Authors Note: I don't really know what made me write this but when the notion of what school life would've been for Tsuna once peace settled and his Mafia life was a done deal nagged at me. I just decided to imagine what would be for his worst nightmare come to life might be. I mean, come on, seriously. It's either a good idea or I'm just suffering from mental diarrhea and somehow I would rather have the former rather than the later because somehow that idea is just eww.

Fate leads him who follows it, and drags him who resist.



For the first time ever since he started school, Sawada Tsunayoshi, inheritor of the 400-year old Mafia Famiglia, known throughout the Underworld as Vongola Decimo and bearer of the unlucky cognomen of Dame Tsuna was looking forward to going to school.

After the entire kerfuffle with his Inheritance ceremony, the misunderstanding with the Shimon Famiglia, the on-going negotiations with other famiglias that wished to foster an alliance , the never-ending battle with the Varia's stubborn antipathy and the less than pleasant battle to free the Arcobaleno's from the millennium-old curse, he was determined to enjoy the what little remained of his normal, everyday life. He had his friends, his new family and his new lease on life free from the curse of a nickname that haunted him for far too long.

Extracting the promise for the next three years from Nono had not been all that difficult—the old man understood his desire for normalcy and a chance to acclimate to his new role before taking on the mantle of famiglia head for the next foreseeable future. Anyone with half an ounce of sense would agree that he deserves the chance to be just a typical teenager before fully committing to the tasks and responsibilities that he would bear once he becomes an adult.

And so it is with a grateful heart and an eager smile that he opened the door that sunny autumn day, kissed his mother's cheek, bid a fond farewell to his boisterous wards, hoisted his bag and stepped out into the morning sun to greet the promise of a new day. A grin bloomed on his lips at the sight of his two best friends who were waiting as was their wont, eager to set off towards their new school and new life.

Too bad no one bothered to inform him that during the summer months when he was busy with all the other aforementioned events, a few changes had occurred to the school formerly known as Namimori High. It would be to Sawada Tsunayoshi's utmost chagrin and annoyance to realize that not only was his life in the mafia inevitable—it has bled through every aspect of his life—including even high school.


Entry to Namimori High over the course of the summer became suddenly stringent. Students were given a very thorough screening before being allowed to even take the entrance exam. Letters of intent for all the students who applied to Namimori high were sent at the start of spring break summoning them for a set of tests that will be required for all incoming students. A cleverly devised aptitude test was also administered at the start of the year and the classes were organized to best utilize students who excel in varied fields.

There were also some changes in the school such as the creation of a special curriculum class. It didn't surprise the students when Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi, Kurokawa Hana, and Sasagawa Kyoko got into the special class. No one even blinked when the newly transferred Miura Haru or Shouichi Irie got into the class as well. What surprised most (almost all to be exact including every alumni of Namimori Middle School and every teacher that knew of his reputation) was when one formerly Dame Tsuna got in despite his dismal grades and shaky academic standing. However no was foolish enough to raise the question nor verbalize this thought since they've learned early on in middle school that it simply didn't work when "Dame Tsuna" was asked such controversial questions. Strange accidents seemed to happen to those that do and Yamamoto had a way of staring at someone and smiling at them that made the recipient feel like Death was just waiting to take a swipe at them.

For those select numbers of the student populace however that applied and got lucky enough to get in, they were set for life. Alumni of the special class were guaranteed employment in a number of big named corporations with branches around the world. Door to golden opportunities await them with only the special codicil that they always give back to the town of Namimori as per stated in their graduation diploma.

It was to Tsuna's eternal embarrassment when he was informed later on that this was done so that there would be a ready pool of talents and skilled specialists that could brought in to the service of the famiglia. Apparently his tutor felt he would work better with people that knew him best and Hibari would approve of without the exhaustive and expensive background check.


Namimori High once enjoyed the infamy of being a mediocre school. It didn't languish of the bottom of the barrel so to speak but they didn't have anything to brag about either. They did not have a competitive reputation that boasted of world-class alumnae or even wildly successful students who managed to get into world-famous universities. All of this changed once the new school year began, especially with the advent of a newly devised academic curriculum that challenged the most sought after, highly awarded, highly decorated nationally private and public high schools in the nation.

Of course the fact that their curriculum adviser happens to be a child was a tightly kept secret. Sure it was one very special child but even Tsuna couldn't argue that the Ministry of Education might find a 12-year old Curriculum Adviser a tad objectionable. Not that any objection from the Ministry nor Tsuna himself would've deterred the appointment of the Ranking Prince. Upon the request of the former Sun Arcobaleno, Fuuta de la Stella periodically listed all the subjects and possible contents that might appear in every nationally administered test and the students would be drilled everyday on all these topics. It was expected therefore that with such accurate data, the Namimori High had a definitive edge when it comes to testing their students.

It was to the town's utter surprise (and one cloud guardians eternal pride—unspoken and unacknowledged, of course but known all the same) when Namimori High suddenly joined other nationally ranked high schools that scored exceptionally well in the tests given by the Ministry of Education. Incentives were given to honor students and those that scored well in the graduating classes were guaranteed scholarships to the schools of their choice.

It didn't ease Tsuna's conscience one bit when he realized most of the graduating honor students were being sent to universities that could only be found in Italy. Reborn asked him where else would he send them but in the most established universities in the world. No one could blame him if most of them could only be found in Europe and that of those found in Europe the very finest were found in Rome.


Namimori High was a typical example of a regular high school was comprised of a main building and many other smaller structures that made up other atypical school facilities. There were the requisite laboratories, libraries, gym, computer rooms, club rooms and other function rooms that students usually used when necessary.

However, if one would pay attention, one might note that in Namimori High not all things are as they seem.

Their buildings for example housed an insane number of fire extinguishers and emergency exits. There was also the little known fact that all of the buildings' windows were bullet proof , their classroom doors are reinforced with deadlocks and that the roof had a helipad conveniently constructed on it. Not to mention the matter of having GPS tracking devices installed in all the students ID and that entry to the school required a bio rhythmic scanner.

The walls that surrounded the school perimeter were newly constructed and raised to a full two meters high. Of course no one bothered to mention to anyone that they are reinforced concrete capable of stopping a tank should it for any reason try and barrel into the school. And as a group of delinquent upper level students found out one day when they decided to play truant, the walls were run with a high-voltage electric field that was able to temporarily render the human body completely immobile.

There were also a number of CCT cameras set up-both around certain points around the compound. It would probably surprise (and cause an untold number of possible lawsuits) if the students were to find out that the cameras they did see only comprised ten percent of the total number that were actually employed around the entire perimeter of the school. Or around the entire town for that matter the sheer number of which required an entire contingency of the Disciplinary Committee just to manage, store and monitor on a 24/7 basis.

And if one could blind enough to miss all the structures and cameras—no one could possibly miss the fact that there were black suited guys that patrolled outside the school. And these weren't the usual Disciplinary Committee guys either. These were scarred, hulking figures that only growled or glared or glowered whenever anyone would come close enough to do so much as sneeze on them.

It didn't secure Tsuna's mind however when he walked in one morning and found to his eternal exasperation the sight of nearly thirty black suited grown up men bowing and greeting him good morning in deferential, altogether reverent tones in full view of the entire gaping student body.


Entry to Namimori Town once Tsuna became the Vongola Decimo required a special license. Unless vetted by the Disciplinary Committee (later known as the Foundation) personally, no student may be enrolled in any school in Namimori. Indeed no family may be allowed to take up residence without their express permission. This would account for the small population of the small idyllic little town and the continued peace that the town enjoyed for all the decades to come.

Entry to the school also became quite different with the advent of the innovations undertaken by Namimori High. Although most students that comprise the majority of the school population came from Namimori Middle School no one missed the fact that a large number of foreigners suddenly found it attractive to apply to such a small institution. It certainly caught the student's attention when they noted that almost all the transferee's happened to be young men and women who obviously came from moneyed background who had no conceivable reason to transfer to such a simple no-name school in the middle of a small town.

However, unbeknownst to most students the foreign students had to go through two even more stringent screening tests to even attend Namimori High. The foreign students who came were required to stay in the luxurious converted mansions that were built on the newly purchased and re-purposed site where Kokuyo once stood. The area was later renamed the Italian Quarter due to the large number of Italian students who went to live there.

And although it made Tsuna incredibly nervous once he realized that most (actually all) of the foreign students had ties to the Mafia, Reborn reassured him that there would be no trouble at all. Hibari was given carte blanche regarding their discipline.

It was to Tsuna's chagrin and the rest of his famiglia's amusement to note that the children of the Mafia enjoyed going into the town proper of Namimori without the need for any personal body guards since they're safety is assured by the Disciplinary Committee and the reputation held in trust for the Vongola Famiglia. The revenue generated for the town by the presence of the foreign students pleased the town council so much they never vetoed any recommendation that were presented in behalf of the schools of Namimori. Reborn added that any disturbance that they initiate or take a part of will result in either suspension, expulsion from the school and consequently the town of Namimori. Any offender is given only three warnings. Tsuna didn't dared ask what happens after that. No one after all was suicidal enough to find out what Hibari would do to anyone who would dare to disrupt the peace of the beloved town that was under the Skylarks' protection. Certainly no one was going to volunteer for the job of disposing the body or bodies as the case may be.


Tsuna resigned himself to the fact that his school now had security levels to rival Fort Knox, that he would be greeted no matter what he said by a retinue of armed, black-suited body guards that patrolled his school on an hourly basis, that occasionally there would be a black limousine waiting to pick him up or drop him off, that he would share classes with members of his famiglia along with the legitimate honor students of Namimori High as well as the heirs and heir-apparent of many Mafia famiglias who bowed and greeted him with unnecessary veneration no matter what he told them, that his town was now being over-run by members of the Underworld and that he would have to learn to live gracefully with it.

He tried his hardest to adapt as best as he could when he realized that Dino , the Cavallone Don now taught his English class, that the Poison Scorpion Bianchi was in-charge of the school's cafeteria, that Colonello formerly of the Italian Armed Forces would teach Physical Education, and that Trident Shamal was to be his school's doctor. He didn't even blink when he was told that Lal Mirch would be teaching his history, that Aria would be teaching Japanese,that Fon would be happy to teach Home Economics, and that Verde volunteered teach Chemistry and Physics.

He certainly didn't twitch once he was informed that Skull would be the school property custodian and that Mamon would be in-charge of managing the school finances.

What he couldn't quite wrap his head around though was when he was told that Reborn was now Namimori High's Principal and that he would be personally in charge of the special class.

That lone fact alone made Sawada Tsunayoshi, inheritor of the 400-year old Mafia Famiglia, known throughout the Underworld as Vongola Decimo and bearer of the unlucky cognomen of Dame Tsuna wish that he still had the option of being absent from school.