I am on a roll! Welcome to the first of The Little Eccentricities, a collection of 20 drabbles written for the 20 Prompts, 20 Drabbles Challenge down at HPFC. Each drabble is to be no longer than 500 words long, and will each be centered around a different prompt. They will almost certainly all be unrelated, and if one somehow relates to another, it will be mentioned in the brief AN I always put on top. I was handed the character Luna Lovegood to work with, and she's been great so far!

Well, I hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Pears

Word Count: 293

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Luna stood in front of the portrait of the pears, frowning so slightly that it would be nearly imperceptible to anyone who noticed her. It was a curious thing, really, that one would tickle the pears to get into the kitchens. Why would anyone want to tickle the pears? Pears were very sensitive creatures, after all, and who knew what tickling them could do?

You didn't simply tickle a pear. That was rude. They weren't owls, or cats, or toads, or any other animal, for that matter. Pears were different. They weren't your common animal, they were pears. And daddy had once said that pears should always be treated with the utmost respect, because it was believed that the dirigible plum was some sort of distant cousin of the pear. And dirigible plums were especially great fruit. Why, you could make excellent juice from them. The crumple-horned snorkacks certainly agreed.

She heard a shout float down the corridor towards her, and the loud pattering of chasing footsteps. "Oi! Come back here, you!" the voice yelled.

Well, it seemed the Inquisitorial Squad had caught up. Luna sighed, deciding that desperate times called for desperate measures. She briefly tickled one of the pears, and the doors to the kitchens swung open.

She stepped through, letting the portrait swing shut behind her. A dozen house elves were immediately there beside her, asking her what they could do for her.

"I'm in a bit of trouble," she said lightly. "You see, I wandered down here on a walk, but I don't feel so good… I don't suppose one of you could perhaps help send me back up to the Ravenclaw Tower?"

When Pansy Parkinson stormed into the kitchens moments later, Luna Lovegood was nowhere to be seen.