Chap 8

Scream after scream issued from Scout's mouth as the RED Spy gleefully stabbed him over and over again, only stepping back so the RED medic could heal him and allow him to suffer even more.

Meanwhile, all fighting had stopped from the Teufort bridge as both teams ran back to their respective bases, obviously for different reasons.

RED team ran back to join in the fun that had been started when Spy and Medic had mysteriously disappeared from the battle. RED Scout only ran back after a very loud raspberry and gleeful butt waggle in the opposing team's direction.

BLU team started running just after RED team left, right after they realized that the screams were coming from their own Scout. Medic even cringed when he heard them, he was surprisingly sensitive for his line of work.

After that humiliating raspberry from the RED team's scout, soldier took a potshot at him with his gun. Sadly, the Scout disappeared so quickly he seemed to leave a ghost of himself where he was just moments ago. A mad grin on his face, absolutely sickening.

With panic surrounding all of them, they watched in terror (from their intelligence room) the horrors the "Deranged RED Team" as Soldier so kindly put it, put Scout through every single horror known to the mercenaries, which included them stripping down his beloved scattergun, pistol and bat, one piece at a time. At the end of it, Scout was crying, literally crying, first for his ma, then for his brothers.

"Wait, he is drugged!" the Medic cried suddenly, leaping up from his seat and attracting the attention of the rest his team. Seeing the confused looks from some of the less intelligent BLU members, he continued," See his pupils, they are unfocused and blurry, wait... That serum on the RED table! That was a side project I was working on, to trick one of the RED team to believe we were his teammates. The serum causes the member who was injected to think the opposing team is HIS team. That means that what Scout is seeing is that WE are the ones doing all the damage! It could still cause side effects, I have not fully tested it yet..." his sentence trailed off into nothing.

Without further ado, BLU team abandoned their act of watching the miniature television screen and gathered around the intelligence table just like they had done just yesterday, only missing one little slugger.

RED had gone too far, now it was payback time. It. Was. On.

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