Naruto said, it's because we are alive we struggle, without it… without a purpose… we are just like them"

They got into the bus when they saw it… other survivors.

"Kohta, I want to show off now… provide backup, I will pick off any of them so support the other survivors" Naruto said

"Who are they" Rei asked about the survivors flocking into the bus.

"Shidou from class 3-A" Saeko said.

"Shidou…" Rei said dangerously.

Takashi was about to dash to help them when he was stopped by Rei.

"We're not going to save them" Rei said

"Rei! What are you saying?!" Takashi said bewildered

"We shouldn't save him, that kind of person is better off dead!" she yelled

Naruto noticed something in this, now he didn't know Rei that much… but he knew she was a nice girl… so for her to hate someone so much.

Naruto managed to kill some of them but due to that he had to losesome of his weapons, the nurse then put the pedal to the metal… running over them in order to escape.

"you are going to regret this… you're definitely going to regret saving him" Rei said to Takeshi and Naruto.

But it was ok… one more regret in a sea of them wouldn't make a difference… and in a world that is now filled with more uncertainty… it made everyone feel uneasy.

Chapter end