Rukia is a gift from the gods to Ichigo and his legion of vampires.. The reason for such a gift is to suffice the blood lust of Ichigo and his legion because Rukia was created with an unlimited blood supply.

Because of the gods' gift to Ichigo, the villagers and towns people can reassured there's no need for any vampire hunting...

But jealousy brews...

Why would the gods send gifts to the vampires not the lycans?It was the vampires that drew the first blood... It was the vampire that instigated a war... It was the vampires that drove the lycans to the dark crevasses of the woods...

It was the "vampires" that broke the pact...

The background history isn't that simple you see... For many centuries vampires and lycans never got along... Though there was one brief period where everything was at a stand still... There wasn't any bloodshed nor was there any prejudice... It was a truce between the lycans and vampires... Though over time the lycans demanded more... They wanted more territory... They wanted more control... Little did they know, it was the calm before the storm...

The vampires always had the upper hand- the lycans were sick of it. They were tired of being the bottom feeders. Even the witches predicted the lycan's existence to be futile. Though, it could be a ruse.. After all, nobody knows exactly why the lycans and Vampires hated each other so much...

The gods themselves sat by and watched, they watched them destroy one another on by one. Not one god besides, Nasuki stepped in. Natsuki is the goddess of serenity and tranquility. She was the one who divided the territory.. The one that proposed the pact... The pact that the vampires broke- because of this, Natsuki began the brew of jealousy. She favored the Vampires because they would hold bountiful festivities in her honor while the lycans didn't the Lycans didn't hold bountiful parties like the vampires did- the lycans only celebrated when special occasions occur...

But still.

Why would the Gods themselves gift the vampires when they clearly started the war?

Is it because Natsuki favors the vampires for their loyalty?

Or is it something more?

The big bright moon hides behind the scattered clouds, the wind wisps through the rose garden Ichigo happens to roam about in. He's roaming around lost in his thoughts as an alluring scent catches his attention.

It wasn't any scent he smelled before, which made it that much more alluring...

Alluring enough to follow the scent that is...

What is that magnificent scent-

And there she laid...

Covered in nothing but rose petals leaving Ichigo nothing but aroused.

He wants to sink his fangs into that ivory smooth skin of hers, just to hear her scream...

Though, when he approaches the raven haired beauty...

Ukyo appears.

Ukyo is a pixie that happens to be Ichigo's good friend and the daughter of Natsuki and Kano (will be later explained).

Ukyo peers over Ichigo's should laughing, "She looks tasty doesn't she?"

"You bet..." Ichigo licks his lips while Ukyo walks towards the beauty and began to remove the rose petals one by one, "You do know the White lotus council created her-"

"Huh?" Ichigo looks at Ukyo confused, "Why would they create her when she's just going to di-"

"BAKA!" Ukyo punches Ichigo in the face as she resumes removing the rose petals, "AS I WAS SAYING, the white lotus council created her because she has an unlimited blood supply. Which means, no matter how much blood from her you take, she'll still be alive... Her name is Rukia by the way..." Ukyo removes a certain rose petal that reveals a pink rosy point, "Oi, Ichigo..." Ukyo points at the pink rosy point, "I bet you'd love to sink your fangs here..."

Ichigo's mouth was drooling by the time the pink rosy nipple revealed it'self. He wanted nothing more than to make her scream.

"Oi, Ukyo... Don't you have somewhere you need to be?"

"Eh?" Ukyo looks up and sees Ichigo drooling. She shakes her head laughing, "I'll leave Rukia and you to your own perversions... Don't get too rowdy with her!"

Ukyo disappears as Ichigo whisks Rukia away into his bed room.

Oh the thing he will to do to her.. .The screams and moans that will echo through out the convent.. The lust that will taint his room...

Just to hear her scream.

He bursts into his heavily draped room as he tosses Rukia onto his lush bed, grinning as he leans towards her breast and suckling upon it before fully indulging upon her.

Right when he revealed his fangs and bit right upon her rosy pink point, a soft gasp escapes her lips as a pair of delicate hands gently pulls his head closer to her breast, she mumbles, "Please be gentle."

Ichigo's eyes widen.

Her voice was soft and shy.

He wanted to change that.

Ichigo suckled harder as he began to feed and Rukia-well she began to feel the sensation of pleasure which was all too welcoming for her since she began to tug on Ichigo's hair and moan his name.

Just as Ichigo loosens his pants...



Ichigo ignores Ishada as he keeps suckling upon Rukia who wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him closer to her but stopped.

You are not to fall in love with him... If you do so, you will be banished away to the pit of eternal darkness...


Ichigo breaks free from Rukia, "WHAT THE HELL ISHADA!?"

"Urahara wants to see you..."

Rukia buries his face between Rukia's breasts mumbling, "Tell him I'm feeding right-"

"He said it was important!"

Ichigo lets out a sigh as he removes his face away from Rukia's chest and looks at her, "I'll be back... take this time to relax... You'll need it when I come back..."


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