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The Bronze Dragon

I had been planning the red team's strategy all week. We were going to pulverise the blues. Both war gods collaborating? We would be unstoppable. If the blues didn't

have Percy. He was just so…unpredictable. I couldn't plan around him because he was so impulsive. He really should be named ADHD poster child of the year. That

made him an excellent fighter, the opponent would just have no idea what in Hades was going on. Unfortunately, this time we were the opponent, so I was just going

to have to figure out a way to combat Percy's crazy fighting style. After all, Athena always has a plan.I ended up planning right up to the game, and in all that time,

the only thing I could come up with was to distract Percy somehow. That was it. A distraction. I didn't even know how I was going to do that! What sort of plan was

that? A lame one, that's I heard a voice, a familiar voice, one that spoke to me sometimes in times of need. It was the voice of my mother, Athena.'Tell

him to play right flank'I had learned long ago that it was usually best to listen to my mother, even if it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I jogged over to where

Percy was standing. "Hey, Seaweed Brain""Will you stop calling me that?" I knew he hated that name, probably because his only possible retorts, Owl-Head and Wise

Girl were seriously lame insults."You know you love it" I smiled and bumped him with my shoulder. "Tell you what." I said. "We're going to crush you tonight, but if

you pick a safe position, like right flank, for instance, I'll make sure you don't get pulverized too much.""Gee, thanks," he retorted sarcastically, "but I'm playing to

win." I smiled"See you on the battlefield."

Silena and I ended up tracking Percy and Beckendorf, just in case it wasn't my mother who spoke to me and I really was going crazy. It wasn't difficult to track the

boys; they made more noise than a lovesick Minotaur. We captured Percy and were just about to get Beckendorf when we realised he wasn't here. He was forty feet

away, chasing a bronze dragon head which was being carried by Myrmekes, giant ants. And by giant ants, I mean they were the size of German shepherds."Is that…it

can't be, the bronze dragon" I got no answer, because the others were gone, chasing after Beckendorf in the direction of the anthill. Everything after that was a blur,

with a lot of running, screaming and mutant insects.I remember escorting Percy and Beckendorf to jail personally afterwards, then running off with Silena to win the

game. Before I did, though, I did something crazy. Something that Silena had been nagging me to do ever since Percy and I got back from our quest. Something that

my mother would definitely not approve of.I turned and winked just before I ran off to the front line. "See you at the fireworks?" I didn't even wait for an answer

before darting off into the woods to hyperventilate in peace.

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