Hello JP fans, I am new to this category and I hope you enjoy this and its predecessor: Xenomorphic Park. This is the opposite of that story, as the idea is reversed. Jurassic Park and Aliens have always been two films that have had really similar dark themes of survival and suspense, which is why I've brought them together. If you haven't read Xenomorphic Park yet, I suggest you do. This story is set directly after JP1 and is a 'true' sequel, unlike XP where I buggerized around with the canon. This has been in planning all week and I hope you enjoy this and what is to come.

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San Jose, Costa Rica. 9 hours after Jurassic Park disaster. 1993.

Two heavily armed men crept through the shadows of the Costa Rican dock, and scanned for any sign of life; wielding their MP5 submachine guns. The only light came from the full moon above, and a faint ship light somewhere in the distance. Their quiet breaths seemed so loud in the dead silence of the Costa Rican night, as their was nobody around and the only thing to be heard was the lapping of water against the piers.

One man pulled out a map, with a blue InGen logo printed up in the top left corner. He scanned it and saw that they were exactly where they were supposed to be, but where was their objective? It was impossible to tell in the darkness, and InGen hadn't told them exactly what they were looking for. All they knew was that yesterday they had lost contact with the facilities on Isla Nublar, and there was something, or someone that had shipped out of there that they needed to secure.

The lead InGen mercenary twisted around, doing a full 360 looking for clues as to where their objective was. Then he saw it. A large shadow on an even larger square piece of concrete. Maybe that's it. The mercenary thought and shone his torch onto the shadow; revealing a helicopter; an InGen helicopter with very minor damage to it. The lead mercenary smiled and approached the helicopter. His partner followed him cautiously.

He jumped up onto the nose of the chopper and wiped the condensation away from the glass. Condensation meant that there was somebody in there.

Inside he saw five people sleeping. One man had a torn blue shirt and a child in either of his arms, another man wore tattered black clothes and had a cast on his leg, and the last was a blonde woman wearing a blue sleeveless shirt. They were all alive. It looked like the pilots had abandoned them. The man then pulled off his balaclava and turned to his partner.

"Five Civvies in there...all alive. Well, there goes our paycheck guys." He said and started to figure out a way of forcing the side door open.

San Diego USA, InGen HQ medical ward, two days later

Dr. Ellie Sattler forced her eyes open and the world around her slowly came into focus. It had been a rough weekend for her, she had been invited to a theme park full of dinosaurs, they had broken loose, she suffered minor injuries, barely escaped with her life, John Hammond had 'abandoned' them in the chopper hoping that they would never be able to speak of the tragedy on Site A and now InGen had her paleontology license under threat.

Ellie looked around her room, it was all white and there was only one nurse in the room with her. When she saw that she was awake she turned towards her and smiled.

"How are we today?" She asked her in a friendly tone.

"Terrible." Ellie responded and wiped the sleep from her eyes.

"Just terrible? Better than yesterday at least." The nurse pointed out. Ellie sat up in her bed and looked around her, the medical room was on the bottom floor of what looked like a single story building, and the peaceful San Diego bay lay outside the window.

"How long have I been in California?" Ellie asked the nurse.

"Just a few days, do you feel up to a visitor?" The nurse asked her with a smile and pointed towards the door of the room, where a man in a suit stood. He held her cat 'Jones'.

The man passed the cat to her with a smile. He then pulled up a chair next to her bed and watched her stroke her only pet.

"Jonesy..." Ellie said and ruffled the cat's fur.

"So I take it you two have met before?" The man said and gestured towards the cat. Ellie turned towards the man and studied him. He wore a casual, yet expensive suit with a red tie and an InGen ID card was pinned to his jacket pocket. The man seemed friendly enough, and was in his mid-thirties.

"Hi, I'm Burke. Carter Burke. I work for the company but don't let that fool you...I'm really an okay guy." Burke said and offered a hand to Ellie, but she just stared at it rudely and raised an eyebrow at the man. She still didn't trust InGen.

"I heard that you're getting better...which you'll have to be when you go to the court with the company, but don't worry I'll be on your side." Burke told her.

"What am I going to court for?" She asked, worried.

"Has nobody discussed this with you yet?" Burke asked her and she shook her head.

"Well...it just so happened that after you turned the power back on in Jurassic Park, it led to all the destroyed fenced catching alight from the sparks and the fire cost the company around fifty-seven million dollars damage." Burke said and Ellie gasped, she had had enough problems recently and this was just the cherry on the cake. A multi-million dollar lawsuit.

"By the way, this doesn't mean you won't be able to sue back. Hammond did abandon you after the chopper touched down in San Jose, and it was just blind luck that our recovery team found you when they did or god knows what would have happened to you."

Ellie didn't seem to take notice of the last comment; she just sipped her glass of water and held back tears. Her expression was passing through the amazement and shock to the realization of what she had lost and what she was about to lose. Friends, money, her world.

She sipped her water in silence for a few moments and then lowered the glass. Burke continued to ramble on, and she rolled her eyes. Ellie then saw something that made her heart sink: ripples on her glass of water. She gasped and listened carefully. THUMP...THUMP...THUMP! The ripples grew more and more intense on the surface of the water as the volume of the thundering footsteps increased.

Her jaw dropped at the realization of what was happening, she tried to scream but no sound came out from her mouth. The glass of water then slipped out of her trembling hand, and smashed on the floor. Burke stood up in seat and tried to help her.

"Are you all right?" Burke asked her and her trembling hand pointed out the window.

"Don't... move...a…muscle." Ellie panted and tried to stop her trembling.

The sunlight coming from the window was then blocked, and a large, leathery foot of a Tyrannosaur was visible. Ellie tried her absolute best to refrain from trembling, but it was no use. She could hear the distinct purring/snarling of the monster outside. She didn't know how it got back to America, but it didn't matter. It was here. Here for her.

"Jesus Christ..." Burke whispered.

The Tyrannosaur then lowered it's head to look through the window, and revealed the several rows of banana-length teeth in its jaws. Teeth designed to kill. It then pulled its head away and roared loudly.

Before Ellie knew it, the whole roof of the medical center seemed to come smashing in, and all of the debris somehow missed her. She would rather be hit by a flying plank of wood or brick rather than face the Rex. But that didn't happen, and she squeezed her eyes shut. She could feel the hot, smelly breath of the Tyrannosaur on her neck.

She opened her eyes, and saw the T-Rex's face only a matter of centimeters away from hers. It opened its horrific jaws and let out its famous chilling cry.

"EEEEERRRAAAAAGGGHH!" It roared and clamped it jaws shut around Ellie's head.

"No...NOOOO!" Ellie screamed out, as the blackness of the Tyrannosaur's mouth seemed to consume her. Then she felt nothing, nothing but fear.

Ellie leapt out of her bed, screaming. That one was too real. Even though Jurassic Park was days in the past, it would forever haunt her in her dreams. Nothing she would ever experience would even come close to brining the fear a carnivorous dinosaur brought.

A radio monitor next to her hospital bed then buzzed to life, and the real nurse's voice broke out.

"Bad dreams again? Do you want something to help you sleep?" The nurse asked her.

"No...I've slept enough." Ellie said and sat up in her bed. She would rather stay awake and feel tired the next morning then relive the terrors of Jurassic Park in her dreams; which now happened every time she closed her eyes.

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