Hey, guys. I know it's kind of early to be doing a story right now, and this is not in my story ideas list, but I just really want to put it up. This is Sophie Garrettt is Far Away, the true story of a true legend. Hope you enjoy it.

I was sitting on the computer, minding my own business. My friend and I were chatting. I tried to stay as calm as possible, but my little brother was being super obnoxious.

I had to get him to calm down so my friend and I could have fun chatting. Oh, my gosh!, I thought to myself. He likes Littlest Pet Shop! I should look up some videos on YouTube!

We watched some really interesting ones. During one of them, my brain hatched another idea! I could make a video like that!

The next day, I made my account on YouTube. I wanted to call myself sophiegarrett, but that was taken. I was just bored, so I added an extra letter to the account and now it was sophiegarrettt. Who else would think of that?

At first, my videos were not very popular. I was stuck at 50 subscribers for a while, and it took forever to get my first comment. But in a while, people started to know me as Sophie Garrettt, the inspiration.

So that's the intro! I'll be writing more later. Have to get ready for school! Bye!