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Chapter 3

It had been about two months and Serena was at the Brief's residence to get Chibi and Goten to take to the park. She walked inside to find no one inside, but she heard noises and decided to investigate it. The noises lead her to the backyard where the young blonde found Goten and Chibi sparring in the backyard with one another. She smiled at their little match they were having. All of a sudden, Serena felt a wave of dizziness and pain come over, but she tried to ignore it and made her way over the two youngsters.

"Hey boys." She greet to them with a small smile. The two stopped and look over to see Serena coming over to them, but she abruptly stopped walking, shutting her eyes, and her hands forming a fist.

"Serena, are you ok?" Goten asked her worried shown in his ebony eyes. Serena opened her eyes and noticed that both boys both looked worried.

"Yes, I am. Why?" She asked trying to act cheerfully. The pain and dizziness had subsided for the time being and presume it to be a small attack and nothing more than that.

"You look pale." Chibi pointed out to the older blonde. Serena turned to look at the sliding glass door that she had come out through a view minutes ago to take a look at her reflection, but as she did another wave of pain and dizziness hit her. This time it was much stronger, causing the blonde to stumble. She felt faint and she noticed like she had no energy suddenly. She knew this was much different compared to her small attacks she had on her body. The boys were watching Serena's reaction and grew uneasy because Serena wasn't acting herself.

"Serena?" Goten called out to her. The fear that something was wrong with his older sister was starting to show in his voice which she noticed. She tried to stay standing, and stable her footing, but was failing miserably for the wave of pain and dizziness was getting worse for her.

Meanwhile Trunks was coming downstairs from getting a shower after training with Vegeta earlier this morning. As he came down the last few steps that is when he suddenly heard shouting coming from outside and it was coming from the boys. He went outside straight away to find out what was going on. When he made it out the door he froze at the site before him. There was Serena on the ground unconscious and both young boys trying to wake her. Trunks pushed his emotions to the side to help the young girl he was growing fond of. He rushed over to her side and saw how pale she was and he also noticed her ki was low for a half sayian too.

"What happened?" Trunks asked the two boys quickly.

"She said she felt dizzy and that she just needed a minute for it to stop then she fell over. When we got to her, her eyes weren't opened and we tried to wake her, but nothing is working." Chibi stated seriously trying to help the best he can. Goten was still trying to wake Serena up by shaking her arm. Trunks took a hold of Goten's hands to stop him shaking Serena, gaining his attention. The little boy was scared out of his wits for Serena and he didn't blame him for it.

"Listen, to me both of you." Trunks start in a serious tone, "You two go get mom and dad and have them meet me in the infirmary." The boys nodded their heads in understanding and took off immediately to get Serena help. Trunks scooped Serena up in his arms and rushed back inside to the infirmary. He made his way through the house until he got to the infirmary. Once inside he found an empty bed to lay her on. Just as he was laying the young blonde down Bulma and Vegeta both in came into the room concern about the girl.

"What happened?" Vegeta asked in a demanding tone as Bulma swiftly made her way over the blonde to check her vitals.

"I don't know. I found her outside in the backyard like this. The boys said she felt dizzy before she fell over." He responded to his father while Bulma was listening to him as she kept checking Serena's vitals to see what was wrong with her.

"Vegeta, please get Chi-Chi and Goku. Trunks, can you please calm Goten and Chibi. They are shaken up about this." Bulma stated without even turning around to look at them.

"Yes." Both men said before leaving the aqua hair woman alone to help Serena.

*2 Hours Later*

Bulma came out of the infirmary room feeling exhausted and made her way to the living room. She arrived there to find Serena's family, Amy, Vegeta, and Trunks waiting to hear of news of Serena.

"Is she okay?" Chi-Chi asked distressed over the well being of her daughter, which was easily caught in Chi-Chi's voice. She was too worried about Serena since she had no idea was wrong with her daughter at the moment.

"She is stable at the moment." She replied to her friend. Vegeta came over to his wife and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"What is wrong with her?" Gohan asked his ebony eyes also full of concern for his sister, but was trying to stay strong for his family. Bulma sighed heavily as she laid her head on Vegeta's shoulder.

"I don't know yet, Gohan. I am running more tests, but it will be some time before we have the results." Bulma told the group tiredly.

"Don't bother." Came a familiar weak voice from behind Bulma. Everyone turn to the hall way that leads to the infirmary to see a pale Serena learning against the wall.

"Serena, you're awake!" Exclaimed Chi-Chi happily at seeing her daughter, but she instantly realize the condition her daughter was in. Goku went over to his daughter right away to help her. Serena could see the concern written all over his face as he made his way over to her. Goku wrapped his arm around his daughter's waist so she could lean all her weight on him and not worry about her losing her balance. Serena took the comfort of being in her father's arms holding her as he supported all her weight.

"Why don't you want Bulma to run the test? We need to find out what is wrong." Amy reasoned to her friend. Serena sighed heavily seeing how everyone had been troubled over what happened today and not understanding what was going on at the moment. Bulma notice the guilt swirling in Serena's eyes, which she didn't understand why Serena would feel guilty…unless she realize that Serena already knew what was wrong.

"You already know, don't you." Bulma stated simply to the young blonde. Serena looked at Bulma nodding her head with a solemn look on her face.

"What is it, Serena?" Goku asked his daughter wishing to know the answer. Serena put her hand into her back pocket of her jeans and pulled out a small bottle of pills. She tossed the small bottle over to Bulma who caught it easily and begun reading the label. A sudden gasped came from Bulma with an alarming look over her features as she realized what was wrong with Serena.

"How long have you known?" Bulma asked her softly in shock over the news.

"...about 2 months."She quietly stated. Bulma just stood there not sure what else to say. She loved the girl like her own daughter, but she couldn't believe what was happening to her. Everyone sat in silence for a moment not sure what was going on, but from the way Serena and Bulma were talking it was not good.

"What's wrong with Serena?" Chi-Chi asked looking between Serena and Bulma for answers. Everyone look at the two for the answer, but all Bulma could do was shake her head no while starring at Serena. She was overwhelmed still with the information she just learned about Serena's condition. Gohan got up from where he was sitting and took the bottle from Bulma's hand to read it. After reading the label his face turned pale and looks at his sister with wide ebony eyes.

"You've know for two months and you didn't tell us, Serena." He stated to her angrily. He now understood why Bulma was so alarm by what she read on the label and understood the seriousness of his sister's condition. Gohan was going to medical school to become a doctor to help children and recognized the medication right away. "Why?" He asked her feeling angry and disturbed at the fact that she hadn't said a word to any of them. Everyone look to her wondering why she never told them. Serena's eyes start to sparkle with fresh tears as her brother spoke to her. She hated seeing him like this, all of them like this. It hurt her to see her family upset and in pain especially when she was the cause of it.

"Because…." She started to say, "After everything we have all been through I didn't want to cause more pain and grief. I just wanted everyone to be happy and not worrying about anything for as long as it was possible," She sobbed to her brother with tears streaming down her face. "So I didn't tell anyone about it. No one has known about it except for me." She finished saying before she started to weep. Goku knew something was terribly wrong with his daughter at the way his son and daughter was acting. He had a feeling that whatever was wrong with his daughter it was killing her and there was nothing he could do about it. He pulled Serena into his arms and just rubbed his arm up and down her back soothingly. He kissed the top of her head and whisper things to comfort her while she shed tears in his arms. Gohan gaze soften after his sister's explanation for hiding this information. He put his hand through his hair in frustration of the whole situation. He understood why she did this and knew in his mind that he would have probably done the same thing if in her shoes. At this point Bulma was in tears, as Vegeta was holding his wife to comfort her. Chi-Chi had tears coming down her cheeks, as she silently cried because she could feel what Goku was feeling, through their bond. Everyone sat quietly taking in this new information for those who knew and those who weren't sure were taken back at the conversation that had happened between the two siblings.

Trunks had been watching the whole thing was putting pieces together from the information that had come out thus far. He had a pretty good idea what was going on, but no official answer. From the way Bulma and Gohan reacted it was not good news. He could tell by the way his father was looking at Serena while holding his mother that even his father was disturbed by what ever information his mother discovered. He was surprised that Serena was able to keep whatever it was hidden for two months from her family and friends. He was even more amazed of whatever she was going through she was trying to handle it best on her own. But he had to know just like Chi-Chi, Goku, and Amy did which still had not heard truth yet, so he decided to ask the question.

"What's wrong with Serena?" He asked simply looking at his father for the answer. His father's ebony eyes held sadness in them, which was unusual for the full blooded sayian to show any emotion, but he knew that Serena held a special place in his father's heart although he never would admit it out loud.

"She's dying." Was all he said.