"Inuyasha let me go" Kagome said struggling out of the hanyous' grip.

"No way" he growled dragging her away from the well "we have shards to find and you can't keep running off" he argued back.

"Inuyasha let me go we both know I will be back in my time. I give the command a few times then leave for the well" she said matter a fact.

Leave. He hated that word with a passion especially coming from her. He watched in hidden agony every time she left his side for the future. His father died before he opened his eyes, his mother was murdered and his only family wanted him dead. Everybody left and a banded him throughout his life and he just can't take the hurt knowing she may never come back. The future was her home. She had family and friends and she was safer there any day, but he just couldn't bear to see her leave.

If she wanted to be just like everyone else then fine. He won't force her to stay with him. He's been alone his entire life. So what's one more person?

"Inuyasha" the 17 year old growled in annoyance.

It's been two years since she fell down the well. Her body filled out and grew a couple inches taller as her hair stopped at the back of her knee. Her powers grew immensely within that time period as well. Just a few months ago, they defeated their greatest enemy Naraku.

They had his part of the jewel as well as Kohakus'. Sango cried for days after burying her little brother in the slayers village along with the rest of her people. Miroku and Sango were to get married after finding the rest of the shards. Not much is left out there. They had to find Kouga and get his and it looked as if they needed 10 more to finally complete the jewel.

Miroku, Sango, Kilala, and Shippo just watched the two fight about the same old thing. To be honest, it was quite amusing.

Inuyasha could feel his blood boiling and anger rising. She always did this. She always wanted to leave his side so bad even after she promised to stay with him. His eyes began to glow red and a purple stripe became visible on his cheek.

"Inu" she was cut of when said demon roughly shot her arm back at her.

She gasped when she saw his demon take over. Over the years he learned how to control but it was still a sight to see.

"So the little whore wants to shirk off her duties and play hooky with that futuristic bastard Homo" his beast growled darkly "fine then so be it. See if I care if you come back or not just don't come back when that little bastard gets what he wants and you wake up alone. I mean really who are you fooling. No one could truly love you. You can't even do your own damn job without complaining like the little worthless bitch you are" he growled deadly before flying off into the trees in the opposite direction.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" they all turned surprised to see that it was Miroku and he was fuming.

"THAT FUCKING BASTARD I SWEAR HE DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TOO KEEP THAT DAMN MOUTH OF HIS SHUT" no body liked an angry Miroku. It was rare for him to use such language but when he did it was kinda scary.

"I'm going to go cool off before I head back to the village" Miroku growled leaving in the opposite direction of the hanyou.

"Kagome" Sango said gently.

"KAGOME" she called after seeing her little sister run for the well. She had never seen her so broken and defeated.

"KILALA" the said neko demon transformed before taking after their friend.

'Why do I even stay' Kagome thought as the tears refused to stop 'why do I always let him do this to me?' she kept running like her life depended on it. She could hear her friends calling out to her but all she could focus on was getting home.

"Kagome" Sango said. they finally caught up to her when she tripped on a tree root.

Kagome just looked up and immediately launched herself into her sisters' waiting arms.

"W-why d-does he h-hate me" she chocked out in between sobs.

"Shhh Kagome we both know Inuyasha is a dumbass who doesn't know what he has in front of him till it's too late" she said softly holding her to her chest.

"It's okay mama" Shippo said softly landing on hers shoulder nuzzling her cheek.

"We don't need Inubaka. I'll take care of you" he said sweetly "after all I ma your special little man and will always protect you" he said proudly puffing out his chest.

Kagome couldn't help but giggle at her kits' enthusiasm.

"Thank you, you guys" she said after calming down.

"And thank you Shippo. You will always be my special little man" she said softly before kissing his cheek.

"Kagome" she looked up at Sango.

Sango hated seeing her like this. She could practically see her soul in turmoil.

"I want you to go home an don't come back till you're ready" she said softly.

"I will deal with Inuyasha" she said darkly.

"Thank you Sango" they got up and brushed themselves off.

"Kilala and Shippo will follow you to the well okay"

"K" Kilala transformed and took off with Kagome and Shippo.

'Now to deal with that corpse fucker' she thought darkly.