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Chapter 1

A young blonde was sitting on a windowsill staring down on down at the Earth. She sighed heavily her blue eyes swirling with emotions as she remembers the events that led her to where she was at now.


Serena sat in a chair starring at the doctor in shock that sat across from her. Her usually bright blue eyes were holding disbelief and shock as she was given the news of the test results she had done just a week before. The doctor sat in his chair calmly giving the young blond time to understand the results of the test. After a few minutes of silence the doctor spoke again bringing Serena back from her thoughts.

"I know this isn't what we expected." He told her calmly his brown eyes holding sympathy for her as he spoke.

"How long do I have?" Serena finally asked her voice sounding hollow and quiet as she spoke.

"I'm afraid I don't have that answer, at least not yet." He told her honestly. "As it progresses and gets worse we'll have a better answer then. But what I can tell you is you have no more than a year to live." He finished saying to her. Serena closed her eyes to hold back the threatening tears that wanted to flood.


Serena walked into her apartment barley registering anything that she did. She took her shoes off and laid her purse down next to them. She then walked to her bedroom down a small hallway off of the living room. Once in her bedroom she crawled onto her bed and curled into a fetal position. She laid there for a minute just starring into space as she went over what the doctor had told her. Just then the tears she had been holding back finally started coming down her face staining her cheeks. She started sobbing her heart out as the news she was told had now fully sank in. She cried for hours realizing what this meant for her, her friends, and family once they found out. She cried all night until she cried herself into sleep out of exhaustion of all the emotions she was feeling.

*The Next Morning*

The young blond woke up to the sun shinning in her room. She at first tried to ignore the light in hopes she could fall back to sleep. Realizing the light would not go away and was keeping her up, she decided to get up. She rubbed her tired eyes to get the bit of the sleepy fog that was still plaguing her. She got out of bed and realized she was wearing the cloths from the day before, dashing her hopes that the day before was just a horrible nightmare. She sighed heavily as she dragged herself out of the room in hopes of some time might cheer her up. She made her way out of her room and down the small hallway slowly. When she got into the living room, she found Trista standing by the couch with a sad half smile on her face and her garnet eyes holding sympathy in them. While on the coffee table were two cups of tea for the two of them waiting to be drank, which went unnoticed by Serena.

"Trista." Serena said quietly as she just stood there starring at her long time friend.

"Good morning, Serenity." She greeted the young blond politely. Upon seeing her friend before her, she could tell that Trista knew what was going on that instant. Serena's blue eyes started welling up with fresh tears again. Unable to hold them back they started to fall on her cheeks. Seeing this Trista made her way over to her princess quickly and took her in her arms. As Serena cried in Trista's arms, Trista just held her trying to comfort her, the best that she could. After about thirty minutes of crying Serena was finally able to get it under control again and calm down. Once calmed down Serena pulled away from Trista her face showing the same streaks of tears that were on her the night before. Trista smiled warmly at her princess before guiding the young girl over to the couch and handing her a cup of tea. Serena took the cup of tea gratefully before sitting down on the couch.

"Thank you." Serna said to Trista before taking a sip of tea.

"You're welcome." She said before pausing to take a sip of her own tea. She put the tea cup back on the saucer and looked at the blonde. "I saw what happened yesterday. I did not see this coming." Trista said softly. Serena put her hand on Trista's and gave her a small smile.

"It's ok." She said softy giving Trista a small squeeze before continuing. "I just can't believe it. I mean after everything we have been through, I didn't think this would be the outcome." Serena replied sadly her blue eyes swirling with many emotions at the moment. The two sat in silence for a minute in their own thoughts of the news. Finally Trista spoke again breaking the silence.

"Are you going to tell your family?" Trista asked her. Serena looked down at a picture that was propped on the coffee table that held a photo of her and her family all happy. In the picture they all seemed so happy with no care in the world. She just looked at the picture for a moment longer before turning to Trista with a frown on her face.

"No, I am not telling them." She said simply.


"Because my family is happy and I am not going to shatter that. They have all been through so much already and I don't want to put them through more if I can help it." Serena explained to her.

"What about the girls and Darien?"

"I'm not telling them either. They aren't going to be able to do anything, and we are all finally at happy, and at peace. Why shatter that?"

"But Serena they all have a right to know." Serena sighed heavily at what Trista was getting at. She knew she was just looking out for her, her family, and friends.

"They do have a right to know and I will tell them eventually but not until I have too. I am fine for now, and when it starts to progress further, and get worse that is when I will tell them, but not until then, they don't need to know. I may have a year at most to live and I would like to keep everyone worry free and happy for as long as I can." Serena finished explaining. Trista smiled understanding Serena's decision of not telling her family and friends of the news that she was dying just yet.

"Very well, princess." Serena smile happy that Trista would not tell anyone of her situation just yet. "Speaking of the future I would let you know that that Trunks has returned." Trista informed her friend.

"He has?" Serena replied back some what surprised.

"Yes, he returned yesterday and is staying at Capsule Corps. He came back to tell everyone that the androids from his time have been destroyed and the rebuilding they are doing as well. I wanted you to be aware of his return and the reason for it so that you did not have to worry about any possible fighting or an enemy being here. The less stress, the better your body will be at fighting this disease." Serena smile happy to have a friend who cared for her well being.

"Thank you, Trista. It means a lot to me that you came. Will you be staying a while?" Serena asked her friend hoping she would not be leaving soon. She wish to not be alone and fear that Trista would be going soon since it was normal for Trista to only stay for small periods of time being the senshi of time. Trista saw a glimpse of fear pass Serena's blue eyes although she did her best to hide it.

"I'll stay as long as you need me." Trista said warmly to Serena with a smile on her face.