The eagle of the ninth.

The eagles' last flight

Shrouded in mist

Know one knows what happened

Know one knows where it is.

Except maybe a few

Tribes men or even legion deserters

What happened to the ninth?

The legion that carried the eagle of

The Ninth Hispania

Many times this legion

Found honour in the wars

Against rebellion at home

And foes abroad

In all corners of the empire

Fighting for Rome

Shame came to its legion,

The ninth

From a celtic queen who rebelled

She cursed the ninth legion

Before she dropped dead

From the poison she took.

Shame started to fall upon the legion

From thereafter.

The ninth rotting from the inside out.

The honours stopped coming

Fancy laurels stopped

No more adding to the great many

Already upon the great staff.

Until they marched north that misty day

That fate full day

Never to be seen again

The ninth Hispania

Gone with the wind

Disappeared into the mist

With their treasured eagle standard.

Some say that they went rouge

Murdered their officers

Butchered their eagle

Tossed it in the nearest river.

Or maybe they fell in love

With the northern women

Stayed there and married.

Is there any truth in these stories?

Did they really run into trouble and

Were slaughtered? No survivors?

Are there still deserters out there

Living like Britons?

12 years later.

The commanders son

Sets out to solve the mystery

Of his fathers tainted legion

With the help of his Briton friend.

To bring back the eagle standard

For months they travelled

On horseback all over the north

Looking for clues of the ninth.

For months they heard nothing

Until they lucked upon something

A hunter called Guern

But whose real name was something else.

He belonged to the ninth.

The first cohort of the ninth legion.

Finally a lead!

The mystery of the ninth

A mystery no longer

The mist lifted.

The legion did not go rouge

They did not marry the women

They were attacked, slaughtered

He was a deserter.

Who made a life in Briton

After he left the legion

With a wife and sons.

The ninth was slaughtered in battle.

Now to find the eagle.

The golden eagle of the ninth.

In a tribal temple

Of the seal people.

In the dead of night

They snatched the eagle

And rode off.

An epic battle there was

At the river

Remnants of the ninth

Against the seal people

The ninth was victorious.

The commanders son and his Briton friend

Rode to the wall

And returned the eagle to Rome

The shroud of mist surrounding

The ninth lifted, fallen.

The ninth to be reformed

The commanders' son

To be the commander.