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Then the evening slowly came, took Ren his car to the building were Kyoko had told him to pick her up. Actually he was kind of nervous. He parked the car outside the LME filming building. He looked out through the window, most people had already gone home. He waited in what that felt like hours, but after a time he saw her coming carrying a large bag of groceries. He went out of the car and opened the car trunk so she could pot the bag there.

"Sorry I'm late Tsuruga-san. We finished a bit earlier so I thought I could go and shop for dinner tonight if I hurried. But I guess it took longer than I thought. Sorry I made you wait." She said and put the bag in the trunk.

"No worries Mogami-san." He said and smiled at her. They both jumped in the car and Ren started drive home. They went all the way home to Ren's house without so much as glance at each other. Kyoko felt strange, she had a lot on her mind. She looked outside the window so he couldn't see her worried face. Ren also had a lot on his mind, he tried focus on the road to hold concentration.

Then they walked in to the house, Ren put the bag in the hall and took of his jacket, Kyoko did the same.

"I start cooking immediately." Kyoko said and hurried to the kitchen. Ren was suddenly standing all alone in the hall. This wasn't what he wanted. I almost seemed like she was scared of even looking at him. He walked in to the kitchen and saw her picking up vegetables from the bag that she had carried with her.

"Mogami-san." He said, she just sighed out an 'mm' in response. Ren felt worried, she didn't even turn around to face him. "Mogami-san what wrong?"

"Um, nothing." She mumbled without turning to him.

"Mogami-san turn around, look at me!" He ordered. Kyoko slowly turned to him. "Em, what is it Turuga-san. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine." She said with a uncertain voice.

"Mogami-san don't lie to me. Tell me now what's bothering you." He said and almost started to sound angry. But he regretted it immediately, he saw how she was about to cry.

"Sorry, it's just that I can't..I can't, I don't know how to be a girlfriend. I don't want you to feel troubled by having to date me for a week." She now began to cry. Ren didn't know she thought about it so much, he though she would just ignore that the president had forced her to date him but it seemed that she actually worried about it a lot. He felt sorry for her. He walked to her and put his hand on her shoulder and stroked it gently. "Please don't cry it's not something wrong, you never had a boyfriend before so I would not expect anything from you."

"But I want to do a good job. I feel so helpless then I can't do something."

Ren knew Kyoko wanted to do a good job no matter what is was. Even the thing she hated the most was something she was willing to do with all her heart. He sighed.

"Mogami-san if you want I could teach you the basics of having a relationship."

Kyoko stroked away a tear from her eye. "Thank you." She said and lookt up at him. Ren saw her happy face and realised what he just had said. Why, why didn't he think before opening his big mouth. He was going to teach her about love? What had he done!


A while later they were both siting around the table eating Kyoko's delicious food. Ren still tried to think what to do about the stupid situation he was in. He was now the 'loveteacher' in Kyoko's eye's. He was going to have to tell her all about it. It was both very negative and also very positive because it was actually this he wanted to do in the first place, teach her about love and how beautiful it was. But not like this. Or maybe, he actually didn't know how exactly he wanted to teach her. maybe this could be a good way to help her open her heart.

Still, it was just so crazy. He could just say it to her as an act she wouldn't even matter, she hated love. ..No, there we have it! He would make her think it as an act, yes then all would go exactly as he wanted.

He smirked. "Kyoko, I know how we can do to make you understand how it is to be a girlfriend better. You are going to act it."

Kyoko looked at him in surprise. "Act? But we don't even have characters."

"We don't need it we just have to act as our self." Ren said clamly.

"But I can't do that I can nothing about love. Please Tsuruga-san I'm not..-"

"It's easy. At first we just have to take it slow. We can first try to remove those honorifics. Try call me Ren, or Ren-san if it's easier."

"No, I can't call you that it would be unacceptable.." Kyoko protested.

Ren smirked. "No, because your my girlfriend now." He said flirty. Kyoko blushed. But she couldn't protest. Even if she wanted to deny it, he was right. She was his boyfriend for now because of that evil president.

She took a deep breath and tried pronouncing the name. "Ren." It sounded short and weird.

Ren smiled. "That's good Kyoko." Kyoko felt embarrassed by hearing her name being called so softly by him. It felt wierd to call him Ren, but having Tsuruga-san calling her Kyoko felt even weirder.

"Kyoko, I think it's enough for today. But tomorrow night I would want you to go on a date with me."

Kyoko didn't know what to say. He asked her out on a date?! She hadn't been on a date before. But a date with Tsuruga-san! Would she handle it. She was scared, but still she wanted to know what people did on a date. This would maybe be the only time she ever would go on a date. She had to say yes to his offer.

"Okay" She said and smiled at him. Tomorrow would be an very intresting day.