Soul Eater

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Chapter 1 – Just Average

Maka Albarn wasn't beautiful, but she was pretty enough. She knew that by simply looking at herself in the mirror. Unlike most girls in her school, she wasn't interested in make-up or in fashion. That didn't seem important for her. She preferred doing other things during her time other than worrying about her looks. Besides, she really had no one to get pretty for.

Maka wasn't a genius, but she was the smartest in her class. That meant either one of two things; everyone one in her class was dumb or she was a lot smarter than she really took herself for. Whenever someone in her class needed help, she would be the first person they would come too. Maka was sometimes proud of that, but there were times she found it quite annoying. During class, the teacher would always constantly pick on her to answer because she knew that Maka would always have the right answer.

Maka was a pretty shy person, but she was determined and confident. No matter what was going on, Maka would always do her best in everything that was presented to her. She never gave up and she never let things get her down. But, because she was a shy person, Maka had very few friends. In fact, she only had one true friend that she could count on for everything. Despite how smart she was, there were some people that didn't even know she existed.

Sighing, Maka was once again eating breakfast by herself. Her mornings were usually like that. Her dad was never around and her mother was traveling abroad, learning and discovering the beautiful wonders of the world. How Maka envied her. She wished she could have gone with her mother instead of staying with her good for nothing father. All he ever did was drink alcoholic beverages until he passed out.

When she was finished with her breakfast, Maka picked up her books from the table and decided to head for school. It was still pretty early, but Maka didn't really mind. Maka walked toward the door and headed outside. Of course, her life at school wasn't as easy as she wished it could be. There were certain people in her school that would make her life quite impossible, but she was slowly getting used to it.

Taking a good whiff of morning air, Maka stretched her hand high in the air and started to walk toward her school. It was going to be gorgeous day. Maka could tell just by looking at the blue cloudless sky. After being so lost in thought, Maka was brought back to reality by her best friend, Kid. He was standing against a light post, waiting for her patiently.

His presence made Maka happy. She gave him a warm smile as she approached to him. Kid had been her best friend ever since they had started high school. What brought them together was the simple fact that they were misfits. They both enjoyed reading, studying, and learning, which made them the typical school nerds and weirdos.

Maka didn't care what people would say about her, but she did care what they said about Kid. Lots of people hated Kid because he was the principal's son and they felt that Kid had many advantages because of that. They would also occasionally make fun of him because of his OCD problems. Maka also hated to admit that he had a crazy obsession over symmetry.

"Hey, Kid." Maka greeted him with a smile as she waved at him cheerfully. He was wearing his usual outfit, black pants with his nice symmetrical black shirt. There wasn't a day Kid didn't look perfect. "Have you been waiting long for me?"

"No. Not really." Kid glanced at his watched before smiling back at her. "I've been here, waiting for you for about 8 minutes so it's okay."

Maka couldn't help but letting out a little laugh as she and Kid started to walk toward school. There wasn't a morning that she and him didn't walk to school together. They would start out their morning by enjoying each others company. He he was the perfect friend anyone could ever ask for. They walked a few minutes or so, discussing the homework, books, and Maka's worthless father until they arrived at their school.

Their school was extremely beautiful and much to Kid's joy, perfectly symmetrical. It was one of the best schools in the area even if it did have some very irresponsible people. Maka and Kid walked through the entrance gate, ready and prepared for what the day would bring them.

Once in class, Maka would sit by herself, in the first desk by the window. She liked it there since she would get a nice view from outside. Unfortunately for her, Maka had no friends in her class since Kid had been placed in other class. Maka tried to make friends, but for some reasons, people just didn't have the interest to talk to her and if that's the way people felt about her, then she wasn't going to keep on insisting to be their friend. Even if she was timid and pretty shy, Maka had her pride and wasn't going to go around looking desperate.

Each morning, Maka was always the first to be in class. She would sit silently as she would watch her other fellow classmates walk in. The first one to walk after her was the beautiful Liz Thompson, Kid's secret crush. He talked about her a lot, but he had never gotten the courage to go up to her and say something. Whenever Maka would try to encourage him to go talk to her, Kid would shake his head sadly and say that she was to good for him. Maka, of course, couldn't really blame him. Liz was the dream girl of any boy and the chances of her ever considering Kid as her boyfriend were quite slim.

The one that followed after Liz was the nice and pretty Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. Unlike Liz, Tsubaki's presence was different. There was something about her that made everyone want to be her friend. She was nice and considerate. She was the only person that Maka would probably make an effort to talk to.

The class was loud, but it suddenly came to an awful silence when the two most popular boys in the entire school walked in; Black*Star and Soul Eater Evans. Those were the two guys that Maka couldn't stand. She had her reasons, though. For one, Black*Star was loud and annoying. He was arrogant and his ego was too big for his head. He always placed himself before everybody, caring for only himself.

Then their was his best friend, Soul Eater Evans. He was probably twice as popular than Black*Star and probably twice as good looking. Looks can be deceiving, though. Despite his cool look, Soul, in Maka's eyes, was a total jerk and a show off. He had probably dated almost every girl in the school, making him the number one heart breaker. He would play around with those poor girl's hearts until he would crush them. Maka wondered if he had anything better to do.

Maka was invisible when those people were around. Everyone would pay attention to them. They were cool and fun people, something that she wasn't. That didn't matter to her, though. She was happy being who she was. She might not be beautiful, cool or very sociable, but she was a smart and determined person. In other words, she was just average.

Soul Eater Evans was the type of guy that everyone envied. Everyone wanted to be like him, hang around him, and talk to him. When he walked down the hall, Soul would have more than one set of eyes looking at him. He enjoyed it to the fullest. He loved having the entire school looking at him and his coolness.

Class was over and everyone was heading outside the classroom, except for him and Black*Star. They both had to stay after school for detention since they both had disrupted class in the middle of quiz. Now, they had to stay in school for another hour or so to clean up and arrange the desks. The two lazy boys, though, weren't doing anything since the teacher had just stepped out the class to fetch something from the copy machine.

"Man, this totally sucks." Soul sat back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head and leaning. "We wouldn't be here if you learned to control your stupidity."

"Hey!You're the one that started!" Black*Star began to protest as he jumped up from his seat. He walked over to Soul and placed his shoe on top of his desk. Soul didn't even bother to look at him. "It's not my fault! You're the one that suddenly punched me in the face! The nerve you have of laying a single finger on me, the mighty Black*Star that's going to surpass god himself!" After saying that, Black*Star started laughing like an idiot.

Soul crossed his hands and rolled his eyes. Sometimes he wondered why he put up with him. It's true that he had punched Black*Star in the middle of class, but it had been for a good reason. He had passed a note to him, telling him to give him the answers for a quiz they were taking. The only thing he got back as a response was Black*Star's autograph. That really pissed him off and he had no choice but to release that anger.

"By the way, Soul," Black*Star suddenly said in a much more serious tone. It was odd to hear him speak that way, especially when he was around him. "Have you broken up with that one chick?"

"Which one? The one with the blonde hair?" Soul asked him and when he saw Black*Star nod, Soul gave him one of his famous smirks. "Actually, I didn't break up with her. She ended it with me cause she found me kissing with another girl."

Black*Star shook his head before giving him a smirk of his own. "Man, you're one crazy dude! That girl was really hot. Any guy would have traded spots with you! You're gonna regret that one day!"

Soul shrugged his shoulders. "Who cares? I can get any girl I want, whenever I want. That's the good part of being me."

"Hey, you might be good, but you'll never be as great as me! Unlike like you, I'm faithful just like a god!" His eyes were starting to gleam with pride and arrogance, much to Soul's annoyance. "You shouldn't be too cocky, Soul. I know a girl that will never fall for you!"

Raising his eyebrow, Soul looked at Black*Star. He hated to admit it, but the words that Black*Star had just spoken had captured his complete attention. A girl that wouldn't fall for him? That sounded completely ridiculous to him that it almost made him want to laugh.

"Really? Are you sure you're not saying that because you're jealous? As far as I know, you've been crushing on that Tsubaki chick for the past year and you never have the guts to ask her out." Soul said with sarcasm spilling all over his voice.

"Shut up, Soul! That's none of your business!" Black*Star grabbed him by the neck and pretended to be choking him. "And what makes you think that I like her anyways? An awesome person like me would never settle for something as low as her!"

Soul pushed Black*Star off before standing up. He placed his hands in his pockets while he smirked mischievously. "Oh, so you don't like her then. I guess you wouldn't mind if I made a move on her."

Black*Star twitched and stayed motionless for a few seconds. Then he suddenly charged toward Soul, fuming with anger like fire. "Soul, don't you dare! I'll kill you if do your womanizing on Tsubaki! I'll hate you for the rest of your life!"

Rolling his eyes, Soul shook his head. "Relax, man. I wouldn't do a thing like that. She's all yours, alright. She seems pretty easy anyways." Soul looked at Black*Star, who started urging him to take back his last comment. All Soul could do was laugh. "All the girls in this school are way too easy. I give them one look and they start drooling for me."

Suddenly, Black*Star's babbling stopped and instead started laughing like a fool. What annoyed Soul the most was that while Black*Star laughed, he was pointing at him with his index finger. Soul quickly assumed that he was the cause of his laughter.

"Like I said, you shouldn't get too cocky!" Black*Star said after his laughter started to fade away. "I know a girl that will never fall for you! In fact, I don't think she ever even looks at you!"

"Oh, yeah?" Soul said, taking Black*Star's words a bit too seriously. He furrowed his eyebrows at his childish friend. The urge to punch him was really starting to grow inside him. Of course, he tried to calm down. He couldn't just punch Black*Star when the teacher might unexpectedly come in. "So who is this girl that you're talking about? Do I know her or what?"

Black*Star shook his head as he snickered. "Heck. I don't think anyone knows her at all. The only reason I know she exists is because Tsubaki has mentioned her couple of times! She's always saying how she's so smart and all!"

"Okay, then." Soul demanded, getting quite irritated. "Who is she?"

"She sits over there." Black*Star pointed to the first desk that was against the window. "Her name is Maka something. I can't remember her last name." Black*Star scratched the back of his head before looking back at Soul. "Anyways, she's a real school geek and she hates talking to people. I even heard a few guys call her the Untouchable. I bet you won't even get three feet from her. "

"Oh, is that a challenge?" Soul asked him, an evil grin forming in his face.

"What does it sound like to you?" Black*Star crossed his hands, sounding more confident than usual. He gave out a laugh, leaning himself back against the desk. "I can bet you anything that you won't get that girl to fall for you."

"You'll bet anything, huh?" Soul placed his hand on his chin and looked at Black*Star like if he was thinking of a way to conquer the world. "How about this? If I get that girl, Maka or whatever her name is, to fall in love with me, you'll give me anything that I ask for."

"And if you don't get Maka to fall in love with you and I end up winning the bet," Black*Star began, crossing his hands with a smirk. "You'll bow a hundred times before me, kiss my feet, and then call me a god. Deal?"

Black*Star stuck out his hand and Soul gladly accepted the bet.