"Oh, so she's finally complete."

A celebration was about to begin on The Jupitris. Paptimus Scirocco, flanked by a young engineering student quietly glided through the corridor to the MS deck via liftgrip. As they did, the engineer, a young Ensign by the name of Nicholas read aloud from a clipboard.

"Yes sir, Final measurements sit at 28.6 Meters tall and 86.3 Metric Tons." He looked up at the back of Scirocco. He wore a non-standard Titan's uniform. Rather than black, it was white. It certainly gave the man a different aura than many other Titan's members. Nicholas looked down to his clipboard again. Scirocco hummed lightly and twirled a finger.

"My, perhaps I should put her on a diet."

Nicholas kept quiet, long since accustomed to Scirocco's habit. They reached the airlock and after the slow-release door opened, Scirocco pulled himself through. There she stood, casting an imposing shadow on her older sisters further down the hanger.

"PMX-003, The-O." Scirocco smiled, his voice was full of pride. "A beautiful lady molded in my image."

He broke his inertial flight, leaning against The-O's leg and turned to Nicholas. The boy was still floating towards him.

"Young man, do you have a girlfriend?"

Nicholas flustered, looking away and rubbing his neck.

"I really don't think that's… I mean… Sir…"

As the Ensign reached grew close, Scirocco cupped his cheek.

"A beautiful woman is like a beautiful jewel. Remember that Ensign. When you find such a jewel, make sure to hold onto her."

Nicholas fought back his blush and nodded. Scirocco turned again, looking up at The-O once again.

"I want you to cordon off this whole area. Empty the entire deck. I want to spend some alone time with my new girl."

Nicholas frowned. That wasn't something that could just be done. Work had to be done, repairs to Jerid's Baund Doc after he damaged it in a training mission, and finishing touches still had to be placed on the other PMX suits, the Bolinoak Sammahn and Pallas Athene. He sighed and shook his head. The techies weren't going to like this, but it wasn't like they could just refuse an order.

"Bring a table and my dinner to the upper deck. I'll be eating with The-O tonight. Also, as per my order, give everyone two hours of rest time and engage the gravity blocks."

Another dumb order Nicholas tacked down in the corner of his page. He saluted to him, and tried not to sound sarcastic when he answered: "Yes sir."

Dinner was prepared; a delicious steak, cooked well-done, a side of carrots and peas, and white wine vintage UC 0046. Scirocco ate slowly, talking to himself, to The-O, about the things he was planning. For that hour and a half, she was his confidant, his lovely lady in yellow. He finished his dinner and set down his fork. The wine had remained untouched. He stood, walking over to The-O's head section, taking the bottle with him.

"The-O, you are going to have to fight many hard battles soon." He slowly pealed the foil back. "I'm going to give you a little gift."

He popped the cork and the wine was exposed to the air for the first time. He held it out over the railing.

"Drink, quench your thirst."

He tipped it, wine pouring out of the bottle down the side of the mobile suit's head. It was a lovely sound, at least to Scirocco, a quiet glug glug only audible in the silence of the hanger. Once the bottle was finished he turned, setting it back on the table.

"Yes my love." He whispered to the sleeping giant. "Quench your thirst for blood and power."