A dark shadow had dimmed the skies all over the world. The few poor souls that could manage to leave their homes walked around in a daze, reddened eyes swollen and staring hollowly, their faces drawn and wan. Sack cloth and ashes had become the dress of the day, and there were many who wore hair shirts day and night.

Barely a business was open, and those that were rarely had a sale. The Stock Market had crashed, gold lost its value and diamonds glittered for no-one. Lovers cried and poets stared. Artists everywhere broke their brushes.

Churches, mosques, chapels and temples were full of supplicants, and the air stank from the scent of incense as priests strolled throughout the streets, praying for God's mercy during this most trying of times.

Black crepe hung from doorway and window, straw and rushes were strewn upon roadway to muffle the sound of what little passing traffic there was.

Children too young to realize the full horror could only wail along with their older siblings and parents as the population grieved.

A steady stream of mourners had been arriving at the steps of Moulinsart for days, leaving a veritable forest of flowers, enough candles to turn night into day and so many stuffed toys that FAO Schwarz was sold out and backordered for weeks. Cards, notes and placards were strewn about the grounds, tacked up on trees, propped against the barely seen doorway, taped to brick wall or irongate.

So great was the weeping and wailing throughout the hours that finally Captain Haddock had enough. Throwing open an upstairs window, he leaned out and yelled quite vociferously.

"Great Blistering Bilious Blue Barnacles, will you suffering landlubbin', freshwater sea-cucumbers, ectoplasmatic troglodytes go home!"

"It's not the end of the world, his tuft will grow back!"


Don't own Tintin (or his tuft) – Moulinsart does.

Do have to give a shout out to Don McLean (American Pie) for one sentence.

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