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Chapter 5

Black Star sat furious on the roof. He was not furious at Tsubaki, he was furious at himself. Why am I giving up? Just who is that girl? He looked up as he heard two people squabbling behind him. A boy with jet black hair was arguing loudly with a girl with snowy white hair. Behind them the silver haired girl sat on the chimney, her wind blowing gently in the wind and her eyes staring at him curiously. "Who are you?" He asked quietly. He had no will to fight now. It was not the silver that answered but the black. "She's our meister Kyoru Taoretsu. We are her weapons, Kuro and Shiro. Not that I should be bothered telling you anyway. We came to take your soul."

Black Star blinked. "Why are you coming to take my soul? Why not another meisters?" He asked in confusion.

He got a surprise when the silver, Kyoru, spoke for the first time. He became lost in the indescribable beauty of her voice.

"Long ago, at the very beginning of meisters and weapons, The Star Clan came into existence. The Star Clan's job was to protect the other people in the world from kishin eggs that tried to claim their souls. The Star Clan, who was at the time run by two siblings, a sister and brother, began to get poor from the time they spent off their work to dispel kishin eggs. The brother ordered they would be paid for their services in destroying eggs to make up for it. However the sister argued saying that by doing so they would be consumed by greed in future. The brother did not listen however and the Star Clan became mercenaries for depleting kishin eggs. The sister watched at his side, helpless to stop the carnage that took place next. With more people being consumed by hatred for the Star Clan, more kishin eggs spawned, stronger ones. To get stronger the Star Clan which was weakening quickly searched for a power and found it. Human souls. By even consuming one, both meister and weapon became more powerful by a hundred fold and easily defeated the new kishins. The sister's prediction had come true. She confronted her brother and ordered him to end the madness before the clan would disappear beneath the surface of darkness as what she'd seen through her own two eyes. He stabbed her in the eyes. Blood seeped out endlessly and her irises turned red. The blood drained her from all of her body through her eyes. However she would not give up and even though she was dying she forced herself to her feet and yelled at her brother, 'Brother! Evil hath befallen thee. I shall not leave this world before I have seen this evil be righted.' And then she disappeared like the wind. When the Star Clan did not listen to her, the darkness over came them and they fell. The world would've become over run by kishin eggs if not for the fallen star who kept the world under her watchful eye, waiting for the Star Clan to give birth to a soul not corrupted by evil. Hope was lost when the Star Clan was destroyed by the DWMA. So the spirit began to continue to wander. However the fallen star felt a strength on that day, and her body began to solidify, her need to eat arose. That was when she knew, the soul of the Star Clan had been born. When she found the soul she would then take it as sacrifice for the world and in doing so rid the world of all kishin eggs forever." The girl finished. She held out two hands and the black haired boy and white haired girl transformed into duo swords. She held them in front of her. "Prepare to die." She said and gracefully leaped at him.

Maka sighed and sat down next to Soul patting Blaire on her lap. "I know you can here me Soul because your eyes say it all. I hope that you will get out of this soon so we can complete the mission." Soul looked at her sad face. Maka… She pulled out a small container for of glob. Soul's eyes glared at the container. Baby food. Not cool.

Black Star jumped out of the way and began to take in what she'd said. That sister felt awfully familiar. What had she called her? The fallen star. Fallen star… Taoretsu. That was what was written on the ground when me and Kid went on the mission! And her weapon kiiro or whatever said that her name was Kyoru Taoretsu! So does that mean she's… "Are you the sister?" He asked her as she swiped him with the black blade. It made a chuckling sound. "It seriously took you that long to figure it out? Wow a snail would be faster than you." Black Star kept dodging. He may not have the will to fight but he wasn't going to give up his life that fast. "Yeah well, my fighting skills are much better than my brains!" He yelled. The white blade sighed dreamily. "Hear hear." It said in a dazed voice. "Oh shut up you." The black blade muttered. The girl with the two weapons said nothing, lasping back into her silence once again. Her red eyes that had red stains running down them made him shudder. That was where her brother had stabbed her. She came at him, keeping him on his guard at all time. Finally she managed to pin him to the ground and his eyes widened as she held the White sword above her head. "Thank you for your sacrifice pure soul of the Star Clan." She said and Black Star watched hoplessly as the blade came down.

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