AN: So I got this idea in my head and I figured it would just be smarter to post what I've typed so far before I lose it entirely. This is the sort of return of the dead forUnbreakable Vow.

Fight The Faeries!

The conversation with 'SoullessSam' was still bugging Dean when they spoke to Mr. Brennan at his clock store.

"You gotta ask? Right, yes, you do have to ask."

And there was the stupid question for the day but really, Dean was still trying to get used to this … well, the new Sam is a dick.

"Okay, if you want to add glitter to that glue you're sniffing, that's fine, but don't dump your whackadoo all over us. We'd rather not step in it."

And Dean wanted to laugh because really, that lady is nuts but Sam… his Sam wouldn't have done that. He wouldn't have snapped at that lady.

"Empathy, man. Empathy. I mean, the old Sam would have given her some, some wussified, dew-eyed crap."

Old Sam with a soul…that's Dean's brother. But this thing… this walking... talking… puppet just wasn't it and Dean would rather have the old bitch face Sammy riding shotgun.

'I'm getting his soul back.'

And thinking about the crazy lady claiming faeries are behind the missing only brings up an image of Auŕeņ in that gauzy blue thing…

She's gone.

Auŕeņ is dead and there was nothing the witches or wizards she had worked with could do to save her, to bring her back to him… Dean would be drinking right now if it wasn't for the job he's supposed to be working. He'll definitely drink himself stupid after the job is done but nothing stops him from picking up a bottle on the way to the motel. What does Dean have anyway? Because his brother isn't really his brother-not without his soul. The little fey-witch that followed them everywhere for a year… well, she got under his skin. With the krap Sam was doing and Dean barely out of the ground… the nightmares, the dreams and the echo of their screams… it's a wonder Dean didn't go psycho and loose it.

She got to him.


She made them both laugh; she was there for both of them- Sam and Dean…

So what does Dean have?


There's nothing but corn in the cornfield when his cell phone rings.

Dean sighs. "What?"

On the other end Sam complains the old guy isn't doing anything other than drinking which to Dean sounds about right.

"You know, maybe I should go talk to him again. I mean, you're the one who said he's hiding something."

And that's all kinds of bad idea Dean is already shaking his head when something else catches his attention but Sam keeps talking…

"Shh! Shh!"

"What? You see something? Dean, what's up?"

"Hang on a second. Holy…" the friggin light is blinding and it's fast. "UFO! UFO!"

"Whoa! Dude, stop yelling. You're breaking up. I didn't catch that last part."

"Close encounter! Close encounter!" and as he's yelling into the phone Dean can't help but wonder if some part of Sam cares that aliens are chasing him.

"Close encounter! What kind? First? Second?"

Dean might not appreciate the interest Sam's showing because there's a definite lack of concern in the tone.

"They're after me!" Dean is pissed at Sam and he's freaking out- hello, aliens!

"Third kind already? You better run, man. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing."

"Empathy, Sam! Empathy!" Dean yells but that's all the talking he gets to do before the light catches up and takes him.


"Come on!" Dean looks around and there's definitely no cornfield.

It's a lush forest; huge trees- the trunks big enough you could put a house inside if it was hollowed out. Pale moonlight casts a bluish glow on everything. It's cool, just the right amount Dean isn't actually cold. There are hints of a gentle breeze and the smells… everything is so fresh. Dean starts walking with no particular destination in mind because really, UFO's just dropped him in a forest bathed in pale blues. Yeah, there's a ranger station and Sam's got the rescue search party on the move, ha!

He doesn't even know how long he's been walking when he hears what he thinks could be music and wonders if it's the aliens. Still, he keeps walking, now towards the sounds that definitely are music. The sounds are so clear, it vibrates through everything, Dean can feel it, like a caress all over his body and that's weird enough but it doesn't feel gross. Just the opposite and Dean hurries his pace to get where he can make out shapes moving under the forest canopy.

There's laughter and singing and merry shouts and the flicker of the fire from the torches lit around the clearing…

"Friggin faeries."

The old bat was right. There never were any aliens and Dean realizes he's been abducted by faeries.

There are all kinds, too. Blue skinned, green - even pale white ones … males, females, and …fawns?

Dean blinks but it's all still there so he rubs his palms into his eye sockets while the music and laughter and the singing all fill his ears but when he looks it's all still there.


Dean swipes at his head. He squints at the tiny bugs buzzing around his face and scowls only to squint, wondering if he's really staring at a tiny naked woman. He reaches out with his index finger but never actually touches her.

Laughter accompanies the many hands that grab onto Dean and he's forcibly led into the midst of the party. They're all talking and he doesn't understand any of it.

But it does remind him of Auŕeņ.

Dean jumps, startled by the groping hands all over his ass when he sees the shine of his gun and makes a grab for it but they toss it. The green faery dude isn't happy and a bony fist connects with Dean's jaw, like it's his fault there's a metal burn on the other hand.

"What the fuck!" Dean shoves the faeries off and smacks into the table laden with food. He remembers some of the stories, how eating or drinking anything from the fey makes you theirs and no way is Dean going to be stuck with faeries. He grabs the table and tosses it. Food and drink piling on the ground while Dean yells at them, demanding they send him home while a grumpy looking gnome and some faeries wipe themselves off. Dean never even notices the RedCap soaked in wine giving him the stink eye.

Everyone quiets down. All the faeries and Dean looks behind, surprised he didn't notice the thrones or the tall waif like fey sitting there.

"You in charge?" he demands turning to face them. They are both pale it looks as though they're glowing. The female speaks but it's nothing Dean understands though the many hands that grab at him shoving and pushing get his undivided attention. Of course, Dean fights back no matter he's outnumbered. There are plenty of curious faeries looking on; one in particular is slow in getting out of their way. Dean feels the soft body at his back and turns to grab at it when he's pushed hard. He gets a glimpse of blue and gray and a mass of inky long hair. They end up on the ground, the little faerie gasping a breath beneath him.


He is obviously shocked because Auŕeņ died. He held her in his arms, kissed her cherry lips and begged her not to leave him… Auŕeņ is dead. Dean knows it.


Dean is grabbed and hauled to his feet. He's being dragged off like an errant pet until he starts to struggle in their grip. He finds his voice and yells out her name.

Auŕeņ stares after him as she's helped to her feet. He knows her name… he knows her… but Auŕeņ doesn't remember ever meeting the mortal.

Dean is tossed into an elaborate cage of vines and wood all part of a tree. It feels like a pen and Dean doesn't like it one bit. There's no door to kick open or lock to pick and it shifts anytime Dean tries to squeeze out of a hole wide enough for him. He wants out. He wants to see Auŕeņ. He wants to make sure it's her because if she's alive in the faery realm that explains why Harry and the others couldn't bring her back to his.

Auŕeņ is curious. She sits in the tree watching him across the clearing where the revelry continues. She can't remember anything, there's no memory out of the Leos, nothing about Dean … that part, the witch, is dead. It's gone…


"Hey!" he catches a glimpse of her ducking behind the tree. "Auŕeņ, get me out."

She leans past the large trunk, her eyes swirling blue and gray. She takes a step out of her hiding place and tentatively starts towards him. She's upset, the mortal used her name and he's commanding her. Auŕeņ doesn't like it one bit.

"Auŕeņ…" Dean sighs, hands gripping the vines because he'll hold onto her otherwise. Is she real? That's the only answer he wants to know. "Say something."

Her head tilts slightly, blue ringed eyes swirling with gray. She's different here, with the faeries. Her skin is a lightly shimmering pale colored gold. She's in the filmy blue dress from Halloween, delicate patches held together by some magic or miracle, he doesn't really care which. Her long black hair is threaded with those white pearlescent star flowers. The hand touching the vine of his cage is small and delicate and her nails shine golden. There's something else as well, a dark line, some pattern that goes up behind her arm…it wasn't there before.

"You know my name."

And her voice… there's that familiar tone and the musical lilting quality is even more pronounced now, clearer- pure…

"Yeah," Dean whispers, green eyes never once leaving her face. "I know you." They say nothing else for a moment and the sounds of the merry revelers seems muted. She's mesmerizing, seeming to glow and absolutely beautiful to his mortal eyes-

"Out." Auŕeņ holds the vines wide enough he can squeeze through. She shouldn't do it, but he's used her name and ordered her. She has to obey. But she's curious as well.

Dean looks past her, to the merry makers busily enjoying their party.

Auŕeņ utters a soft protest as Dean scoops her into his arms, his lips gentle on her own dusky pout. She can feel it, what he feels; relief, happiness…something else she's hesitant to examine. And her own emotions run wild but before she can make sense of anything he sets her down, takes her hand and hurries into the forest.

Away from the others.

Dean runs, careful not to go too fast Auŕeņ won't keep up but he never lets go of her hand. He can't. There's that doubt, that maybe it's all in his head, that none of this is real.

He stops. They're far enough away he can't hear the music anymore. She's so quiet- not at all like the little fey-witch he remembers…

Auŕeņ doesn't move away. She lets him hold her, curious and wonders why she feels so strongly towards him. Curiosity has gotten her in this mess and the others won't be happy. Still, she explores him on her own. The same path as his hands take, and his lips… tasting, feeling, each touch and kiss…

He's gotten rid of the gauzy dress, one tug is all it takes and it floats away as if he'd pulled the thread holding the pieces together. Shimmering puffs of blue so all that's left is his little faery glowing like some dream until he touches her skin and she's warm- alive.


Dean stood up, closing the short distance between them. Auŕeņ felt herself enveloped in warmth, a gentle pressure on her lips and the scent of leather, smoke and something else, something completely…utterly…


Auŕeņ sits up. She has no idea where it came from, that … memory? … She turns back to Dean slowly sitting up beside her. He's concerned, she can feel it!

"Bómánta aonair." The words echo in her head, exactly as she'd said them to him before only this time she hasn't slapped him for daring to kiss her. They've done more than that, more than she should with a human and he will be angry with her…

Dean hopes this is a good thing. "You remember me? You know who I am…" but she's staring at him, a slight frown marring her features. "I'm Dean. You know me, Auŕeņ…" he sighs, his hand dropping to the grass between them without touching her face. "This can't be real."

She can hear him muttering, thinking it's all in his head, a hallucination from the UFO's and she questions what that is. It draws his attention and though she can't remember anything about 'before' the mortal has certainly made her feel … complete. Auŕeņ now knows why she has felt … quiet … unnaturally subdued among her own kind.

Dean reaches for her again, his hand tracing the pattern on her shoulder and down the back of her arm. She likes that.

"You didn't have wings before…" Dean traces a light finger down her back, around to her side and the tip of the pattern that wraps lightly around her waist. "You had that damn stick- your wand… you'd apparate out of nowhere, startle us…" his eyes stray from the path back along her ribs and up her torso but his fingers stay on track. The blue in her eyes blends into the gray so there's flecks of silver and her dusky lips part as his hand cups her breast. He pushes lightly and Auŕeņ lies back in the grass and there's clumps of the white star flowers all around them.

"…mo leon…mo anam…"

"You remember." Dean smiles.

She feels his happiness. Simple, four words and yet the meaning … she wonders if he knows what they mean, what she's said. If he feels this as well…


Sam is in the cornfield. He's looking for Dean and finds his cell phone instead. He feels nothing, not concern, not relief because if his brother doesn't return then who does he have to pretend for? He can go back to hunting on his own without anyone slowing him down.


It's a real hunt so he's going back to the RV camp of crazy UFO freaks. Maybe there he'll find a clue, a way to stop this whatever before more people go missing or get taken.

That's the job.

It's what Sam does.


It's the harsh, cold hands that wake him from the comfortable doze. Dean snaps awake instantly, searching for Auŕeņ but she's already standing, forced into another group of faeries- nymphs, he thinks. Every one is yelling, not a word he can understand and he's being manhandled.

"Auŕeņ!" he's not about to let her go a second time. "Auŕeņ! Get your hands off her! Auŕeņ!"

She's not sure why … it's just the feelings he projects; anger, worry, frustration, concern- and not for himself but for her. That's confusing- and she'll be in worse trouble.

Dean trips, kicks out and catches a pale white faery. A few of them tumble with him and the cold touch of steel meets his hand. He thought it was lost. They back at the first shot, the taller fae; pale white, sort of the same shade as the flowers in Auŕeņ's hair, dressed in fancy fae attire doesn't back down.

And behind them is Auŕeņ, held by those nymphs, all of them hugging up on each other.



It's dark and not like it was a second ago before he blinked!

"Auŕeņ…" Dean knows he won't find her. She's gone. Again. And maybe- yeah, it's all been in his head. The rest of his clothes are scattered around his feet. He finds his boots, one has a bunch of leaves inside and as he pulls them out they flutter in the light breeze. He shoves his feet in and stomps down on the little white star flower mostly hidden in the brush. He yanks on his shirt and jacket, green eyes scanning the field as he starts walking towards the road.

'It wasn't real.'

It's the mantra playing in his head the entire walk back to town because his Baby is nowhere to be found and damn it, Sam had better be careful with her.

Opening the hotel room door certainly takes his mind off what he's been telling himself didn't happen.


"What the hell?" because Sam doesn't look one itsy bit concerned.

"Oh that's Dean! Sam, they brought your brother back."

And who the fuck is this chic?! And while she grabs her clothes Dean stands in the doorway fuming- alright, annoyed, pissed off, impatient because he needs to give his little brother a piece of his mind. This conscience is about to get real on his ass-

"I so totally understand that you need time as a family. But it's just—what were they like?"

And she's got this totally awed expression- that dumb smile…

"They were grabby, incandescent douche bags. Good night."

"Too soon… ? Okay."

He doesn't bother answering her and slams the door shut hoping it smacked her ass on the way out.

"You're upset."

'NO shit.' That's the look he gives Sam.

"I was abducted. And you were banging Patchouli."

"I didn't think she smelled that bad." Well, maybe a little but it wasn't enough to warrant getting rid of the girl. Besides, what else was Sam going to do the rest of the night? It's not like he actually sleeps.

"I was abducted by aliens!" Dean exclaims.

"I was looking into it."

Yeah, Dean saw the dedication Sam put into 'looking into it'.

"Looking into it! I was gone for, like, an hour." An hour but it certainly hadn't felt like it-. 'It never happened.'

"An hour— ."

"And most of that was walking back to town!" Dean continues, he's not thinking about what didn't happen with the faeries.

"Dean, I think your watch is off. You've been gone all night."

He denies it but it's 4 in the morning and Sam's talking 'time slip' which means little brother actually did do some research.

"Nothing's falling in line." Dean shakes his head because nothing is making sense anymore and he's gonna start wondering if maybe he's still hallucinating. Did he ingest some of that brown acid?

Sam gets him something to drink. It's cold and goes down smooth. "Thank you."

"Yeah. Now. Come on. Talk to me. What happened?"

Dean hesitates. What the hell does he say that's gonna sound…not crazy.

"Well, uh, there was this… God help me, Sam, there was this bright white light!" yes! Ok, that's a good start. Stick to the truth, it's what he knows, what he does that makes his so good at getting information.

"It's okay." Sam assures but Dean glances down at where Sam's patting his leg and then back at his little brother with an incredulous expression. "Safe room." Sam says.

Dean nods, hell let that one pass. "And then suddenly, I was, uh, I was in a different place." Yeah, a lush forest bathed in pale blue moonlight. "And there were these beings, and they were too bright to look at, but I could feel them pulling me towards this sort of table—."

"Probing table!" Sam exclaims.

"God! Don't say that out loud!" Dean cringes and thankfully Sammy's buying the story.

"Right. So what did you do?"


"I went crazy." Right after Auŕeņ got pulled away from him. "I started hacking and slashing and firing. They actually seemed surprised. I don't think anybody's ever done that before. Yeah. I had a close encounter, Sam, and I won."

They sent him 'home'. So yeah, that's a win.

"You should take a shower." Sam suggests.

"I should take a shower. I'm gonna, I'm gonna take a shower now." It's a quick escape for Dean. He finishes his drink while the water is running. He's thinking about the 'encounter' and some things he just can't forget. There's Auŕeņ, those gossamer wings, see through and shimmery like her skin. The pattern on her back and shoulders and arms…his fingers twitch as though he's tracing those same lines-

"She died. I saw her die. Auŕeņ's dead and has been for 2years…" so he dreamt it, the whole damn thing. But even when Dean gets out of the shower and starts to dress he grabs his wallet, that little bit of paper taunts him and what the hell. Dean pulls out the picture, the one from Halloween, of Auŕeņ in fey dress…


She is sad. It's not like before, it's not just a feeling that something is missing because this time Auŕeņ knows but she doesn't understand why. Why does she feel so strongly for a mortal? And what was all that nonsense? What was he talking about, with those stories- there's no such thing as a fey-witch… is there?

The curiosity always gets her in trouble but Auŕeņ doesn't care. She's going to find him, find Dean and get some answers.

But the mortal ticked off the RedCap and Auŕeņ can't let the other fey see her.

She finds them talking and the other one, the tall shaggy headed human is different- wrong. Auŕeņ feels that right away but he can't see her and Dean has his back to her while the RedCap glares at him from the window.

"Research. We've got about a century of UFO lore to catch up on, and there's no time for—What's up with that guy?" Dean frowns.


"The guy by the window giving me the stink eye." Dean huffs and Sam points out the cop but when Dean looks back at the window, Grumpy is gone.

"Who's gone?"

"Can we please just get out of here before I hit you?" annoyed. Dean is annoyed because of the lost soul and the lying but he's got this sinking feeling RedCap grumpy knows him from somewhere…