Hello! I'm finally going to publish my first fanfiction. I hope you will like it. It's just one thing I will say before you start reading, my English grammar is a bit bad so please try don't mind it so much. English isn't my first language so it's a bit harder to write, but I hope it doesn't be much of a trouble reading it. Now just read and enjoy the first chapter.

Kyoko was running in the corridor even though she knew that is was forbidden. But she was very late for her LoveMe meeting so she was willing to break that rule just for today. She threw open the door and rushed into Lory's official LoveMe-meeting room.

Both Kanae and Chiori was already sitting around the table. Lory was sitting in a red beanbag on the floor that looked like a big mashed strawberry. He himself were dressed as a gardener with a green overall and a big yellow sun hat.

"I'm so, so sorry I'm late!" She apologized over and over, while bowed.

"It's okey Mogami-san." Lory said and tried to clam her down. "We haven't started yet."

But Kyoko wasn't at ease yet. She still blamed herself for coming late, but she still took place around the table with her friends.

Lory smiled. "So now then everybody is here I want to say welcome to our LoveMe meeting!" None of the three girls were saying something, it was always best to let the president talk until he was finished. Because then the president had stared talking, it was nothing that could stop him.

This time he completely lost himself talking about a movie he had seen last night. He talked about how romantic, sad and dramatic the move was.

"- it was so romantic, in the end the man went down on his knees just in front of her and proposed to her in the sunset and he-"

"WHAT THE HELL WAS IT THAT YOU WANTED TO HAVE A MEETING FOR?!" Kanae yelled and all in the room jumped in surprise. After listening to Lory speaking in more than a half hour Kanae couldn't stand it anymore.

"Eh?" Lory said confused. He was very disappointed that she didn't like to hear him talk about the movie. He gave them a heartbroken face. But after a little while he remembered why actually had wanted to meet them.

Lory smiled. "Oh, you mean about the particular LoveMe challenge."

"What challenge?" Kyoko asked worried.

"It's a challenge to see how much you have learned this year." Lory said happy. It was something in his mysterious voice that got the girls to begin a glimpse. "It's also a good way you can test a lot of new things" he continued with a big smirk.

He had planed something, they all knew it. something that would make them regret that they ever had gone to that meeting. Chiori and Kyoko was to scared to say something but Kanae didn't want to end up in the cunning president's trap.

"Tell us now, or I will leave" She said angrily. Kyoko nodded in agreement.

"Just say it" Chiori said impatiently.

Lory just smiled at their threats. He liked to tease the girls. "I want you girls to start dating."

"WHAT?" they all shouted.

"You can't be serious." Kanae whined. "I will not sell my life to some stupid boy!"

"Exactly! Love is the most idiotic thing on earth, why would I want it?!" Kyoko yelled.

"I will not play miss Im-a-girl-in-love-and-I-have no-life" Chiori said with an annoying voice. "Never!"

Lory was very disappointed. He had hoped they would jump around and sing in happiness while thanking him for being the best president in the world. But we all know that something like that was never going to happen.

"Listen to me" Lory said to get them be quiet. "This is a good opportunity for you to try how it is to have a real dating-life. You know; have a boyfriend, go on dates, care about someone, and so much other beautiful love moments!" Lory's face was now full of happy emotions. He was so excited that he started dance around the room and babble a lots of romantic nonsense.

"But I've already had a boyfriend." Kanae said bitter. "And it only went to so much trouble."

"Me too." Kyoko said with her mind full thought about how awful Sho treated her. To be sincere he hadn't been her real boyfriend, but still that time was enough to make her hate love and all about it.

"How about you Chiori?" Kyoko asked.

"Actually I have never had a boyfriend." She said silence. "But I'm not going to get one!" She shouted at Lory.

"Lets say you don't get much of a choice." Lory said and ended the conversation decisively without letting the girls get a chance to argue. "And now let's see who I gonna choose as your candidates.." Lory gave them an evil grin.

"I think I know the perfect guys for all of you."

Thank you for reading!