Ashes are falling , laying gently on his surface covering his sight lightly.

He made an attempt to move , but realized he couldn't, .

It seems he was plastered to ground. Like he had an enormous mass on him , forcing him to look upwards at the emptiness of it all. In minutes he solemnly began to gather flickers of images that were coursing through streams in his brain. Nothing he remembered knowing.

Who am I? he wondered . His brain gave him a slight reply, showing him only images of how he looks, still it was good enough for now. He had no recollection of who he was. With in three hours he could move his hands. In six he could sit up, as he did he stared down and realized how naked he was, he felt no shame towards it, though he felt vulnerable to the dark and cold desolate elements of the place in which he laid the heat from the ashes were fading. Within minutes an irritation commenced on head and he began to itch , and as he did ash began to fall out, a gray-white that would soon be resting on the floor beneath him.


A name was heard in the soundless place he was.


In a rush the word gave him strength and soon he was up.


It was an impatient cry in the thinning air.

He was hesitant to stay put any longer.


Who is that he wondered, he slightly realized he was running .

Where am I running to?


That word echoed through the dark corners of his mind.

He ran to a hill and a revelation hit him.

He was Damon.

He now had a name , but that was all.

Damon walked for what seemed like a century's time, but was really a mere two hours.

Though bare he was , and as cold as the climate was , the cold didn't bother him.

He was driven on walking.

The more random things he saw , the more memories would start to fall in place in his head; the gears in his brain begin to move faster.

Showing him different images he had stored in his system. Images that taunted him. At times he would have to stop because to many memories at once try to fall in place, giving him a bad headache. In silence he thanked God he could only see the images and not hear them. He knew though that very soon the audio would be set with the pictures.