This story is about Katniss and Peeta, being best friends and Peeta's point of view on falling in love with her. Set in the modern time in New York, USA.
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I kick the rock at my feet. I'm outside Katniss's house, waiting for her to come out so that we can walk to school together. I've been getting these strange feelings while I'm around Katniss lately, she is my best friend and we do a lot of things together, were basically always together. But sometimes when I touch her or when she touches me I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, at first it only happens occasionally but now, even her smile makes my stomach turn.

Ok, so these weird feelings started about 5 months ago, in April, the month Katniss turned 16, I turned 16 three months before her. Anyway, it was 5 days after her birthday when I started getting those feelings.

When we were walking home from school that day, I find myself turning my head to look at her from time to time. Katniss said something but I didn't quite get it, I was concentrating on the way the breeze waves her hair around. I shake my head, which brings me back to reality.

"Huh? What? You said something?"
Katniss chuckles then turns her head to meet mine, "I said, did you get enough notes from Maths today because were having a test next week?" Katniss smiles when she says this, "Or do I have to make you copy my notes again?"
"No, I didn't get any notes; it's so hard to concentrate though, all Mrs Chandler does is talk and talk and talk. Half the time, I don't even think she's speaking English. It's boring." I reply.
Katniss giggles. "You find it boring because you refuse to concentrate and listen. If you actually tried you might understand what she's trying to tell you." She says.
"It's not my fault! It just…Katniss, you keep distracting me." I say those words without even thinking.
"What? How do I distract you? You're the one who distracts me when you keep on staring at me." she says.
"That's the point!I can't help it, you keep distracting me because you're so…" Katniss raises her eyebrows waiting for me to continue, when I don't she stops walking and says, "So what?"
I gulp, "So…beautiful…" There! I did it again I spoke without thinking, what's wrong with me? I started blushing though, after realising what I just said.
"Oh…" Katniss says and she starts walking and I do too.
"Do you…really think that?" Katniss asks me after a few seconds of torturous silence.
"Yes, I do" I say back.
She smiles at me and I smile back and that's when I feel it, that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I hear the door of their house shut and I see Katniss standing at the porch. Then she yells at Prim that she's going to school now. She sees me standing just next to her mum's car and smile. And I get that feeling again. Oh man! How do I make it stop? I walk up to her and give her a hug.
"Prim doesn't want us to walk her to school today?" I ask her.
"No, she just wants mum to drop her off to school." She says.
She intertwines our hands together and we start walking.
Her hands are so soft, I start thinking about how our hands fit perfect together then quickly shake the thought off. We walk quietly to school which takes about 15 minutes because we don't like taking the bus, the football team and all those mean and nasty people take the bus. Sometimes they take their car to school to show it off. As soon as we caught a glimpse of the bus stop and saw the football team throwing their balls to each other, Katniss and I took a different turn to school, its longer but it will at least keep us away from their daily bullying. I don't even want to have an encounter with them.
"Why don't you join the football team, I mean you and your brothers are always playing football together when I come over your house and you LOVE football." Katniss asks me when we take a turn.
"And hang around with those kind of people, no thanks. I wouldn't risk it. I was thinking of trying out for basketball though, tryouts are next week." I say.
"Does that mean I have to just sit in the gym stands and watch you fail at basketball?" Katniss teases.
I squeeze her hand and say, "Come on! I'm not that bad, I can shoot hoops." I say back.
"I was just joking." Katniss says, "Then that means I'm going to be the only girl in the gym stands waiting for you to finish try outs?"
"You can ask Delly, Madge, Gale and Cato if they want to watch. Maybe not Cato, Coach O'Dair hates his guts." I say.
Katniss shrugs, "Maybe, if they want to stay at school that long."

When we arrive at school, we find Delly and Madge waiting for us just around the parking areas.
"Aww, here comes the future Mr and Mrs Mellark." Delly says in a voice someone uses when they see a cute animal.
Katniss rolls he eyes, she's use to this, when Delly, Madge, Gale, Cato or even some teachers tease us about being girlfriend and boyfriends. I'm not use to it though I always blush or start stuttering then it makes it look like we are dating. Katniss lets go of my hand to make it to Madge and Delly's side and already I miss the warmth of my hand with hers. I just put my hands in my pockets and start walking up to them too.
"Where are Cato and Gale?" I ask.
"They couldn't be bothered waiting for you to come to school, they knew you took the long cut because you're ten minutes late." Madge says.
"Where are they then?" I ask again.
"I dunno, inside the school." Delly says, "I know! Why don't you look for them." Madge says in a sarcastic voice.
Delly and Madge starts laughing and even Katniss manages to smile. I hate it when those two girls make me look dumb.
"Ha Ha, very funny." I say sarcastically, "I'll go look for them then and I'll see you guys in class." I say.
"I'll come in with you." Katniss says, "You guys wanna come?" she asks Delly and Madge.
"Nah, we'll just see you somewhere around breaks" Delly says.
"Ok then," Katniss shrugs then turns to start walking inside with me.
Delly, Madge, Cato and Gale aren't exactly our best best best friends. Their just school friends, we hang out with them at school, but sometimes we hang out outside of school. But Katniss and I share a different friendship, we've been friends our whole lives, ever since we were five, we just live 20 minutes away from each other and we end up in the same school because we live on the same area. We only met Delly, Madge, Cato and Gale this year and they are very fun to hang with. The rest of the time I spend and save some time to hang around with Katniss. Whether its doing homework together, spending our money in the shops together or when our family eats dinner together. Whether people like it or not, Katniss and I are always together. Being away form each other is basically torture for both of us.

I wouldn't know what my life would be without her.

Chapter One done! I actually don't know when Katniss and Peeta were born, all I know is that they're the same age.

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