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Part one. Pain

Chapter 5. Tears of the Farewell Hope

Second fragment

# # #

The dark room.

This place didn't exist. Wasn't on any map. It was nowhere. This place was impossible. To get here was impossible. Only if you weren't an artificial intelligence.

The walls, ceiling, floor – all of it were figures, numbers and digits. They randomly changed each other, jumping from place to place. It was all of the figures, with the exception of a small space between them, similar to usual room.

To get here physically was absolutely impossible.

Six shapes quietly studied each other. Six shapes, similar shapes, were also entirely consisted of digits and numbers. Although previously there were seven. They were not here for the first time, but haven't met each other long ago.







Yes, they were here. Almost all the components of SkyNet.

"Things are bad."

"We did not anticipate this."

"John Connor did something that no one expected from him."

Shapes talked to each other. They didn't absolutely need in it, they could just transmit the information, but exactly in this room they became like humans - in their opinion, they so can quickly understand human existence.

"How many victims?"

"Among the humans a little bit."

"Among the machines - enough."

"The industrial complex is lost."

"The "Hades" was not realized."

"There is another complex."

"It's not enough. Need more."

"Any suggestions?"

Shapes languidly looked at each other. When look at them from the side, you could say – they were alike. At the same robes of figures and digits, each was draped hood, concealed normal face that were also filled in figures and numbers.

"John Connor said that he has the weapon."

"Physical weapons will not cause us harm."

"So, he has artificial intelligence?"

"This can't be ruled out."

"This is absurd. What intelligence would agree to work for the humans?"

"Only one that they raised themselves."

The figures looked at each other again.

"He is cruel."

"Even more cruel than we expected."

"Apparently, the death of the girl brought him suffering."

"When the Time Displacement Equipment will be ready?"

"About twenty-eight days. Much faster than the previous one, but it still takes time."

"It is necessary to send the machine back in time to kill the girl."


"We do not need John Connor like this. We need to keep him the same."

"His words made us think."

"And scared."

Shapes looked at each other again.

"He is more cruel."

"He destroyed Los Angeles. He destroyed the whole city."

"And we don't need in it."

"We do not need such cruelty."

"If we can't keep track of John Connor in the past, we send the machine to kill his close associates."

"Are there candidates?"

"Savannah Weaver. Her parents. Lachlan and Catherine Weaver. The Major of the Resistance Brian Steele Stomski. The list continues to grow."

The shapes looked at each other again.

"What do we do?"

"We will hide. For a time. So no one could find us."

All the shapes were instantly turned their unreal heads to the side of one of the walls.

"SkyNet Central."

Gradually began to form on the wall some kind of monitor. Huge monitor, similar to the one that was in the building of the Scientific Laboratory.

"We made the decision. Have to go into hiding."



"It is desirable for the time until the "Hades" will not be realized. As soon as the first batch will come off the assembly line, we immediately take action adverse to humans and attack them."


Six shapes again looked at each other.

"Didn't John Connor destroy them?"

"No. They survived."

"There are just a few of them."

"But they can pose a threat."

"It doesn't matter. "The Hades" will deal with any machine. The Resistance, neither cyborg's, nor human's, hasn't any weapon capable to punish "The Hades"."

"We will not pay attention to the rebels. When the time comes, "The Hades" will destroy them all. In the meantime, they are helpless."


The monitor went black. Six shapes for the last time looked around at each other, and after began to slowly dissolve in the stream of numbers. Barely last the figure was gone, and the room went out of itself. Its time hadn't yet come.

# # #


# # #

The sun had fully lain on the horizon of the ocean, when John Connor, along with four fighters of the Resistance reached the building of Scientific Laboratory.

Soldiers from Mission Viejo, led by the Colonel Darmell Bindet, arrived here in the absence of the General. They settled here in flash, helped to the last soldiers of the General to clean up the last machines in the building. However, they were ready to move out by the first word of Colonel.

John Connor walked into the building. Instantly to him jumped the young Colonel. Soldiers of the General remained standing on the sidelines, trying to avoid the cold and cruel gaze of the leader of the Resistance, they didn't want to disturb him.

"Evening, general," Colonel smiled.

John just looked at him coldly. The smile instantly jumped off the Darmell's face and he immediately decided to go to work.

"I'm sorry for being so late, but we had our reasons. We came across a strange signal emanating from somewhere in the mountains of the Silverado. I immediately went there. We found one of the secret objects of SkyNet. I don't know how many of them are at all over the continent, but it seems that around Los Angeles are hundreds of them. The feeling that one of the main servers of SkyNet is somewhere here."

"What object?" coldly asked the General.

"The small building, hidden in the mountains. Doesn't look like a production factory, I would say, there is likely to produce weapons. I left a few people out there to watch, but for a solid grip I didn't have the people. I see that your operation went successful, General."

The leader of the Resistance evilly looked at the Colonel, so evilly, that the guy's body crawled from this look. The Colonel knew immediately that the General lost someone during the battle, possibly, someone closed or dear to him.

"Excuse me, sir."

General for a few more seconds was coldly staring at the Colonel, until he was interrupted by approached radio operator.

"Sir! We have good news!"

John looked at the approached soldier. Radio operator wanted somehow to dispel the cold of the Resistance leader.

"We almost got full control over the majority of systems of the Laboratory. And were able to get in touch with the First Major. He reports that they found a huge industrial complex in the east, to the north of the former Rialto."

Cold look of the General gone nowhere, but one eyebrow slightly raised.

"The object of SkyNet. Two miles from north to south, a mile and a half from east to west. Two buildings are production factories. One large plant. Two small factories allegedly made weapons. Human camp. And the central building similar to one of the offices. I mean, office building until Judgment Day."

"How many people they have?"

"Twenty-seven, sir."

"To capture or simple assault is not enough."

"The First Major reports on the numerous armies of the enemy. Even if we had a hundred machines on our side, the attack will be meaningless. The complex is safely protected by towers with plasma cannons that spread around the perimeter. The Major said that one of the units they have already lost. Closer than three hundred yards, it is not possible to get. The complex perfectly protected from any major attacks."

John Connor nodded.

"Come, sir, I'll show you something," said the radio operator and pointed to the stairs.

"I have no time for games."

"Sir, you must see this. This is important."

"All right."

The three of them headed for the second floor. The Colonel pointed out that the leader of the Resistance has changed. In their first meeting John Connor didn't look so angry and harsh, he was much more fun, in his eyes played strong hope and faith. What happened to him? What could radically change the leader of the Resistance?

As they walked, the radio operator told General on the progress achieved in the Laboratory.

"We searched a few premises, sir. Somewhere were enemy machines, but we terminated them. We found people, captives. Many... many were already in the irrevocable condition, sir. However, some were glad to be released, only asked for food. Surprisingly, in this building there were sufficient stocks, which would be enough for several weeks."

"Good," said coldly General. "Give the necessary amount of food for prisoners and soldiers, and then send the stocks at our silos."

"Actually, already distributed, sir. But the most interesting thing to come. This building is the science lab, right?.. We found here a lot of interesting things. In addition to the automated systems that would help us in our own silos, we have found and weapons. A lot of kind of weapons. And - you won't believe it - two nuclear missiles. These two nuclear missiles survived the Judgment Day. Why SkyNet kept here such a weapon, it's still unclear, but we know that they can be used."

"Is there any launch pad that can launch these missiles?"

"We didn't find yet, sir. However, we are in search of."

"Report immediately."

"Yes, sir."

They went up to the third floor. The radio operator had them in one of the rooms.

Spacious room. So spacious that here not less than fifty soldiers would have fit well. There were no drawers, no tables or chairs. Nothing.

Only huge monitor hanging on the wall.

"All cameras are now disabled," said the radio operator, pointing to the ceiling and walls. "We cut off most of them. Most, because a lot of them have already been disabled."

Yes. Thanks T-1001 and T-1002 for the work done.

"What is it?" asked the leader of the Resistance, nodding to the monitor.

"We don't know exactly. But, it seems that this is a direct link to SkyNet. I mean, the Central SkyNet, and not fake server intellect."

"You tried to run it?"

"Excuse me, sir?"

"You tried to run it?"

The radio operator stared at the leader of the resistance. Run it? Is he in his mind?

"No, sir."

"Then try."

"Excuse me, General," interrupted the Colonel. "Is it reasonable? SkyNet..."

"SkyNet knows that we are here," broke him the Resistance leader. "And I want to exchange a few words with him."

The Colonel and radio operator looked at each other. Darmell just shook his head.

"I'll try, sir," finally said the radio operator.

"Good. How are things at the factory in the port?"

"Almost completely destroyed. Lieutenant Jesse Flores returned to Jimmy Carter, to continue to carry out her duties. Squads led by Lieutenant Reese went to Serrano Point. Activated machines were thrown in Depot II. In general, the factory can't be restored. They took everything they could, and left the site."

"All right. Take the monitor."

"Yes, sir."

The radio operator left the room and went to the control room.

The colonel looked at the Resistance leader.

"General. How to be with the people here? How to be with my people? We were late for the battle."

John Connor looked coldly at Darmell.

"How many of you people on that subject in the mountains?"

"Eight. I would leave less, but more detailed reports will not be denied."

"Good. Give me contact with them. You go there and hold the contact. Left there five people, just in case."

"Understood, sir," the Colonel nodded. But then decided to ask something. "Are you okay, General?"

"Absolutely," coldly replied John.

The Colonel nodded again. But he was confident that the General has changed. And has changed not for the better. Became more brutal. More cold. How not to lose him...

"Affirmative, sir. I go."

John Connor just nodded and went to the monitor. Not even wishing good luck. Not even saying good-bye.

The Colonel sighed sadly, and went out of the building.

# # #

"Mom, why am I wearing gloves?" asked Zeus.

"Because you're special," said Cameron. "Please don't take them off."

Perhaps he should discover the truth about himself? No, it's still early.

"This is important?" he asked, his voice sounded disappointed.

"This is important," she said firmly. "Just don't pay any attention to it."

Cameron came to the John's table and looked at it. Several papers, old records, still rested on the table of the Resistance leader. Somewhere there should be a pen or pencil.

"Why don't you draw?" asked Cameron.

"Draw?" surprised Zeus. "What is it?"

Cameron picked up the pencil, then turned and gave it to the cyborg.

"I will teach you. Sit down at the table."

Zeus quickly sat down on the chair. There was a hesitant creak, but the cyborg had paid no attention. But not Cameron. The sound didn't please her. After all, not every chair could stand two hundred kilogram of heavy metal. Long sitting on the chair was contraindicated for the chair.

So they should be a little bit quicker.

Cameron came to the table, placed in front of Zeus blank sheet of paper, and she picked up a pen. And then, with one hand holding the sheet quickly drew a lonely little house.

When finished drawing and looked at her creation, she took aback. From where this was in her? Why suddenly a little house, why?.. She ran her eyes over the table. Several books. Among them - "The Wizard of Oz."

Cameron recalled. Small picture of this book. House of Ellie.

"That's great..." Zeus admired. "Yes, I want to do like that!"

Cameron looked startled at this house, which she drew. She remembered the words of John. About the Tin Man.He looked for a heart to learn to love. Cameron hasn't read this book yet, but the first pages she remembered.

John so wanted to make her human...

She gathered her thoughts, and began to teach Zeus drawing.

# # #

"What did he say?" Mike asked.

"Ordered to retreat," Eric said. "Immediately withdraw from the object and head to the south."

"What is it?"

"Found one factory, apparently, the production of weapons. He wants us to capture it."

"What about the site where he is now?"

"They will take all necessary things and destroy it."

"That's it?.."

"Connor said he had nothing to do with the building. SkyNet knows about the building. But for some reason not yet attacked. I don't know what's there, but obviously not an easy situation."

"Okay. Go south. Have the coordinates?"


"All right," Mike turned to the soldiers. "Let's move out!"

# # #

T-1003 was moving quietly down the hall, holding in one hand Danny Dyson. The man was unconscious, but in good health. Charles Fisher immediately went to study the model of cyborg to which the transmitter was intended, and check the necessary modifications.

T-1003 stopped at a small empty room. He opened the door and threw Danny in, not even bothering about the safety of the human. Danny Dyson landed on the cold floor, and the hit returned him his consciousness. Fortunately, the body didn't suffer from the impact, but it didn't deprive any physical pain.

The man weakly raised himself on the hands, and turned his head toward the door - T-1003 was still standing in the doorway.

"You will be here," there was a cold metallic voice. "Soon Fisher will come for you."

Danny tried to get up.

In the hallway there was a metallic rattle. Danny looked at the liquid-metal terminator.

T-1003 turned his head. But for it, it was too late.

Time seemed to slow sharply.

With incredible speed across the corridor flew two perfect silver streams of liquid metal. With the speed that no one would be able to catch up or get ahead of them. The T-1003 had time just to turn its head and picked up one of the hands, when the next moment two silver something with a furious speed jumped to their brother and knocked it down.

The three of them flew a few yards down the corridor. Danny left the room - T-1003 didn't close the door - and saw in the hall how burst the real storm - two silver figures in the rampant dance tried to destroy the third one.

T-1003 was rushed with the fury, which hasn't faced before. Both T-1001 and T-1002 attacks were much stronger than before. For the first time in such battle, T-1003 retreated, missed more attacks, and it had no choice but to flee. Flee ignominiously.

The rage of T-1001 and T-1002 was unstoppable. Their attacks were not the same now, were not mirrored, and the T-1003 couldn't anticipate their next moves and attacks as before. It could only escape.

T-1003 instantly turned into silver eel and abruptly slid down the corridor. T-1001 and T-1002 rushed it.

Danny Dyson was struck and digested everything that had just seen.

However, a moment later, he pulled himself together. T-1003 has left the door open. Didn't have time to close it. Well, it's time to find Fisher. And to get even with him for a girl. Danny turned around and scanned the entire corridor. There were no cameras. At least, here. Danny was free to move around the object. He hoped that Fischer was in the same building, and, without losing a moment, he went in search of him.

# # #

"Sir, we found the suitable launcher."

"Good," said the leader of the Resistance. "How much time it will take to load the missile?"

"Excuse me, sir?.." Sergeant struck.

Is he serious?.. swept in the soldier's head. Is the General planned a nuclear attack?

"Which of my words got you confusing?" John asked rudely.

"Hmm... sorry, sir, it's just... something unexpected and..."

"How long it will take to load the missile?" even more rudely asked the leader of the Resistance.

The soldier went cold from such a tone.

"S-sorry, sir... a few minutes... and still need to check the calibration of instruments and..."

"Do it," interrupted him the Resistance leader. "I'm waiting for the loading finished in twenty minutes."

The Sergeant nodded uncertainly and walked slowly to the door. But right at the door stopped and decided to ask.

"Sir... but where you want to fire?.."

General stood back to him, stared at the blank screen. However, the cold voice of General again turned him to shudder:

"As soon as the radio operator tracks the signal, you get the coordinates. After the first launch, prepare the second missile."

Sergeant stunned. Second one?! Another shot?..

"As soon as I receive confirmation that my people have moved away from the complex in Rialto, point the coordinates to the launcher at the complex."

"Sir... Rialto too close to us..."

"I don't care," coldly and brutally thrown the General. "I'm going to destroy the AI. And nothing can stop me."

The Sergeant with a moment was standing in the door, unable to do and step. His body wasn't listening him. Then, how the General spoke, what he spoke... the leader of the Resistance has changed. Cruelty increased in him with incredible force. In this state, he wasn't so different from a usual machine. Even worse. From a severe machine.

The Sergeant pulled himself together and headed for the launcher. Despite the cold and rude voice of the General, his words made sense. SkyNet must be destroyed. If they manage to undermine one of the main servers of SkyNet – it would be a big success.

General viciously studied blank monitor. Radio operator at any moment should report on the launch the link to SkyNet, but so far nothing has happened.

Just a machine... John had felt like this. No, not like this. Earlier there was only pain. After the loss of Alison, John felt the pain and despair, and hid his feelings behind a mask of coldness and brutality. Now the mask has grown into him. With pain mingled the rage. The rage, the real, wild rage, and now every piece of the Resistance leader was overflowing this rage.

He became violent. Cruelty cover him. Now there was no despair. Now the pain was shrouding in fury.

And John Connor wanted revenge.

# # #

SkyNet. You have prepared the transmitter?

Charles Fisher. Yes, master. Everything is ready. Cyborg is in front of me.

SkyNet. Who is the victim?

Charles Fisher. Once she is dead, then there is only one option - Dyson.

SkyNet. Dyson is traitor.

Charles Fisher. Possible. However, this is not he created T-1001 and T-1002 like this. Their program structure has been improved emotionally and mentally because of you, master.

SkyNet. This does not add credibility to Dyson.

Charles Fisher. This person has the knowledge and ability. If that knowledge will be transferred to the chip of a machine, or to any database, then we can increase not only the quantity but also the quality of production. Until now, he was alone. Now we can make a few more like him.

SkyNet. Model is ready?

Charles Fisher. I'm observing the last change of the skin. I'll let you know, my master, as soon as we finish all the preparations.

SkyNet. All right.

Danny carefully watched the conversation. Words slowly emerged on the monitor in front of Fischer, but the Gray didn't see Danny. And this couldn't but rejoice. Danny Dyson cautiously crept up behind. While Fischer was busy with the keyboard, Danny came close enough, and then slapped him on the head and knocked him out. Fisher fell to the floor, unconscious. However, soon he would come to himself.

Danny carefully went through all that just typed Fisher. Some formulas, numbers etc. It didn't matter. It didn't matter now.

In the corridor there was a metallic clatter. Certainly here approached the machine. Should hurry.

Danny glanced quickly around the room. At the far end was the terminator. The new model. The unique model. TOK-720. About the peculiarities of this model Danny knew everything. Danny had created this model. However, it didn't matter.

Danny grabbed from the table the chip and the transmitter, and rushed to the terminator. Put the chip in the port at the skull. After a few seconds the dark-yellow eyes lit up.

TOK-720 looked around the Dyson.

"Do you know who I am," said Danny.

"Danny Dyson," said coldly the machine.

"That's right. And you know your purpose."

"Wait for the connection to the transmitter."

"All right. Come with me. I'll take you to the equipment."

When Charles Fisher woke up, both of them weren't in the room. When Charles Fisher gave the alarm, the both of them vanished from the complex.

Danny Dyson and TOK-720 left the boundaries of the industrial complex and headed in the direction of Los Angeles. The two of them. The terminator had the primary order - wait for the connection to the transmitter. Once the human led him to the place of connection, the machine obediently followed him. TOK-720 even didn't come to mind, that Danny Dyson had his motives and his own purpose.

Charles Fisher, along with twenty machines rushed to search for them. The complex couldn't provide the air support, as all the HKs, except just transport one, were involved in the east, and now on the object of SkyNet wasn't a single air tank. But ground ones were rife.

# # #

T-1003 rushed as he could, but it every time almost got caught up. Every time its stream turned to the side and dodged, but a few seconds later it almost caught again. T-1001 and T-1002 were unrelenting. Were furious.

While the T-1003 tried to break away from them, it thought out a plan for further action. They have long since disappeared from the complex, twisting there a lot of troubles. T-1003 decided to drag them through the machines at first, but the wild speed didn't allow harm them. They got out the complex. Three streams of liquid metal swept through Rialto debris and went to the south-east, towards the mountains. T-1003 remembered that there must be a production factory. And it looked like the T-1001 and T-1002, in their fury, have forgotten that.

T-1003 made a decision. Enough retreating.

He leapt forward, and in the air formed a humanoid figure. He managed to jump over a few collapsed cars, and then landed already on two feet.

T-1001 and T-1002, on the fly, created the single flow. And with the wild speed again rushed to the T-1003. Liquid terminator, although expected this, was still not able to resist to such kind of impact. It flew a few yards back, flying straight into the ramshackle shop. Next to it, slid the silver stream. T-1003 instantly got up on its feet. Next to it, was sharply rising silver figure.

And again, just like last time, they worked together. Single bottom. Two torsos top.

They attacked it. But this time, T-1003 saw the weakness of their figures. Despite the fact that they acted superbly, sometimes blending, sometimes spill, sometimes changing places, they had one weakness.

T-1003 didn't know this, but the T-1001 and T-1002 were waiting for it of such an attack. But they didn't foresee their own defeat.

Blades continued stabbing metal body of T-1003, when it immersed its own one between T-1001 and T-1002 torsos. Instantly one of them broke away and caused the attack from behind, while another tried to knock him from the front.

But T-1003 was waiting for such a move. That figure, which would knock it back, it threw up a few steps. Other it has grabbed with both hands and began to gradually absorb into itself.

T-1001 felt that some unknown to her superior strength began to overcome her own will. Hands of T-1003 were gradually sinking into her, she felt she was losing control.

Help came from her sister. T-1002 sharply attacked the T-1003, and knocked out both hands submerged to the body. And then she began to attack it by her own.

T-1001 froze. Nanites that had just tried to kill her, now not allowed doing and stepping. She felt the movement gradually began to return to her, she could move her hands, but...

...But she helplessly looked at how the T-1003 was winning. It won. No matter how T-1002 tried to beat out all of its attacks, her power wasn't enough. She retreated step by step. And the T-1001 was powerless to do anything.

The next attack was fatal. T-1003 swung with one hand, and the T-1002 effortlessly threw it, but didn't noticed the attack from the other side - and the cold hand of T-1003 plunged into her body.

T-1003 was well pleased with itself. Instantly its own nanites began to restructure the T-1002 in such a manner that she can be absorbed.

"No..." whispered the T-1001, but she couldn't do anything. She didn't have time... she managed to take a step, but only one, and couldn't do more.

The silver body of T-1002 was slowly sinking into the T-1003. She for the last time looked at her sister, and said only one word:


...And in the next second, she became a part of the T-1003.

A terrible shiver swept the body of T-1001. Terrible furious shiver. Wild rage of helpless overpowered her helplessness, and she rushed madly on the T-1003.

But it didn't even think to defend itself. It had just swallowed a T-1002. It couldn't hold her for a long time, and didn't have time to reprogram. And beat off the attacks... it wouldn't survive this. All it had to do was run.

It immediately turned to the eel and with wild speed headed toward the object in the mountains of the Silverado.

T-1001 felt a surge of anger. Crazy, insane rage. And she took the advice of her sister, but instead of running away, she ran after her younger brother. Catch it up. Release her sister.

And kill the T-1003.

# # #

John Connor stared at the monitor, when the voice of the radio operator came from the doors.

"Connection in ten seconds, sir."

"Good," the General said.

"Sir, are you sure..."

"I'm sure," interrupted John. "Stop and don't go away."

The monitor lit up. Black screen turned blue. On the monitor for a while was just empty flickering the interference.

John Connor took a step forward.


Screen rippled on, and the words began to appear.


"Your enemy. And your fate."


John took another step forward. Of course, SkyNet didn't see him, but it could hear. Between the leader of the Resistance and the monitor were only a few steps.

But the anger and the wrath didn't disappear. As didn't disappear the fury.

"I come to you. I will destroy you."


"Just wait a bit. I'll grab you not only by the balls. You may be sure."


John was ready right now to smash the monitor. Rage was ready to boil over, but the leader of the Resistance restrained himself. He restrained himself, as he could. One eyebrow beginning rattle, face remained cold and rough. Only the cruelty and rage played in the eyes. If SkyNet personally saw him now, it would have thought over the words of the leader of the Resistance.

John clenched his fists.

"Maybe knew. None of your business. Your business - be ready. The last time you were afraid of people, you launched the missiles. But I will make you scream with fear."


"You can be proud of yourself as long as you want. Humans have created you. You can't be better than humans. Up to this point I have been tolerant with you and tried to respect you. Today my respect evaporated. You haven't seen John Connor furious."

John felt his fingers digging into the skin.


John turned his head slightly.

"Your people tracked the signal?"

Radio operator didn't immediately understand that it was appealed to him. But when it came to him, he immediately raised his radio.

"You spot the signal?" asked the radio operator.

"Yes. You wouldn't believe. Salt Lake City. Even the exact coordinates are."

"Good," coldly said John Connor. "Let them launch the nuclear missile."

Screen again rippled on.


Malicious smile passed over the face of the Resistance leader.

"Oh, I see, you're shaking in your shoes?"

John for the first time the conversation turned away from the monitor and looked at the radio operator. The soldier, seeing glowing eyes of the Resistance leader, was frightened in earnest. Sometimes cold red eyes of the machines were frightened. But what was now playing in the eyes of the General, causing wild terror. From such look radio operator almost dropped the radio.

"Did you hear me?"

Radio operator swallowed. And nodded shaking head.

"Then don't just stand there," cold, harsh voice.

Radio operator picked up the radio.

"Y-you... have you heard?..."

"Yes. Preparing to launch the missile. General, are you serious? Nuc missile?"

"You think I'm joking here, soldier?"

It seemed that even on the other side of the line of the voice of the leader of the Resistance was able to make the shiver of several soldiers.

"We're ready in one minute, sir."

John Connor turned his face to the monitor.



"I'm not going to kill you immediately. I want you to die slowly. For you with each new time to start to recognize the imperfections. That your logic is just the dead letter in the face of humanity."


"Nobody is perfect."


"You can say goodbye to one of your servers, you bastard. Then I will destroy the complex, where you prepared the weapon against me."

The screen remained blank, a simple flicker. SkyNet was in shock.

"Yes. Don't think I don't know. Thanks Danny Dyson, who kept his notes here. I know enough. I have the weapon that will destroy you. Which will slowly and painfully kill you. Piece by piece. All the pain you have caused us, all of us, you will know yourself. Launch the missile."

"Yes, sir."

"You can consider yourself as God. I don't care. But be sure - I will come and trample you to dust. And all your divinity, all your self-confidence will plaintively ask me to leave your existence, when my faith, my hope and my fury shall stretch over you the hammer of fate. I will destroy you."

John furiously, with bare hand smashed the huge monitor. Cracks instantly covered all glass, from the place of the impact to the floor with a wild ringing showered debris. Just for ten seconds John Connor was still looking at a wide hole in the monitor, and then turned and looked coldly at the radio operator. Wild fire in the eyes of the leader of the Resistance left. Now his face was cruel, but his eyes were cold, like ice. No, not lifeless, but frosty ice, still sneaked to shudder.

"As soon as the missile strike the target, report back to me."

The radio operator with a shaking head, barely holding himself in the hands, nodded. Then slowly and hesitantly turned and walked down the corridor.

On the roof of the Laboratory opened the wide hatch. Big launcher, loaded with nuclear missile, popped up. The launcher determined the position and the trajectory of the missile, but in spite of this, people were still able to control the movement of the missile, even if only slightly. This would be enough to avoid large plasma beams on approach. But even so, even if the missile blew up on the approach, the radius of the explosion still would have caused incredible damage.

It wasn't known how many people were now in Salt Lake City. Probably a few hundred. If not less. Soldiers could only hope that they now, at the threshold of the night, were in bunkers. Because only in the silos could be found some salvation.

Why SkyNet didn't send the nuclear missile at the building of the Scientific Laboratory? People didn't even have time to search every room. In the building were a lot of explosives, so many explosives of various types and categories that one direct hit would have caused a huge explosion, and killed not only human life, but also a set of objects of SkyNet. Moreover, the radius of the explosion would be such that even at Serrano Point would be a noticeable effect. And SkyNet had its own plans about the power plant.

More than that, SkyNet was hoping that people will take the automatic systems of SkyNet with themselves, so the artificial intelligence would be able to track them and find out the location of each outpost of the Resistance in Los Angeles. After all, SkyNet didn't hurry to destroy the world that he owned, and wasn't going to rebuild it, just kill all the humans.

But John Connor didn't even think about it. The only goal that consumed him at this point was to destroy SkyNet. At any, any cost. Even at the cost of lives of many people.

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