Highschool of the dead: Shinobi help

Chapter 3: In the dead of night


Rei and Shizuka where on the bathtub… enjoying the warm water as they soaked their worries away as well as the grime and sweat.

Rei stared at Shizuka's breasts

"Woah, sensei… those are big" Rei said

"Uhmm… I get that a lot" Shizuka said as she cradled her two breasts.

"Urk… you are even conscious of it… it must be nice" Rei said with envy clear on her voice.

Rei attacked… she groped her breasts… Shizuka's moans could be heard over the house.

Outside the bathroom

"Seems like they are having fun" Takashi said

"Want to see if there is anything to 'protect them from' in there?" Kohta asked with a smirk.

"I don't want to die yet" Takashi said.

"Good call" Naruto said as he remembered what happened to Jiraiya once.

Naruto was writing something on some papers… what they did not know was that he was making seals bombs… or in other words… explosive tags.

Takashi and Kohta pried open the cabinet and Kohta had to suppress an erotic moan.

He had a scary smirk.

"Just as I thought" Kohta said.

"This is Shizuka sensei's friend's house…. Just what kind of friends does she has?" Takashi said.

Kohta grabbed one of the weapons and checked them out as an expert would.

"A Springfield M1A1 super match huh? But it's only semi-automatic… well the M1A series is full-auto, this is less wasteful when it comes to ammunition" Kohta said

"Uhmm… Hirano?" Takashi said trying to snap Kohta back to reality.

"This is a 20 round magazine! This is illegal in Japan… ILLEGAL… Ehehehe" he said as he chuckled

Takashi waved his had "Heeeey… Hiranoooo"

"A Knight's SR equipped with a scope… no… you can't get that kind of thing in Japan, so it must be an AR-10 that was modified from top to bottom… there's a crossbow still in the locker, it looks like a descendant of something Robin Hood would use, it's a Barnett Wildcat C5… that's a hunting crossbow made in England" Kohta said

Takashi then looked and grabbed a shotgun.

"That's an Ithaca M35 riot shotgun! It was designed by the Americans… it's a badass shotgun. It was used in the Vietnam war" Kohta said.

Takashi moved and he accidentally pointed it to Kohta who got freaked out


"Yeah… them" Takashi said.

"Hey Komuro, Uzumaki give me a hand, is a pain in the ass to load these magazines" Kohta said.

Naruto sighed, but helped.

He sat down as Kohta explained how to load the bullets into the magazine… still pretty useful rather than put the bullets one at a time you had a whole case with 20+ bullets ready

"You learned all this from airsoft guns?" Takashi asked

"Hell no. They were real guns" Kohta said.

"YOU HANDLED A REAL GUN?" Takashi said in shock

Kohta chuckled darkly "When I was in America I went to army training… a BLACKWATER instructor took me under his wing and taught me for a month

"You… if that's true it really is perfect… good thing we are not enemies" Takashi said with a chuckle, joined by Kohta.

"Hey… Uzumaki, how did you get so good at fighting? You took em out with only those kunai… you are very strong… so what did you train in?" Kohta asked.

"Shinobi" Naruto said with a toothy smile.

"THEY ARE HUGE!" Rei's voice yelled as Shizuka continued to moan and asked for a truce.

"They are getting louder" Kohta said.

"Meh… they will not notice… since we are no the loudest one in here… the loudest… is…." Naruto said as he and Takashi looked at the bridge.

As they were sing the news and saw people killing other people… and cops killing citizens to keep the order… then as they watched the tv a pair of arms shot out from the dark and pulled Naruto back

"UH!?" Naruto, Takashi and Kohta gasped in horror… however something soft.

"Kyaaan! Naruto-kuuuuun" Shizuka sensei said as she pulled Naruto on her bosom and moved her hand to touch his junk.

Naruto's face glowed brighter than Rudolph's nose.

"S… SENSEI!? Are you drunk!?" Naruto asked in shock

"just a teensy weensy bit fufufufufu" Shizuka said with a slight laugher.

"Ah!" she said looking at Kohta "Kohta-chan!" Shizuka said as she went to him and gave him a kiss… making the poor boy pass out

"Sensei… if you keep talking so loudly you are going to attract them here, tone it down" Naruto said

"Whaaaa~t? noo! It's so quiet outside it's scary, so I am going to talk like this" she said she then blinked and passed out from the alcohol in her system.

"Takashi, Kohta… both of you stay in look-out for anything… I am taking this… grown-up to bed" Naruto said as he sighed.

"Ahh…. Ok" Kohta said as he walked aimlessly as one of them.

He then carried the teacher on his shoulder, but she shifted and slid off… so Naruto moved his hands to catch her before she fell.

"Hyan! 3 you are touching my ass… you are just a little perverted… Uzumaki-kun! 3" she said as she ruffled his hair… Naruto blushing brightly "we can't have that" she said in a sultry voice.

Naruto used all of his willpower NOT to say anything stupid.

He carried the teacher to a futon and flopped her there, she laid there in dead weight… she was passed out and was mumbling in her drunken stupor.

On a couch was Saya asleep with her glasses at hand… for some reason she had some tiny-tiny shorts on… and as he sighed he walked up to find Rei.

"uhmm? Enjoying yourself Naruto?" Rei said with a slight glare.

"uh? What are you talking about?" Naruto said worried.

Rei studied his face… then smiled

"There are 3 Narutos!" she said with a smile

"uh? Did I do a kagebunshin?" Naruto said looking around but found none.

Rei then stumbled and fell down on her butt… her face was red.

"Where… where you drinking too?" Naruto asked

"Well… I was tired, so much has happened already… and… Hisashi's… dead" she said as she began to cry.

Naruto gulped… he wanted to hug her… comfort her… she was his friend… but she was a wreck emotionally and unstable as a hair trigger landmine could be

Takashi was walking around the condo… he was looking for something to eat.

"is that you Komuro-kun?" Saeko said "dinner will be ready soon… I am making lunch for tomorrow too"

"you are a real life-saver senpai… it's so tough not that" Takashi said as he walked absent mindly until he noticed what was Saeko wearing.

"GEEH!" she said in shock

Saeko was wearing only a black laced panty and an apron… that was ALL she was wearing.

"What's wrong?"" Saeko asked in a natural speaking voice.

"N-nothing… nothing at all" Takashi said.

"Oh, this… there weren't any clothes that fit me" she said as she pulled the apron a bit "I'll be only wearing this until the laundry finishes… this is truly shameful, I apologize" she said

Takashi was whipping his nose from any stray blood he might had in it "N-no that's not it… I'm just worried about them getting here" he said in a hurry.

Saeko smiled selicatly "You, Hirano and Uzumaki are so cautious… all of the checking and evaluating you two have done has given me a lot of confidence" she said "We are friends… so call me Seako" she said

"Sa-sa…" Takashi said as he couldn't get the words outs without stuttering like a fool.

"Practice saying it" Saeko said with a delicate laughter.

With Naruto and Rei

Naruto was sitting in the steps with Rei… a bit of the alcohol had passed off her system.

"Hisahiii wuz a really nice guy… and that's why I wend oud with Hisahii" Rei talked in a half drunken stupor.

Naruto silently listened to her… she needed to get it out "Heyy~… you listening?" she asked

"Yeah… I am" Naruto said.

"Man, you are really boring" she said.

"Nah… is just that I don't show my cool stuff yet" Naruto said with a smirk.

"You are always like this, so mysterious… yet you are always nice, ready to help people… but you were always busy… whenever I wanted to go out, you were always busy… that's why… with Hisashi…" Rei said

"Yeah… I wasn't fair to you either… you are one of my closest friends… I am sorry" Naruto said as he looked down "if I had been there… faster… if only I could have been there… he wouldn't have needed to die… and Takashi… wouldn't have had to do what he did…" Naruto said.

It was time that he started being a bit… flashier…

"But… you have to face the facts… he is dead… we are still alive… and… as long as I live I promise you… I will not allow any of you to get turned into them… that are a promise of a lifetime!" Naruto said as he smiled and did the good-guy pose.

Rei was crying… she slowly creped close to Naruto… closer…

He could feel the warmth of her breath and see the delicate lines of her lips.

She leaned forward.

"That's enough… it would be bad if we did this… and you are not 100 percent yourself… go to sleep" Naruto said as he gently pushed Rei away.

It was for the best.


"is that barking?" Rei asked as they both heard the sound

"Then they are close!" Naruto said as he rushed up the stairs

"Kohta" Naruto said.

"This is bad" Kohta said

A group of them had surrounded the building… they couldn't get in… not yet, but their weight and relentlessly pushing… they might tear down their protection.

In a war of attrition, they would win.

It was the first night… and things looked so bleak right now.

A group of survivors where killing some of them but they were too many of them... a lot of them got eaten… it was a massacre.

Takashi, Saeko, Kohta and Naruto watched as it all went to hell.

Naruto wanted to do something… but he knew that cool heads win battles.

Naruto looked sad; he put a hand on Takashi's shoulder.

They looked around… there was an older man with a little girl… a father and daughter.

"Daddy… where is mommy?" she asked

"We are going to meet later with mom, c'mon over here" he said he knocked the door

"Please, let us in! I can't run away and leave my daughter behind" he said

"Go away! Find some other place to stay" the survivors said from inside the house.

"I'm begging you! You don't have to look after us! Just let us in, for my daughter!" he pleaded.

The inside went silent… fury rose from the father… he hit the door with his weapon, a heavy monkey wrench.

"Open the doors damn it! If you don't I will break it open" he yelled.

"W-wait… I am opening the door" the survivor said.

"Thank you so much he said as the door opened


In his chest was a knife that had been taped to a tick to be used as a pole-arm of sorts

"I'm sorry… I'm so sorry" the other survivor said as he cried at what he had just done.

"DADDY! DADDYYYY!" the little girl yelled

"Daddy's going to be fine" He said as he coughed up blood. He patted his daughter… he refused to die.. how could he leave his only child in such a world with no one to take care for her… she was but a child… and with them around…

"Don't… let anyone find you… just… make sure… to… find someone who can… take care… of you find… someplace… you…can hide… and… I love you" he said… with his lasts words… he expired.

"no… NOOO! I'M WITH YOU DADDY! I WON'T LEAVE YOU!" the little girl yelled as she cried.

"Kohta… Takashi… back me up… I will go save the girl" Naruto said as he jumped from the balcony, his face was contorted in rage.

"NARUTO … Wait… Don't!" they yelled.

He landed perfectly and rushed in… Kohta's eyes then changed.

"LOCK AND LOAD!" Kohta said as he started firing at them

He then shot a few of them than begun to gather around the little girl... Naruto charged with his kunai slashing the heads off them one after the other… yelling like a brutal beast… his speed proving to be too much for the undead horde… killing 20 of them in a matter of seconds.

Naruto moved to the left to avoid being bitten… however the zombie's head was blown clear off by Kohta's expert marksmanship.

"What the heck is all that noise?" Saya asked as she woke up her dream.

"Something good" Rei said with a smile

"what?" Saya asked

"We still understand what it is to be human" Rei said

"Kohta continued to fire until the magazine was empty "Reload!" he said as he changed to the next magazine in a matter of seconds and continued his onslaught.

Naruto was running he used his speed and clung to a wall and ran along it as he cut the heads of them… jumped over them and pushed them to the ground with a strong kick.

A little dog ran past him… he begun to bark louder to make them go away from the little girl… but it was no use.

"stop it! Leave me alone… I've never done anything wrong!" the little girl cried as she closed her eyes

One of them got close…

"AHHHH!" she yelled

"TEME!" Naruto yelled as he delivered a powerful blow to his head… his head was blow off as he hit the wall due to the force of the kick and the resistance of the wall.

"BARK!" the dog barked in joy

"Don't worry… I will rescue you… just hold still a bit longer" Naruto said

Naruto threw his kunai with some explosive seals and killed a many number of them as he did so.

He turned around and kicked one away to a way and slashed one's head clean off…

"Onii-chan behind you!" the little girl yelled

The zombie bit Naruto…only for it to be replaced by a log.

Naruto was behind him

"TEME" he said as he drove a kunai through its skull.

"Thanks… you saved me" Naruto said with a smile

The girl shook her head feeling a bit embarrassed.


"you did good too lil puppy" Naruto said

"Still we need to get out fast I hope they got ready to leave as well… we made too much ruckus… the whole street is filled with them… well only one thing to do…" Naruto said as he crouched down "Bring the puppy with you and climb on" Naruto said

The little girl nodded as she climbed in.

"Hold on tight" Naruto said as he ran to the wall…

He was still running… he was going up the wall

"Good… here they won't be able to get at us… now I got to get there" Naruto said looking at the street light.

He jumped as he landed perfectly as ran along the power lines.

"Onii-chan is amazing… like a ninja" the little girl said in awe.

"Not like a ninja… I am a ninja… Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha's shinobi and future leader!" Naruto said as he continued to run holding the girl and dog.

He managed to get to the condo… "Kohta… open the window… hurry!" Naruto said

"EH!?" Kohta said in shock as Naruto jumped "HOLD ON!" he yelled as he rushed and opened the window.

Naruto landed perfectly…. Rei, Saya and Shizuka for some reason had a board that said 10 on them.

"ok, load everything on the Humvee… the motorcycle too, it will come in handy for fast movement as well… let's move!" Naruto said.

"Onii-chan… I need to pee" the little girl said.

Naruto sighed.

"Rei?" Naruto said

"Yes, don't worry… follow me" Rei said to the younger girl

Naruto carried stuff into the Humvee… all the essentials, food, water, ammo and weapons as well as toiletries, he made sure to look for his scrolls and other weapons he might had left when he saved the girl.

"Are you ready?" Naruto said.

"CHARGE!" Saya said as Shizuka turned on the automobile and ran over them.

The group managed to escape… it was a good thing… thanks to the rescue of the little girl not only did we managed to save somebody, we managed to save ourselves… or rather our sanity… this action… it proved without a shadow of a doubt that we are still human…

The night died… we managed to get to the upper-class side of the Onbetsu river, thanks to this vehicle we didn't need to use the bridge, it also helped that the water was shallow.

"Komuro, help me out here let's get Alice-chan down" Kohta said as he handed Alice to Takashi.

"you boy's go the other way while we change… so don't look" she said

Takashi looked at Kohta who had a smirk on his face while Naruto was asleep.

The little girl I saved is named Maresato Alice; she is a second grader whose father was a journalist for a newspaper


Naruto woke up and looked at the dog… he looked abit like Akamaru

"Aren't you all hyper?" Naruto said as he patted the dog and then picked him up examining him, the puppy wagged his tail.

We decided to call him Zeke… the name comes from the American Army, it was a codename given to Japanese Zero fighters… it was Kohta's idea of course.

"Komuro, use this" Kohta said to Takashi "it's a shotgun so you only have to aim in the general direction of their heads" he said

"but like I said before, I don't know how to use it… I's be better with a bat" Takashi said.

Kohta explained how to use it but Takashi was a bit of slow on learning this, the way he dismissed him was a bit rude… but it was understandable.

"Onii-chan!" Alice's voice called

The guys all turned to see the girls in their new outfits

"Ahahaha" Takashi laughed a bit enviously

"Fufufuf" Kohta laughed a bit darkly


"What? You got a problem?" Rei said teasingly to Takashi

"No, it just suits you… you know how to shoot that thing?" Takashi asked

"Hirano-kun can show me how, if not I can still use it like a spear" she said with a smile

Naruto and Takashi climbed the small hill Kohta followed as he looked through the sniper's scope

"Clear!" he yelled

"Shizuka-sensei!" Rei said as she nodded.

"Here goes!" she said as she put pedal to the metal the Humvee floated as it jumped the small hill

"Rat patrol?" Kohta asked as he ducked and rolled from where the Humvee was going to land.

They discussed on what to do…

Saya's home was the closes being on the second district… so with that in mind they were going to see if her parents where alive and well… and possibly get some rest.

As they drove they noticed something… it was quiet… the streets where devoid of them….

All was calm…

Act end