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After Harry got rid of Voldemort, he had nothing to focus all his attentions on. So while he decided what he wanted to do, he went back to Hogwarts. He couldn't even fight with Malfoy anymore. The Malfoy heir had been only too happy to jump on the bandwagon, in his own way. He didn't fight with him anymore, but he did not fall all over himself trying to kiss up to him. He just stopped paying any attention to him, and Harry was perfectly happy with that, in the beginning.

Harry had helped both Draco and Mrs Malfoy during the wizarding trails. He would not let people get sent to Azkaban when they saved his life. Even if Malfoy continued to deny that he could have recognized Harry after that spell, telling the dark lord he couldn't be sure it was truly Harry Potter they had captured, Harry knew that there was no way that Malfoy had not recognized him. After all, you don't spend all your time studying your childhood nemesis, to not be able to recognize him because of some little disfiguring hex.

Only one word, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have been killed. But he saved them, at great risk to himself. Harry saw the recognition in his eyes when Malfoy looked at him, even if it was just for a second, Harry knew that the other man had recognized him. Mrs Malfoy had also saved his life, during the final battle; she had told Voldemort that Harry was dead, giving him the chance to get rid of Voldemort once and for all.

But now… Now Harry was bored. He still went to classes with Ron and Hermione, but he had realized he no longer wanted to chase after evil wizards for a living. He wanted to just relax and have fun. While Hermione and Ron were paying attention to Potions class, as they both needed their NEWTS for their chosen careers, Harry's mind began to wander…

Hermione had decided that she wanted to be a medi- wizard. She loved Potions and healing, and wanted to help people when she was done with school. She was planning on doing an internship at St Mungo's if she managed to get her NEWTS. She and Ron had still not realized that they belonged together, but Harry was sure it would not be long before it happened. Ron still wanted both him and Harry to be aurors. Harry just hoped that one day Ron would accept that he had enough of evil bastards to be content to let him chose his own job.

Draco had been trying to forget that Harry had helped him. He did not want to accept that the Gryffindor had saved his mother from Azkaban; he was having trouble with this for weeks. When Draco returned to Hogwarts, he tried to ignore him. Then Draco realized how nicely Harry had grown up.

Maybe he should make peace with him, he thought. He recently found out that he had been looking at him differently; the thought was confusing to him. After a while though, it made sense. He had never been attracted to Pansy in the way he thought he ought to be, and could not stand the idea of having sex with any woman, Pansy or anyone else.

This is why Draco decided, I am going to befriend Harry, whether he likes it or not. He just was not sure exactly how to go about doing this. Draco was sitting in class, looking at the back of Harry's head, and considered what to do. I will just talk to him, say thank you. Hopefully things can develop from there.

Harry was surprised when he left the Potions class, and heard a voice calling him.

"Potter!" Malfoy said loudly. Harry knew who it was, he could tell the voice anywhere, but he decided to hear out what the Slytherin wanted from him. When Harry stopped, Draco could not believe he was about to have a chance to speak to this man who may have saved his life.

"Yes, Malfoy?" Harry said his voice curious as to what Malfoy wanted. He had been avoiding Harry since they came back from holidays, so Harry had no idea what the blond would do or say. "I wanted to speak to you alone." He muttered.
"Sure." Harry said leading Draco into an empty classroom for their apparent conversation.

When they were both in the classroom, Draco closed the door behind them. He did not want anyone bursting in and seeing them, thinking they were up to mischief or anything. Harry tried to focus on anything in the classroom, except the other male. He was looking at the walls, the desks, reading the foul writing on the table he was sitting on. Draco could not understand why Harry would not look at him, but he was not about to give up. He needed to take the chance. Perhaps Harry was also gay, and all the tension between them had just been sexual frustration, Draco considered happily to himself.

"Yes?" Harry asked, as it seemed clear that Draco was not going to say anything. Until Harry looked up, Draco remained quiet. "Potter, look at me for fuck sakes, I won't bite you." Strangely, Harry looked at him and laughed, and then he said something Draco had not been expecting: "Who says I don't want you to?"

This made Draco blush and Harry laughed in horror at his own teasing. He could not be flirting with Malfoy? Could he? He wasn't even gay. But Harry kept eye contact, loosing himself in the sea of those grey eyes. His mind was filling up with dirty things he wanted to do with the Slytherin, and Harry had no idea where this was coming from, he had never even been with anyone, let alone a male.

"I'm sorry. I have been acting like a brat over the last few weeks, and I wanted to let you know that my mother and I will be forever thankful for saving our asses from Azkaban." Draco said in a rush, worried he would not get to the point with the focus those green eyes were placing on him. He felt himself get uncomfortable, noticing that he and Harry were alone in the room, there was nobody around, he could just kiss the Gryffindor, and all that could happen was that Harry would push him off. He could always deny that anything happened if Harry told everyone he was gay.

"Well that was all I wanted to say." Draco said. Harry was still looking at him. Harry had said nothing during the entire speech. "Oh well, I guess we are even?" Harry questioned.

"Uhm, yeah well, that was all, so I'll get going then." Draco said.

"Let's call a truce." Harry said out of nowhere and Draco could dance for joy.

"Does this mean we are friends now?" Draco asked, secretly hoping.

"We will see, Draco." Harry said, seemingly not realizing the use of the Slytherin's first name.

"Then I'll see you around then, Harry." Draco said, and left without another word. He needed to take a cold shower before he went to his next class; he did not want Pansy thinking she had anything to do with his current state of excitement.

After Harry's strange meeting with Draco, he was feeling very excited and was considering all the many things he wanted to do with the other male. He could not get all these thoughts out of his head. Harry had no idea who he knew who could be gay. So he did not even know who to talk to about this possible revelation about his sexuality. This was when Harry realized that there was something he could do, he would write all these fantasies down, so that he could get them out of his head.

Perhaps then he would stop thinking so much about the Slytherin in that way, and then he could be friends with him. It seemed like Draco wanted to be his friend, Harry had no idea why, but he was content to think that Draco would not just want him for status, like many others do. This would be a good thing, especially when Ron and Hermione realized that they wanted to be together.

This is how Harry decided to become an erotic gay fiction writer. He decided that he wanted to talk to Hermione. He knew that she would be able to help him; he was just worried that she would judge him for his sexual preferences. When he found Hermione with a book in the common room, he decided against asking for her help.

"Hello Hermione." Harry said causing the bushy haired woman to look up at him from her reading.

"Hi Harry. What's up?" She said and he worried she might expect something.

"I spoke to Malfoy. We made a truce. He thanked me for testifying for him and his mother." Harry said trying to deflect from his reeling thoughts.

"Cool." Was all she replied before she looked down at her book again for a moment. Then she looked at him again. "Did you know he is gay?" She added.

Harry was shocked, but this made it so much easier. When he was ready to think about the fact that he may be gay himself, he would just talk to Draco. He would ask him how he realized he was gay, and then he could make an assessment about if this was what he felt. Perhaps he was just curious, or perhaps he was just bi.