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When Draco woke up, he could feel the Gryffindor wrapped around him, his leg in between Draco's, and his one arm over his chest. Draco had his head on Harry's chest, and could feel the heart beat under his ear. Draco did not want to ever leave but he had no idea what this all meant to Harry. He believed he knew Harry, but the truth was that he just couldn't be sure if Harry wanted to date him, or if this was just a one night stand. The cuddling, well, Draco could admit that he had been glad for it, but he no longer had any reason to stay.

Then he felt Harry move, and when those green eyes opened and looked at him, he could see pure love in those green emerald eyes. "Draco, you're still here?" Harry said softly, moving his head to place a kiss on his cheek. Then his face burst into a wonderful smile. "So this all really happened?" Harry said again when Draco didn't reply. "Yes, Harry." Draco said, moving to get up, he had to leave.

"Where are you going then?" Harry asked confused.

"It's after 5, I need to get back, people will be wondering where I am." Draco tried to explain. He couldn't help but try to keep the disappointment off his face. Then Harry surprised Draco by asking: "Draco, was this just about sex to you?" Harry's eyes alight with emotions.

"No, Harry." He admitted reluctantly, and the answering expression on Harry's face was the second most gorgeous sight Draco had ever seen in his life.

"Will you be my boyfriend, Draco? I have been in love with you since the beginning of the year, and I must have known all along that we were meant to be together."

"Yes, of course you silly git. I'm in love with you too." Draco replied, smiling back dazzlingly.

Harry grabbed Draco's arm, pulling him into another fierce kiss. "Harry, I honestly need to get going, babe." Draco said the last word almost a whisper.

"I like that. Okay okay, you can go." Harry said sweetly.

"It was amazing, you know. I'm so glad I gave my virginity to you." Draco said, forgetting his shyness. "That was your first time, mine too." Harry said.

"I would have loved to have given you mine too, but at least you were here for it."

"Charlie was your first?" Draco said grumpily.

"But hopefully you will soon make me forget him." Harry said with a sexy smile.

'I think that could be arranged." Draco said again turning to leave. They had been getting dressed during this conversation, and by now Draco had no reason left not to go. "Sneak into my room tonight, we can talk more." Draco said over his shoulder, and then he blew Harry a kiss, before leaving, worried that he would lose his resistance and never leave.

Harry spent a little while cleaning up the room, using his wand to make up the bed and sighing in pleasure. He ran his fingers over the sheets, now clean, and remembered seeing Draco almost naked, the way his mouth tasted, the way it felt when Harry was inside him. Then he left the Room of Requirement, and rushed off to find his two best friends to tell them he had a boyfriend.

Harry was shocked when he came across his two best friends snogging, but was secretly pleased that he had seen it coming a mile off. "Hey!" Harry said loudly, causing them to get a fright, which made Ron fall of the couch. Harry started giggling, he was giddy with happiness. It was perfect timing as well. Hermione had forced them to finish their assignment, and they had been snogging on the couch for about 15 minutes when Harry walked in on the two. "So, you two are finally together?" Harry asked, causing both his friends to blush.

"Yes Harry. I just asked her out and she said yes." Ron said, and turned to smile at his new girlfriend. Harry just couldn't help himself and said to Hermione: "Well, you aren't the only one with a boyfriend." Hermione shrieked and stood up to hug him. "That's wonderful Harry. Who is it? Seamus? Blaise?" She asked.

Harry shook his head. "I'm dating Draco." He said, his face saying it all.

"We are genuinely happy for you, Harry." Ron said, causing the other two to stare at one another in shock. "I mean it; after all you went through, nobody deserves to be happy more than you do, mate. If Malfoy makes you happy, then I can accept that."

Hermione looked proudly at her new boyfriend. Who would have thought that Ron could be sensible? Harry seemed rather pleased as well, but said an early goodnight to the two, leaving them alone to snog, and wishing the time would go by so that he could be with Draco again. The longer Harry was away from Draco, the less real it all felt, and by the time he thought it was sensible for him to sneak out, he was almost convinced that none of this afternoon had happened, and it all had just been a dream.

Draco was waiting in his room, he was anxious to see his lover. He could still see and feel the proof of Harry's presence. His chest was covered in hickeys, and his ass was still sore from being fucked so thoroughly. When he heard Harry enter, he let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Harry." Draco said into the dark, not being able to see the brunet, just hear him. "Wow you are loud. I could hear you coming a mile off." Draco joked. As Harry removed his cloak, he saw the marks on Draco's porcelain skin, and he walked right over and kissed the Slytherin.

"I missed you." Draco whispered against his lips, pulling on the buttons on his pyjama top. Draco was already in just his silk boxers, and he wanted to feel his boyfriend's body against his. "I almost can't believe this is real." Harry replied and smiled at him. They fell to the bed, kissing passionately, and before too long they were both hard. Draco decided to return the favour, and covered his lover's neck in hickeys, making Harry moan. "Fuck me." Harry said suddenly, and Draco was not about to refuse. That night Harry came crying out his boyfriend's name, and after Harry spelled them clean, they cuddled back up under the blankets and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The End.