It's been 2 weeks since the ball and Kagome moved into Sesshomarus castle along with Shippo 2 days after the ball and 3 days after that they were official mates.

"What are you thinking about Kagome" it was the middle of the night and she was on the balcony that connected to their room.

Soon she found herself trapped in Sesshomarus arms with them on either side of the railing.

"Just us" she said softly.

"Are you starting to have second thoughts" she was little shocked by the fear in his voice.

"Of course not" she said sweetly cupping his face. She brought him down to her face.

"Being with you made it all worth it. I have no regrets" she whispered before kissing him.

He pulled her into his arms and lifted her bridal style never ending the kiss.

He laid her beneath him.

"I love you Kagome" he said softly running his clawed finger over her cheek lightly.

"I love you too Sesshomaru"

The rest of the night was filled with passion and delight before the two lovers gave it a rest and tired out with each other in their arms.

Kagome began to wake a little annoyed because the sun was her new enemy. She woke slowly as she felt vibrations next to her. She looked up and saw Sesshomaru smirking down at her.

'One of these days I'm gonna smack that smirk right out of existence' she thought annoyed.

"Good morning mate" he said softly tightening hold on her as he nuzzled her mate mark.

"Morning to you too mate" she giggled softly as he tickled her neck with his nose.

She melted as soon as she felt his lips on hers.

"Let us get ready for the day" he said picking her up bridal style and taking her into their private springs. The two just stayed in there grooming each other and just relaxing in each others arms. Never had they ever felt so at peace.

They got out, got dressed.

"Enter" Sesshomaru commanded in his usual tone and stoic mask on. Soon Jaken came waddling in.

"What is it Jaken" Sesshomaru growled.

"Sir Inuyasha and friends are here My Lord requesting an audience with My Lord and Lady" he said bowing.

"Very well" he sighed "Mate" he said turning around but found her spot empty.

'I think I taught her too much' he thought regretting teaching her a few of his tricks like moving unnoticed to others.

Sesshomaru went downstairs and found his mate speaking with the slayer.

"What do we owe the pleasure of this visit little brother" Sesshomaru said in a bored tone.

Inuyasha just roiled his eyes before turning to his friend.

"I believe we all forgot we have some unfinished business" Inuyasha said pulling something out of his sleeve.

"Catch Kagome" he said before tossing the object to Kagome. She caught it easily and looked to see it was a little jar with several shards.

"How could I forget the main reason I left" she said slapping her palm to her forehead. She flew past everyone to her room and soon appeared seconds later.

She took the shards from Inuyasha with the few she collected on her own and the chunk that was with Naraku. After joining them a pink light began to engulf the entire room. Sesshomaru immediately held his mate possessively to him.

Soon after the light faded they were face to face with the great Midiriko herself.

"Miko demoness Kagome you have freed my sol from its confines, and for that I will grant you one wish. Shall that wish be selfish it will be rewarded with great consequences so I beg you to choose your words properly" Midiriko said.

Kagome already had a wish I mind and couldn't go wrong.

"I wish for the jewel to be destroyed" she said softly.

Midiriko bowed as she faded in with the wind.

"So it shall be granted" her voice echoed in the wind.

The jewel began to glow pink and raised from Kagomes hands into midair and was now reduced to ashes flowing in the breeze.

"Now we can say the job is truly done"