Floggers, Foreplay, and Medi-gel

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"Do you ever pause to take a breath?" She'd asked, seeming to be both annoyed and amused with him at the same time.

He blinked. Talking quickly and condensing information into only the most necessary and basic sentences to explain concepts efficiently was a common salarian trait, though he did admit he had whittled that salarian efficiency down to an art form. 'This woman must be a bit slow.' He thought to himself. "Sorry. I'll tryyy tooo slowww down." He blinked again at the woman and noticed her looking at him as if he were slow, and decided it was the wrong tact to take. Humans could be so difficult. He shook his head, this was going to be painfully distracting, he just knew it. "No, no no no, can't do it, no time. Who are you?" He returned to his short, clipped manner of speaking, and looked at the human woman before him expectantly.

She smirked at him, obviously amused at his attempt to humor her. "I'm Commander Spyke Shepard, and I'm involved in a critical mission. I need you to come with me." She crossed her arms as she spoke, unconsciously putting up a barrier between the salarian Doctor and herself.

Surprise lit his features, curiosity and interest quickly following. "Mission? What mission?" He reconsidered, remembering his current personal mission. "No, no, no, too busy. Clinic understaffed. Plague spreading too fast. Who sent you?" His curiosity reared its head again. He would never learn to control it, as it had always been his greatest asset, as well as his greatest deficiency.

She grimaced at his question, pausing for a small moment before deciding to answer honestly. Honesty was likely the best policy with this salarian, he seemed to value straight data to subterfuge and half truths. "Ever heard of an organization called Cerberus?" She gritted her teeth together as she uttered the name, wishing her ties to them were not so necessary to the safety of the galaxy at that moment.

He frowned and hesitated, answering more slowly than usual as he observed her reactions to her own words. "Crossed paths on occasion. Thought they only worked with humans. Why request salarian aid?" He asked, suspicion lining his face.

"The collectors are kidnapping entire human populations. We're going to find out why and stop them." She seemed more confident in her statement this time, her features only displaying keen determination.

And that's where it all began. He was hooked. He asked for help to distribute his plague cure, and to try to find his assistant, but he had already made up his mind. If this woman and her human companions succeeded, he would join them. Good causes that affected the fate of the galaxy weren't particularly hard to find these days, but finding someone with the financial backing to actually do something with those causes was... Problematic, at best. Despite the funding coming from such a reviled source, it was a good cause, and would no doubt create many challenges for him to overcome. And he enjoyed nothing better than a challenge.

The mission he'd asked Shepard's help with had been a huge success. His assistant was now in charge of his old clinic, the cure had been successfully delivered to hundreds of grateful residents, and both the blue suns and the vorcha had been decimated throughout the ward. Mordin had to admit it, he was impressed. He had agreed to join Shepard, and was walking to the lab that she had assigned for him.

As he strode through the doors, his eyes went wide with excitement, trying to take in everything at once. This lab was pristine. Every possible piece of equipment, every byte of data he could ever need, was eagerly provided for him without questions or restrictions. He allowed himself a smile as he looked over his domain, spreading his arms out in glee as if to hug his new laboratory.

He quickly got a hold of himself and dove into work, a pile of datapads already stacked neatly on his desk, next to a new scientific research terminal. New, everything was brand new. He could smell the newness of it all, and took a deep breath as he picked up the first datapad from the top of the stack, reading it quickly, digesting the information, and setting it back down. He accessed his terminal and began work on a way to counteract the collector swarmers.

Before he'd realized it, he had worked for five hours straight, and stood up, stretching his back. He decided a hot cup of tea was in order, and headed out of his lab in search of the mess hall. He found it with little difficulty, and, finding it deserted, went through the cabinets until he found three containers of the same flavor of tea. He grimaced at the language on the containers - it was asari, and asari teas were something he was not fond of - but, he decided to try it anyway. It usually didn't hurt too badly to experiment. Usually.

He found a cup, and filled it with water, tasting it to make sure it was palatable. It was clean and crisp, and he nodded his approval at the cup. He heated it in the food warmer, working some more on his omni-tool - with which he had already established a link to his terminal in the lab - while he waited. The food warmer beeped suddenly, making Mordin jump; he hadn't expected it to be that efficient. He retrieved his cup, and placed the tea bag in it, grabbing a spoon from a drawer as he walked back to his lab, tea in hand.

His tea had just finished steeping, and he had removed the bag carefully with the spoon, when Shepard strolled into his lab, smiling and generally seeming to be in good spirits. "Ah, Shepard, glad you've come. Am close to finding effective countermeasure for collector swarms. Also, wanted to talk in general, get to know my Commanding officer. Good practice to know who I'm dealing with, has not lead me wrong yet." He let out a small smile at this, and finally looked up from his terminal at her.

She stood across his desk from him, smiling at his words, and nodded. "Alright Doctor, tell me about your countermeasure first."

He explained everything he had discovered so far, going into some of his research and describing a few of the failed attempts before launching into his newest theory. "Is difficult to test, however, without live sample. Miss Lawson will not release test sample to me without authorized signature. If you could fix that, work could continue unimpeded." He looked at her with his most hopeful smile, eager to continue his research.

She grinned at him and held her index finger up. "Give me a moment Doc, I'll go talk to Miranda right now." He nodded, and she hurried out of the lab.

He took the time alone to quietly take a sip of his tea, which, to his great surprise and pleasure, was quite bearable. He finished it quickly, returning to his work after placing the cup in his small sink.

Six minutes later, he heard his door swish open, and looked up to see a large specimen container being rolled in by none other than Shepard herself. The container housed a perfect example of a collector swarmer, and he rubbed his hands together with glee as he approached it. "Lovely specimen, Commander. Eager to begin testing. However, wanted to speak to you first." He thought for a moment on his first question, deciding it was best to stick to purely professional questions for the moment. The rest could come later, if possible.

Spyke held her hand up at him, urging him to wait. "Doc, just call me Spyke. Or Shepard if that's more comfortable for you. You're not on a military ship, you know." She smiled kindly at him, letting her hand fall back down to her side as she finished speaking.

He blinked at her, unsure of how to react. Had he missed a step in their relationship, or was she genuinely that open and friendly with everyone she met? He decided to accept her offer, and extend one of his own. "Very well...Spyke. Interesting name. May call me Mordin, if you wish."

She grinned and flushed at this, and waved her hand dismissively as she spoke. "It's not my given name, just a nickname I've had for as long as I can remember. And thank you, Mordin. I like to be on a first name basis with my crew as much as possible, tends to make things easier in the long run." She explained simply.

He nodded, accepting the explanation. He shifted his weight from one foot to another, and considered where this left them. She had moved straight from professional to personal with relative ease, and he had not been prepared for the personal line of questioning yet.

She interrupted his train of thought. "So I took the liberty of reading your file before I went to recruit you. Interesting past. STG and the genophage. Quite a resume you have, especially when you add curing the collector plague to it." He had fallen silent for more than thirty seconds, and he looked like he'd wanted a life line for the conversation. Perhaps she'd made a mistake in insisting on first names? Too late to take it back now. She shrugged mentally.

He blinked at her words in surprise. This woman was full of surprises. "You are well informed... Spyke." He still had trouble using her first name. Why? She was the one who'd insisted on it. "Was indeed with STG, and worked on genophage, along with team of other scientists. Did other work too, cured many diseases, healed many people. Killed many too. Do not regret past decisions, would do it all again if called to." He nodded confirmation of his sincerity at this, and stood straight, looking at her, seeming to dare her to contradict him.

She simply shrugged. "Fair enough. I don't have to agree with your past to have you be a part of my team's future." She looked at him evenly.

He felt deflated. He had been expecting to have to defend himself over his past, as he had had to do multiple times before, but her complete lack of combativeness disarmed him completely. He was unsure what to say now. For once in his life, the ever chatty Professor Mordin Solus was speechless.

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