Author Notes: Alright, I'm going to give this a go.

Incest will be a core theme of this story. If this offends your sensibilities in any way, you may choose not to read further. Flames based solely on my topic matter will be used to roast marshmallows.

This story will be the first in a series based around this character, and his journey. Along the way, there will be crossover references and occasional characters, but each story will try to say within one set of characters as much as possible (though some may be recurring).

This chapter has undergone my refining process.

Tonight was a moonless night.

All across Japan, many had already yielded to the force of the hour, softly snoring in their beds and resting for the next day. In the cities, cars and trains still roared along, and the lights of the plazas still glimmered, but farther away, even these had succumbed, the streets and lamps of the smaller towns still. Only the island itself seemed awake, the wind's whistle and buzzing of bugs the only permiating sound.

It was a peaceful night. Yet, scattered throughout the nation, three young women where all staring into their own lights, sleepless. They did not know each other nor, if they had, would have probably wanted to socialize. Yet, for all their differences, there hearts where all plagued by the same common ache.

"Attention passengers," The stewardess in front politely vocalized. "We've begun are decent into the Beijing Capital International Airport. Please return your tray tables to the locked and upright position, and refrain from operating any electronic devices for the duration of our flight. Thank you for choosing Transcontinental Airlines, and enjoy your stay."

The noise gently shook Kanako Urashima from her thoughts, the gothic princess having been staring into the sky for hours. She couldn't quite remember how long they'd been flying; when your grandmother is an adventurer and you do all her traveling with her, you tend to lose track of things like that. However, she could tell it had been many hours, as she had already lost the feeling in her legs and back. This high up, it was still possible to to see the stars though the light pollution of the city, shimmering beautifully when for all intents and purposes she still should have been asleep. "And I was having such a wonderful dream as well," she mused as she sighed, looking down at the massive beating heart that was Beijing, Grandma Hina's next destination. "At her age, you'd think she'd settle down a little..."

As if on cue, Kanako felt somebody stir at her side, tiny and soft. "Hmmm," it groaned, as the old woman managed to straighten herself out. "Kanako dear," her voice was semi-groggy, but gentle. "Where am I?"

"We're on the plane to Beijing, Grandma Hina." She rested a had on her grandmother's shoulder. She seemed so light, so small... how on earth does she keep finding the energy to do these sorts of things? "We'll be landing soon. Did you sleep well?"

Grandma Hina laughed a little at this, her eyes finally awake. "Oh, you know how it is for old women like me. I'll sleep like I'm dead! And what about you?"

Something stirred in Kanako's chest and eyes, but she put it down. She can't know... not now. "I... couldn't sleep." She turned to the window again, the stars fading as they where swallowed up by the lights of the great city. "I was thinking about someone I haven't seen in a very long time."

This time, her grandmother took her hand. "You know what I do when I want to talk to somebody, Kanako? It's an ancient technique passed down by your ancestors for generations. It's called writing a letter." She smiled slyly, before settling back into her seat. "Now, be a good girl and wake granny up when we land, alright?"

Soon, Hina was snoring again, but Kanako had taken her advice to heart, opening her notebook and gathering the courage to write those precious words.

"Oni-Sammi?" a voice sounded from outside the room, timid and sweet. "Can I come in... please?"

The room was pink, quite pink, with a poster bed and a PC set up in the corner. However, the room this girl was looking at was fully dark, with just a faint hint of moonlight seeping in through a crack in the blinds. Kirino looked at the room with intensely focused eyes, engrossed in her dirty pleasure. The options listed themselves out on the screen.

1. Let her in

2. Continue talking through the door

3. Tell her to leave.

Of course, the answer was obvious to her trained mind, and soon her cursor was flying over to option one, smiling to see that cute little face once again. There was just something about little sisters that made her happy, a far cry from her normally self-righteous attitude. They where just so cute! How could anybody ever yell at or deny them? Her heart always jumped when she thought about it, and was just the way she liked it.

"That's it," she mumbled to herself. The text started to roll and the pictures changed, to show the little sister walking into the room, clutching her sheets tight around her body. "I... I thought I heard somebody downstairs, and I can't sleep. Could I... stay here with you?" Her eyes pleaded with an innocent fear, the terror of something going wrong.

That line... Kirino felt it tug at a string in her heart. Fear... she knew fear. Hesitantly , she sat in silence, staring at her door like a deer in the headlights and listening for any sounds. Minutes passed of nothing, yet that twinge of fear refused to go away. If anybody found out what she was doing, ANYBODY... well, she didn't know how to finish that sentence. Like that, every muscle in her body was tight again, the defensive anger she'd grown so accustomed to trying to refill her heart. "What is wrong with the world..." she cursed under her breath as she turned back to the game, the options arraying themselves.

1. Let her sleep in the bed.

2. Comfort her, then send her back

3. Kick her out of the room

4. Let her sleep on the floor.

A storyline split... before anything else she headed up to save the game, the cheery title music playing into her headphones as she watched the bars fill. Soon though, even that comfort was gone as she was faced with the options, flittering between one and two. Both made sense, in their own way... it would depend a lot on things she didn't know yet. Of course, eventually, she settled for clicking 1, and the girl's face turned to a releaved and loving smile in still dreary world.

She liked to take walks at night.

The figure was wandering down the sidewalk of her small city, the occasional street lamp the only source of light. However, it was little enough that, if you where to walk by, you wouldn't have been able to tell much about her. She was just like any young women, trying to get where she needed to go, moving with a bit of a skip to her step. Her dress was long and dark, a wide-brimmed hat shading her head, but her form was still clearly feminine, her mouth just visible with a smile.

She'd just only heard the news, that of her father's illness. Granted, news of Kumagoro Mikadono's problems spread just about equally through the nation, but what it meant for her wasn't so much a cause for sadness. After all, it would be her first chance to see the person she'd desired for so long, though only knowing him through what she'd gathered and what others told her. Very soon, she would be near him, could speak with him, just as the world had meant it to be. What did they know, the rest of them? Why should they get to decide who she could love? It would take work to make him see, yes... but even such a wonderful person as him couldn't resist what was destined to be. Nothing could.

That thought widened the smile on her face as she skipped along, passing a park to her left and watching another young couple meet by the moonlight, the love clear in their eyes, whispering in each other's ear. That would be her soon... she had waited her whole life, she could bear a few more months.

"I love you Oni-Chan" she wrote.

"I love you Oni-Chan" she saw.

"I love you Oni-Chan" she said.