It had been about 3 months since Ryan and Justice had found about her pregnancy, they were happy yet nervous about the future. They were young and though happy it was unexpected but after talking about everything they found them selves still happy to were their road was going. Justice was up stairs in her bed, laying down snuggled in her bed while Ryan was down stairs getting her a snack now with her random cravings they had to stock on the things she ate most common which by now happened to be pickles and grape juice. He was confused as to why and looked at her weird every time he watch her the odd combination but would laugh to himself at how cute it was. After finishing he too headed up to her room, opening the door slowly with a foot due to the face he had a bottle with a glass and a bowl of pickles and a bag of Doritos for himself in between his teeth for himself he had no use of his hands. Once inside he shut it behind him again with his foot and smiled at her. "hi.." he mumbled through the bag and walked over slowly. Justice sat up out of the bed, shaking her head slowly at what was in front of her and laughed softly. "Are you going to start juggling now?" She asked with a small grin, taking the bag from his mouth along with the bottle of juice. "Maybe..if you pay me." he said in response and smirked back at her, setting the pickles down on her side table along with the glass and sat down. Exhaling in relief to the face he was finally laying down. He then sat up after taking in the comfort and rested his back against the bed frame of the bed, taking the bottle from her as he take grip of the glass and pours her some juice, setting down he bottle and hands her both the bowl and glass. She smiled to herself and leaned over kissing the boys cheek before resting her back as well. He smiled to himself and pulled off his socks before covering his lower body in the covers and taking the bag of chips in his lap. "what are we watching?" he asked and looked over at the tv as he opened the bag. "I don't know..what do you want to watch?" she asked and handed him the controller, he took a chip into his mouth and wiped his hand before grabbing a hold of it to begin channel surfing. "What do you want to do today babe?" he asked and looked at her, stopping on a random movie and set it down. "I don't know..any ideas?" she asked him as she stole a chip from the bag and put it in her mouth. "what if we go shopping? Baby shopping?" he asked and looked at her with a grin. "I mean we need to start getting paint and stuff for the nursery.." he said and ate some more, reaching over and taking a pickle. Justice eyes watched him and glared playfully before she looked up at him. "That sounds great! We should.." She said with a wide smile and nodded in response. "You got me excited.." she said and chuckled, before continuing to eat from her bowl, drinking her juice as well. Ryan nodded and smiled as he watched her, still shaking his head at the fact she was actually eating it, "you would think after 3 months I would get use to seeing you eat it like that.." he said and laughed, taking another chip into his mouth. She giggled and swallowed. "Shut up..its good." she said and finished. Setting it on the table before reaching over, taking the bag off his lap and setting it aside as well. He sipped his hands, he then wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to him, her back up against his chest and his arms around her front. Kissing her head softly as they both sighed contently.