A/N: This story has not been through my betas. If it takes off, I will send it out for corrections. Until then, please excuse the errors that will be there.

I pick up the black bound book and walk hesitantly to the bedroom.

I dare not to raise my eyes, as I haven't been given permission to make eye contact.

I have been asked time and time again what happened to me, how I became this way, but I can't find the words.

How do I tell someone I deserved it all, that I'm nothing, and don't deserve the kindness you are showing me?

Holding out my hand, I offer him the book with the note attached to the cover and walk away silently.


This one is sorry that she can't be what you are looking for.

I know you want to know the real me, but I don't deserve you.

Maybe these words can help you understand.

Your baby girl