Rival, Comrade, Beloved

Here, as I am, as you are: do you see me? Do you feel me, watching you turn in your sleep? Do you hear footsteps approaching your bed? Here, as you are, as I am: wake up, love.

Wake now, my rival, my comrade, my love: Nighttime blesses this silent vigil. Nighttime reveals you, a scatterling angel. My comrade, my rival, my love, wake to me.

Love is the stranger that sleeps in the daytime, Furtive as glances you give me at practice, Secret as smiles when no-one else watches: Love is the stranger, calling the estranged.

Call out my name as you toss in strained slumber, An undeserved prayer sweeter than honey, An unmerited blessing stronger than the grave: Call me tonight; let me guard your soul.

Let me protect you in this dark hour From the phantoms that threaten your very dreams, From the sorrow that clouds your winter-deep eyes: Let me hold you, and shield you, till dawn sounds her siren.

Dawn divides us, draws us into conflict--- The innocent dreamer, the cynical rake, At throats, never hearts, provoked, provocateurs--- Dawn restores walls that fall in the night.

Tonight, will our lips meet? Dare I embrace you? Will I give you my heart as I melt at your touch? Will I smile as you cry out? Shall I weep for your beauty? Tonight---here I am, rival, comrade, beloved.