So, this is the seventh drabble! I've decided to use the 52 weeks of writing to just finish up this series before moving on to other oneshots and such. This is my entry for Week Four.

So, the prompt I used for this was Moon. It was a fun prompt.

Number of words: 247

Edit: This takes place post-Battle of Hogwarts. I need to stop forgetting to put this in.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

The moon was a pure, beautiful thing.

It'd been so long since Luna had looked at the moon that she had forgotten its beauty, but now, as her gaze followed the Threstals flying across the night sky –the sky that was, for the first time in months, still and peaceful –it was hard not to remember.

It was hard not to remember how everything had been so pure and beautiful, once before. How everything was like the moon, little orbs of light that lit up her otherwise dark sky. She recalled the days of the DA back in her fourth year –when her sky suddenly lit up with the brightness of the moon and a thousand more stars. She recalled the year after –how even though it was getting more dangerous, she knew she had friends to count on. How everything was still peaceful.

And then the war –it split her sky across like lightning, and the explosions of the battle disturbed the peace like thunder. Everywhere around her the lights danced in the air, and everywhere around her people fell like raindrops to the ground.

Luna looked back up to the moon. She couldn't remember when the last time she'd stood out in the open just to look up at it was. But even now, in the aftermath of the battle, one thing was still clear –the moon was a pure, beautiful thing, and someday, she knew, her sky would be stitched together and peaceful again.