Welcome to this little Drabble on Kyle. As you can read is a bit dark, it's about something I had thought about doing, Kyle had happened if he had never been born or to be created. What would happen to everyone? Well the answer here. I hope your reviews telling as you see. A hug and a good weekend. You might continue making small drabble (not all be well with dark, there will be comic and romantic) but now I'm not too absorbed by my fanfic KYLE XY: Season 5 but I hope you read and be patient

I. Ivan


It all started at the forest outside of Seattle, even remember that day like it was yesterday, does not know who he was or what he did there, knew nothing about the world or about people, was the beginning of something new and unique to me, life. He spent time in my life and I was reaping memories, some happy, some sad memories but, that was not what I wanted? Having memories, say a person is defined by his past but ... if that person did not last, as defined by a person who was created for evil, as defined by a person who was born with 16 years and with no one to care for him, but take years to discover it is always difficult to find a person not must have been born in my case created, I still remember the words of Foss'' Kyle, you're not normal, you'll never be'', because at that time I did not listen? Because I wanted to have a normal life when I knew that from the first moment of my life was not? For simple fear. He was right, I was afraid, afraid of suffering, fear of feeling abandoned, fear of disappointing those who wanted, fear ... fear of life itself. I was afraid to return to the forest, not to remember anything about feeling alone and helpless in this world.

- Ready to die -

And now he was here enclosed, waiting for all this was over, Cassidy had won, Latnok had won ... Just hoping it was not as painful as in my nightmares, I knew this time would come, I was not a superhero cape and tights had not, or saved to the city. It was just an experiment, an experiment gone wrong and why he was there, he knew. Everyone thought Jessi was the failed experiment but not ... I was. She just needed a family that had wanted and now, the Trager loved her like a daughter and I'm glad, I knew I was safe and would never be alone, she was the one who deserved to live. I just was the prototype of the experiment and had to be removed. She had suffered a lot, first Madacorp, then finally Brian and Sarah and all my fault, if I had not been created first serious that she had a happy life with the Trager.

- You can not so easily Cassidy me -

It was a lie, and I fell, just missing that traverse shock my body, to end my life. I did not need anything else, my life was over, the Trager were happy and together, Jessi was happy and smiling all the time, Amanda was happy with Nate and were closer than ever, Nate never entered Latnok and knew nothing about Adam or me and Amanda was happy to have found a guy that take care after leaving Charlie, Lori and Declan was with enjoyed the basketball and he never got the break that kept him from playing basketball and Lori ... she was not hiding behind a guitar and never touch it because he never suffered the only thing I regret? It's not saving Adam and Foss wife and daughter, but could not do anything everything was finished was my end and who would miss me, no because I never should have been born, because it was a failed experiment, that what it was.

- Goodbye Kyle -

Vi as downloading approached me, it was over but I would not go alone, he and all Latnok come with me, I just needed to close the circuit for electricity to not come out of my body and can thus create a bomb that would destroy the area around few meters, but it was what I needed for my plan ended, everyone was happy without having met me and so serious because this was the end. It all started at the forest outside of Seattle ...