Kazuma felt cold as he turned the knob to Spitfire's apartment. Even though the blond had come here countless times before it was different this time, much different.

Spitfire was gone.

Closing the door quietly behind him he stood in the dark for a bit, unable to face the reality that waited in the light for him. After a moment he finally swallowed down his fears as he turned on the closest switch. Kazu flinched as he sleep deprived eyes adjusted to the sudden change in light. Blinking, he looked around taking in his surroundings. Everything was the same, not a thing was touched and the realization that it would never be changed by Spitfire again left a sick feeling in his stomach.

"Damn it." He muttered as he walked toward the bedroom.

Of all the places in the small apartment, Kazu had rarely ventured into his bedroom. Often when he had stayed the night he had fallen asleep on the couch never even dreaming of sleeping in the bed with him. As his body entered the room he flipped on the lamp and paused, everything was so well kept that he wasn't even sure he could manage to fully walk inside. After a bit of thinking he finally walked all the way in and began to look around the room.

He had no goal in mind, only the simple urge to hold the items that belonged to Spitfire. Kazuma soon found himself over at the closet, pulling it open and staring at the inside. The first thing that caught his eye was Spitfire's favorite jacket. Kazuma wondered why it was hanging slightly off the hanger, almost as if it had been set like that on purpose. Moving to fix it he noticed a small piece of paper sticking out of the pocket. Slowly, Kazu pulled it out and stared at it. It was a light brown envelope that read 'Kazuma' on the front.

Shaking Kazu slowly tore open the envelope and began to read.

Dear Kazuma,

For a while now I had thought about writing this as a just in case. Though I can't be sure of anything I've been thinking having this would be a good idea. Though while I'm writing this I can hear you snoring lightly in the living room, you know you make a lot of bloody noise in your sleep.

I care Kazuma, no matter what happens that won't change. Part of me thinks you still don't grasp that but the rest believe you understand that words are not always needed. I'm sure though for you it'd be nice if I'd say the obvious a bit more. I'm sorry, I know I hurt you sometimes. Don't worry though, you'll always know though, even if I don't say it.

You're a great rider Kazuma. I know you'll go far, keep riding to the top and be the best bloody king you can be. I know my regalia has been left in great hands. There has never been a doubt in my mind about letting you succeed me. Never lose heart my dear Kazuma.

I've always found simple is a good way to go about a relationship, especially when a good about of care is involved. I hope that puts your mind at ease about some of the things I've done. When you find this letter, please try not to get to emotional over it, we both know how you are sometimes.

Keep moving forward Kazuma, I believe in you.

I'll always be watching,


P.s. I love you