Death Before dishonor

Chapter 5, The funeral and loosing Degroot.

After the death of Dancer and the victory of 2fort our hearts was a mixture of sorrow and happiness. We had won 2fort but at what price? The Administrator gave Mr. X the week of to have a chance to swallow his sorrow. The burial was going to take place a few days later. None of us had the heart to disturb Mr. X unless we really had to. I had seen the others sorrow in their eyes as they spoke to me. I had not known Dancer for very long but I still felt down about her passing. I spend hours awake at night thinking about that day. The day we lost a sister in arms. They had told me what she had meant do Mr. X and that she was all that was left of his real family. The bad news kept on coming, a few days after Dancers death we got words that BLU had successfully captured Degroot and our supply lines between coldfront and the BLU had shown no mercy. The administrator had received a final report from one of the defending scouts that said.

Scout- the enemy has captured the front points and is pushing our forces back! We don't have much time before their forces have gotten through the front gates! The enemy leader is… *Screams of pain and an arrow hitting the scout in the head*

It had been weeks without a word from them so the administrator decided to send a group called Legends to investigate. But before I get carried away and forget it, let's go back to Dancers funeral. The funeral took place in a graveyard next to a big white church in Sweden in their hometown. It was a long journey but in the end it was worth it. The ceremony was beautiful and the environment it took place in was a bit cold (it was in the middle of the winter so it's bound to be cold (you don't say.)) after the funeral I saw Mr. X walk into the church and tried to follow him but I never found him when I got inside. He had probably activated his cloak and dagger and let's be honest, who can blame him? The journey back to HQ was long and quiet. Not a single word was spoken for the respect of Shadow Dancer. When we finally got back to the HQ Mr. X walked out of the plane and into the HQ shortly followed by Pikku and the rest. I sat there like a bloody idiot staring at my huntsman that I had in my hands until the pilot felt like fucking with me and started to fly away making me jump out of the plane. When I finally got inside the HQ the administrator was standing in the doorway and she was speaking to Pikku. After an hour Pikku walked up to the rest of us and spoke.

Pikku- the Blu, s have captured Degroot and the admin wants us to take it back.

Both Spookat and Wrath cheered and Mr. X smiled for the first time in months.

When we teleported I felt a weird feeling again but as last time I ignored it. When we arrived in Degroot I saw a soldier and a Pyro collapse dead next to me.

Pikku- poor bastards got killed by our teleports.

Spookat- HAH! Could you excuse me for a minute?

After he said that he ran out to the courtroom and came back inside with blood everywhere and two heads in his hands.

Spookat- could you guys help me carry all the heads back to the HQ? I want to add them to the collection.

After some talking to him we managed to persuade him that those head did not deserve to be in his collection.

The courtyard was painted in blood and bodies. Even though so many Blu, s where dead we could still hear more outside chatting and singing. The administrator had said that we should try and to this sneakily so we would not get overrun by the Blu, s forces. Before we could make a move we heard a voice saying.

Blu scout- hang on lemme get more beer.

Blu heavy- da! Leetle tiny baby man lets me go with him.

Blu scout- whatever you say just don't punch out all my blood again.

Pikku (whispering)- dammit! We are going to have to take em out! Wrath come with me, we can jump them from the wall.

Wrath- sure boss!

Not long after they had started running up the stairs the heavy and scout walked inside the courtyard.

Blu scout- ah man! This battle was a cakewalk!

Blu heavy- Da! If not leetle tiny red would have helped us dis battle would been harder!

Mr. X (whispering)- a traitor? But who?

Pikku and wrath jumped down the wall and landed on the heavy and scout knocking them out. Then we had to drag them away from sight and we had to let Spookat execute them.

Spookat used his shovel to cut open the heavy's throat and ripped of his head and then with sheer force ripped of the scouts head. I swear to god I saw Wrath going to another corner in the courtyard and throwing up. After a few minutes of Spookat taking the skulls to the teleporter and Vortex laughing his ass off at wrath we finally walked out of the courtyard but we were stopped quickly by a passing patrol of blue heavies. Pikku drew his sword but white stopped him and said.

White- That won't be necessary. Ah got this!

After he said that he pulled out his jag and southern hospitality and held one in each hand he walked out of the hiding spot and screamed.

White- Hey! Fellas! I'm and engineer and that means I solve practical problems! And if you ask me I say if you aren't a part of the solution ya a part of the problem!

The heavies screamed their battle cries and started running to white who just stood there with a big grin on his face.

Shadow Dude- what the hell is he doing? We got to help him!

But all the others just sat there and stared at white as the heavies got closer and closer. I really thought he was fucked then but I did not know what he could do back then. When the heavies got within hitting range White slammed his jag into the closest heavy and cracked his skull in half. He then threw his southern into the crowd of heavies and hit one of them in the eye causing him to collapse screaming in pain. Not long after White threw his jag into another heavy's fun zone and then kneed the heavy in the face. As the last of the heavy's got closer White pulled of his glove to show a robotic hand that he quickly clenched into a fist and broke the closest heavy's cranium with one single hit. The last heavy tried to grab white and throw him of the cliff but white simply pulled a rope attached to his hand and it started spinning. After about one second he rammed it into the heavy's stomach who after a second exploded from the inside. After a few seconds of whipping of blood he walked to the heavy that had his southern in his eye and tried to pull it out but failed.

White- guys! (Chuckles) its stuck! Ah need some help.

All of us gave him a WTF face before Mr. X walked up and helped White to rip the southern out of the heavy's eye but the eye was still on it.

Mr. X- hey Wrath! I found a replacement for your missing eye!

Everyone started laughing except wrath who gave Mr. X the bird (for those who do not know the bird is basically the fuck you sign). We all were a bit happy that Mr. X had gotten somewhat over the death of Dancer. As I turned around to look at the view I heard Mr. X screaming behind me.


I then fell something pushing me from behind and realized that Mr. X had thrown himself on me making an arrow that was going to hit my head miss. Pikku lazily threw his sword over his shoulder and hit the hunter who had shot the arrow. He did not even look!

Shadows note! sup brohs? how have you guys been doing? :D im sorry this one took ages but i had some Technical dificulties :S well... its out now so i hope you enjoy and yet again... IM SORRY D:

have a good day- Shadow