"Shu! Slow down!" Jiro shouted while the other teenager ran on ahead, attempting to win the 'race' he had invented.

"No way, Jiro! First one to that gorse bush wins!" Shu shouted back, still running.

Shu had gathered all five of their old party to investigate a desert that was currently uncharted, under King Jibral's orders. The desert was unexplored, and potentially dangerous. He saw it as the perfect opportunity for a reunion.

Kluke sighed and merely shook her head at the other's antics.
"They haven't changed a bit, have they?" This was Zola, indicating the now arguing teens with a sweep of her arm.
"I won! I won!" Shu raised his voice in glee, dancing about.
"It wasn't a race, Shu!" Jiro retorted, indignantly.
"Was too!"
"Was not!"
"Was too!" Shu pushed Jiro.
"Was not!" Jiro retaliated by tackling Shu to the floor. Wrestling on the floor, both were trying to get the upper hand, neither enjoying any success.

Marumaro chipped in as well.
"NOPE! Lady Zola hasn't changed either! You still so cool as before!" As Marumaro spoke, the Devvee's cheeks had steadily turned a deep shade of crimson, and poked the floor with his toe.
Zola ignored Marumaro's comment, and instead turned to Kluke.
"Remind me why I came along?" Zola looked inquiringly at Kluke. Kluke then instantly replied to Zola, giggling.
"Because Shu said he had grown up, and you thought it would be amusing to see a more serious Shu."
'Damn!' Zola thought. 'Note to self: never listen to Shu again.' By this point, both Shu and Jiro had returned to the group.
"Hey! We should think about heading back soon. We haven't seen any sign of monsters, or notable locations." Jiro's breathy voice cut in.
"Okay," Zola spoke, taking charge, "We'll go another hour, and then go report to King Jibral." There were mutters of agreement, and so they trekked on.

"Oh look! It's a Gabo plant!" Kluke practically squealed, fondly remembering when she had saved Marumaro's village. "We should collect some, in case that disease comes back!" Overcome by joy at such a rare discovery, she rushed to it, even out speeding Shu during the 'race' with Jiro.
When Kluke was a few feet away, she stopped.
"Why she stopped Lady Zola?" Marumaro asked, to which Zola replied:
"Lets find out." The remainder of the group jogged forward, seeing no danger. They halted at hearing some panicked cries.
"Help! Help me!" Kluke screamed, waving her arms. "I'm sinking! Help!" Shu's eyes widened.

"What's wrong?" His only reply was a scream from Kluke.
"Hang on Kluke, we're coming!" Panting, he began to run. He furiously turned to Zola when her arm halted him.
"What're you doing?! We have to save Kluke! Let go! Let go of me!" Zola, thinking fast, knocked him down by sweeping his foot out from under him.
"Calm down Shu, we don't have time! Stop struggling!" Zola stamped her authority. "Notice how the sand surrounding her is darker? It's quicksand. Now, follow me, but cautiously. It makes no sense for you to get stuck as well." Wisely, Shu listened to reason, and silently followed Zola.
When Zola reached the edge of the quicksand, she looked at Kluke. The sand had reached her knees by now.
"Kluke, listen to me, okay? Don't panic. The more you move, the more you sink, so stay calm."
Kluke nodded furiously, understandably panting with panic.

"Marumaro, Jiro, Shu. Hold each others hands. Do it!" Zola barked, and the mentioned people looked at her questionably. "I'm the only one with enough reach to grab Kluke, so get ready to grab my hand when I say!" Shu nodded from the front, while Marumaro nodded from the back. Jiro nodded from the middle.
"Kluuuuuuuuuuke!" Shu suddenly shouted. "She's fainted!" Everybody turned to face the girl dressed in pink. By this point, Kluke was waist deep in the quicksand. 'Oh no! I can't reach her!' Thinking quickly once more, Zola jumped toward Kluke, and grabbed her hand.
"Grab my hand!" Zola shouted to Shu. He obeyed her, then he called to the other two.
"Pull!" Grunting, they all pulled. Zola and Kluke got closer to the edge but continued to sink down. "Pull up!" Shu commanded. Zola turned around in the sand and had to bear hug Kluke in order to stop her head from going under. Lifting Kluke up from the sand, Zola's own head went under momentarily. Thrusting, Zola recovered her position and issued orders.
"Marumaro! See that rock?" Zola said urgently, pulling her arm out of the sand with effort and pointing at a large rock.
"Hold it, and use it as leverage!" She shouted, wiping wet sand from her face. Marumaro grabbed the rock, and pulled. Progress was made until Zola's back was on the rough, regular sand, and was being dragged along, still holding Kluke in the bear hug. With a final schlorp Zola pulled Kluke free of the angry sand. Feeling cheated, the sand returned to normal looking sand, awaiting its next victim. Zola forced Kluke's body onto her back and checked for injuries. Finding none, Zola attempted to revive the teenager.

"Kluke? Kluke!" Zola shouted, shaking her as she did so. Placing her head near Kluke's chest, Zola felt the rise and fall of breath. Looking into her eyes, Zola watched as Kluke's eyes fluttered open momentarily. Her eyes were unfocused, but found the eyes of the other female that was worriedly shaking her. Before she fell into the welcoming darkness again, she murmured something.

"Zola? Thank you..."

This is chapter one of my Blue Dragon yuri fic. I've always wanted to see these guys paired, but there was only one fic on these from a guy named roxius. First, I want to develop Kluke's feelings for Zola. Then, an admission of those feelings, then…we wait and see!