"Morgan Harris?" ask Diana.

"Yes that is the name of the man who proposed to me. Isn't it a haunting name?" said Anne rather too exchitedly.

"I suppose it is. what's he like Anne?" asked Diana with childish curiousity in her voice.

"Well he's a perfect gentleman and he's charming, yes very charming. Bold as a lion and melancholic as a protagonist in a Romantic novel..."

"And extremely rich I suppose!" added Diana.

"Diana! Dont be wicked! He had of course been in business for a long time and he's not a spendthrift, he's a man of sense and reason."

"And you say he has a daughter that could be almost your age and your sister!"

"Amelaine is such a wonderful girl and I love her and I really don't see it that way Diana." said Anne sincerely.

"I understand but however are you gonna explain all this to Marilla?"

"Oh diana now we're back in my misery again..I was hoping you could lighten this burden off my shoulder." said Anne helplessly.

"You dont mean to say that you want ME to tell marilla about this millionaire suiror of yours do you?"

"Well that is kind of what I was hoping you would do my sweet wonderful Diana.."

"Oh stop it anne I figure something out...but.."

"But what?"

"What do you think Gilbert would say?"

"What about Gilbert? He's engaded from what I've heared and we hardly speak anymore so its no businnes of his what he thinks of that!"

"Well I wouldnt say it that way but I think he's still in love with you and I think you're such a fool not to have him..." said Diana with a sad tone in her voice.

"Why Diana Berry! what is the meaning of this you speak of Gilbert as if...as if..."

"as if im in love with him? well I am Anne...I've loved him as long as I can remember but he never was interested in me he's all I've ever dreamed of and now you turn your back on him..." said Diana turning her face away.

"But Diana you know better than anyone the kind of man that I can love and Gilbert's not that, and now Morgan is just the one I was always dreaming about..."

"yeah the man who could build your castles in the sky.. I know your faitytales anne but there's more to life than you know yet and I hope when you figure that out its not too late... here Gil asked me to give this to you " Diana gives her a pocket and leaves."

"Hi there...

hope you're doing well at the college and not missing your Avonlea. I was gonna invite you to my wedding but it seems ridiculous to invite the love of my life to my fake celebration of happiness...I dont know if I can bear to see you there and not want to rush back into your arms and sweep you off your feet but then again I remind myself that you have your heart set on sunbursts and marble halls and someone who could lure you away with recitations from Tennyson into the castles of heaven...I hope you never forget me cause I know I never will and even if I be far away you know that you'll always have kindred spirit in me waiting for you and desperatley loving you..carrots.

Your old friend Gil..."

Anne was holding the letter in her hands and much to her surprise her cheeks were wet...her heart ached at Gil's handwriting and a tear slipped down on the paper...