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Stretching after a decent night sleep, Toph came out of her makeshift burrow to look around after surfacing wondering where Aang was. She did not see him anywhere within her 'sight' and also notice that the older girl was gone as well.

What she could see was that her older brother who was still visible and coming back towards where they were staying at the moment.

"Hey there Toph. I see that you are finally up" Sokka said to her.

"Ah" Toph said to him

"Aang. You want to know where Aang is" he asked as so far one of the only things she could say (that anyone other then Aang and other badgermoles could understand) was the 'A' sound and that usually meant she talking about him.

Nodding her head vigorously she wanted to know as he had gone tp. Sokka then thought about and immediately seem to have an idea as if Toph could not see him and Katara was not around then he probably had a good idea of what happened.

Sokka sighed as he wonder what happened to his sister when she stomped off angry. Only to come back seemingly changed as if she had just had revelation about something and it seem to be that it involved Aang and Toph. When she was not trying to be helpful in helping Aang with Toph's lessons of acting more like normal person, she was taking Aang to somewhere Toph's sight could not see them.

Of course this something Toph was beginning to pick on as well and which Sokka realized when she starting glaring in his direction. Instantly he point in the direction of where he knew there was a body of water and watch as the badgermole girl ran off that way.

He did not consider this being anything other then just letting her know where the two of them might have been. After all it was getting close to the time for Aang's earthbending lessons as they usually happened after she first got up. Which normally the last out of the four of them. It had nothing to do with Toph burying him to his neck once when he did not tell her what she wanted to know. That right absolutely nothing at all to do with that one time.

Meanwhile with Aang and Katara…

"Alright Aang you just have just use your arms more like this when doing this particular waterbending technique" Katara instructed showing how to do so with her own hands.

Nodding Aang followed her instructions mimicking movements with his own.

"Katara?" the avatar asked

"Yes Aang, What is?" she asked curiously

"Why are we here?" Aang replied with equal curiosity

"To train as you have not mastered waterbending yet so you still need to training in it" came her answer

"I guess but why here?" he questioned

They were standing in the middle of small lake that they were using to practice. Using their waterbending to stand on top of the water by freezing it into ice wherever they moved.

"Why not this is suppose to be a high level technique thus we are getting twice the practice. This might also help in you using two elements at high level at once without thinking. Never know when this might be needed" Katara told.

Aang also notice that she was standing closer to him then she used too and they were also wearing nothing but what they usually did when they went swimming. The water tribe girl claiming this was just in case they fell in the water thus their clothes would not get wet.

Of course Katara had another reason for this as all that other stuff was genuine in intention yet none of it was her true purpose. After all she could gotten similar result without having to go this far. This was the result of her talk with Iroh and realizing just how much she really did not pay attention to Aang despite her feeling for him. However changing that and trying to be more attentive with Aang was harder then she thought it would be. The fear of failure and rejection ate away at her as what if she came on too fast or Aang thought she joking. Then her biggest fear what if she had waited too long and gave off to many of the wrong signs (like when they were around Haru, Jet, and worse off Zuko) that Aang did not like her anymore.

Mentally shaking her head she could not think like that it was very clear that her rival was not. Though she was on more friendly terms with Toph now. Neither fully let their guard down around the other when Aang was involved leading to setting like the one she was in now.

'This just perfect' Katara thought

She then went about closing the gap some more so that when he turn and to look at her. She could lean slowly into a kiss. Similar to the one time she almost got one the Cave of Two lovers, however just like then something happened to break the moment.

*Aang!* Toph called out as she stood at the edge of the water.

"Toph?" Aang repsond.

*Training* she said looking in the direction she heard his voice.

Katara had forgotten that her working senses were far beyond even that what the typical blind person's was. To make up for the lack of one sense the others were usually heighten but in Toph this far more then average. Thus with her sense of smell she was able make her way to the water by using her nose. Water itself might not have a smell but the things around the edge of it sure did. Also help that Toph used her enhanced hearing as well to help in finding them.

"Thanks for the training but I guess it time for it to be over now" Aang said leaving his waterbending master to just standing silently cursing at another missed chance.

Once Aang had made back to land, Toph stood up and began walking using just her legs. While Aang took out a blindfold and covered his eyes. This was routine the two of them had developed to maximize their training time. While Toph went over the basics (what she consider them however to everyone else they would be at least medium level) with Aang. While what she would be doing is practicing her walking using just her legs along with the few letters she could speak again and trying to make words with them.

Training with Toph was a different experience then he had with Katara. After all she just seem to start out with higher level things after all and unlike his waterbending master. Toph, herself, was basically a master from the moment they met thus that probably why she was able to do things this way. Another thing Aang thought as the reason he was suppose to learn waterbending before earthbending made sense now. Before he was going with the flow and did not really question why just writing it off as an avatar thing.

Waterbending was about flexibility as water was an element that could exist in three separate states. Be able to switch at least between liquid and solid states on the fly are the sign of being a great to near master waterbender(throwing in the gas state as well being much harder). How this related to his current bending lessons it was that flexibility he learned that allow him to remain open and slowly adjust to element that was the his natural opposite.

Aang then felt something striking him in the shoulder

"Nnn!" Toph called out she threw a rock at him with her bending.

"No? How was that wrong" Aang asked.

"Nnn" she repeated dropping to all fours to show the move again.

"Ah guh nnn" Toph said standing back up.

"Already I am going" he replied

At the moment she only speak letter A, N, and G. Thus what she was trying to say was 'Aang go now'.

Dropping to all fours he tried repeating what his master had showed him and did not stop until she nodded her approval.

Standing up he then had to envision the movements he made on the ground as one that he perform while standing up normally. Again this where the flexibility he learned from waterbending came into play along with his own natural element. Mixing these three together he take the move he learned and convert into a something he use while standing normally.

The Avatar then moved his head to the left feeling the rock zoom by. This continued for a couple of minutes as he just dodged one after the one. The rock getting larger over time until he just had to use his bending to stop them or break them.

"Guh Ah" the blind bender told him.

"Thanks but I still not as good as you" he told as that suppose to mean 'good Aang'.

He still had his blindfold on after all as this was part of his seismic sense training. It was also what seem to help with his converting badgermole style of bending Toph knew into something he expected of normal human earthbender. He still knew that he had long way to go as earth bender though.

Taking a stance, his master looked at him as smirk appeared on her face while Aang kind of gulped a bit. This was not really his most favorite part of the their training session but it was vital part for both of them.

The real time combat experience portion.

Where Toph would come at him seriously while trying her best to remain on just her legs. A feat that was rather hard for her at first as she had always used her bending on all fours thus this was a different experience. One Aang help her adapt to rather fast but she still was only about as half good as she normally was(she was nearly master level regardless). Sokka suggested that because she closer to the earth when on all fours as well using a style more closely knit to the original earth benders.

Aang also knew he could not use any of his other forms of bending as that was prohibited. Breaking this rule would lead to very angry Toph if he did. An angry Toph was not someone he wanted to be around, it lead to Aang having to go through more them one of Katara's extended healing sessions.