Hello my lovelies! This is Week 5's entry for the 52 Weeks of Writing down at HPFC (though we've moved to a new forum, so I don't know if it's strictly HPFC anymore...?)

The prompt I used for this one was Ink. It was alright.

Words: 285

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Note: This is a reupload because it wasn't showing up.

Luna picked up the jar of ink, rolled it around her hand, and put it back down.

She honestly wished she could find one jar –just one jar –that held something besides air and wrackspurts. Her head was going fuzzy just from looking; too many wrackspurts had flown in and out of her ears. But such a jar was proving to be impossible to find –in the aftermath of the battle that had just taken place, it was evident that nothing had been left untouched. Every classroom was a mess, a mockery of the order that had once been.

She walked around the charms classroom. It had been trashed, completely wrecked in the battle, and Luna couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness –the charms classroom held many fond memories for her. For her, charms had been near synonymous with peace –there was something gentle about charms, a delicateness that she had always appreciated.

Walking around the tables that had been thrown around and now lay, fallen over, on the floor, made it hard for her to see remember that.

But that was not the concern at the moment. Luna wanted ink. She'd thought that she might find some here. How was she supposed to write anything down –how was she supposed to find an outlet for everything she was feeling, every loss she had witnessed, if she had nothing to record it with? She walked once around the room, and, deciding that ink would not be found here, made her way back to the door. She was nearly there when her shoe nudged something hard.

Luna looked down to see a jar of ink, its contents spilling over and pooling on the floor.