This is the 4th and final chapter of SGFA. I really hope you enjoy it. Sophie's Summer will be out tomorrow. I am adding in 3 new characters to this story: Mrs. Garrettt (Sophie's mom), Eliza Evans, and Leslie. You will love them, especially Eliza. So here you have it: the finale of SGFA. Enjoy reading it while it lasts.

I left YouTube multiple times. Things kept happening. I needed a break, I was under a lot of stress, school started, there were too many posers on YouTube... many things happened. Finally, I was just ready to give up. I told everyone that I was leaving YouTube for good. No more Sophie Garrettt. Everyone was absolutely devastated, especially a girl named Eliza Evans. She claimed to be my biggest fan.

The next time I logged in, there was a poser of me on Blingee. I went over to YouTube to see that Eliza's background was a picture of me and my BFF. Oh, no. Poser problem. I will not accept this, I thought.

I took care of the poser problem, along with the help of my mom. I posted on my channel to block Eliza. Everyone did so. I was super concerned about my fans getting posed as.

Soon my mom told me it wasn't Eliza. She told me that Eliza was my biggest fan and that she wants to support and protect me, not pose as and try to stalk me. Who was it? That's what I'd like to know!, I thought.

I figured out that the poser was a girl named Leslie. Her sister was always posing, and she wanted to see what it was like. She said she was really sorry and it wouldn't happen again.

My final decision was to come back and stay. I mean, I couldn't disappoint my new friend Eliza, could I? Now I am on YouTube, living the luxury life. Sophie Garrettt is here to stay. That's a promise.

Whoo! Finally finished! Hope you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed When You're Gone. Sophie's Summer is coming soon. I think it might be 1 or 2 chapters long. I don't know. I might not finish it tomorrow because I'm going to my dad's. Also, I got a private message from I'vegotspirit. She likes my idea for her TV crossover contest, so I'll be getting started on it.