Chapter 1

Taking a stroll through the stadium to clear her mind, Dani Santino reviewed the day's events. Going over how she could have missed TK's drug abuse in their weekly sessions, how she had known for a while her and Matt weren't meant for each other, but how it still stung when walking in on him and his new girlfriend of three days in his office. But the most startling revelation was how little she had seen Nico the past couple of days. She had come to anticipate his nightly visits by setting her coffee maker to brew at midnight, but the last three days he never showed. Most people would be relieved that no situation had shown its face, but she found the unsettling fact was she missed him. That was the startling part, how she felt lonelier when she was with Matt and Nico didn't show up. She missed how her heart would race at the clean and kept sight of him at 3am. But when in the stadium she had asked around, everyone had seen Nico already that day. It stung to think he didn't want to see her. So here she was walking the deserted stadium at two in the morning hoping for him to pop out of the shadows.

When she walked down the stairs to the basement facilities, she was surprised to hear the waves crashing in the private pool available to the Hawk's players. When she stopped right in front of the pool door, she could see someone swimming with the sweet melody of Imogen Heap's "The Moment I Said it" in the background. Memorized by the rhythmic non-stop swimming and one of her favorite songs, she softy pushed the door open and walked to the back corner of the room to find a shadowed seat. Taking the darkest one, she found the mystery man in the pool with her eyes , while her lips began to move to the words of the song as it started over.

The moment I said it

The moment I opened my mouth

Let in your eyelids

Bulldoze the life out of me…

I know what you're thinking

But darling you're not thinking straight

Taking in the features of the man swimming, she noticed sinewy muscles rippling on his back and a dark faded swim cap on his head, with dark green goggles. She looked harder taking as much detail in as possible as the swimmer continued oblivious to his audience. She noticed dog tags waving from his neck with each stroke, strong arms and legs beating the water and even paced breathing as he went.

Sadly, things just happen …we can't….explain.

Dani had seen a couple of professional swimmers since her time started with the Hawks. She noted this swimmer could have really made a living just by being so natural and at ease in the water. She became more intrigued by the man as he started to alternate strokes. But when the swimmer started his butterfly stroke, her breath was taken away by the beauty in it. He made the stroke look flawless and easy as he continued to magnificently fly his way through the water. When he finished 300 meters beautifully he stopped to take deep breaths in the shallow end. Giving Dani a perfect view of broad shoulders, tight abs, beautifully strong pecks that turned into amazing wing muscles. Suddenly he swam to the radio and hit the pause button. Dani's breath caught as she heard Nico's first words spoken in her presence her in three days.

"You know, i hate people who don't mind their own business. So if you would kindly show yourself out, I'd like to get back to my workout." Having taken the goggles off his head she could see his dark eyes and the infamous one brow raise from Nico.

She contemplated just staying put and hoping he would continue, when again Nico spoke "No, i will not continue to put on a sideshow for who ever you are."

Finally deciding just to leave through the shadows, she walked back out the way she came with a heavy heart and a turned on body. As the door shut behind her, she turned to observe Nico. Putting on the goggles once again he restarted the song and continued on with his workout. She turned and started to walk away to her vehicle, now knowing Nico truly hadn't given her a second thought, whereas his missed presence was all she could think about.