I like sunflower seeds. The ones with shells, cuz I like salty things. (The more you know...)

To Ava: 'Cuz of dem fangirls, girl! (No really, that's why. She hated how high and mighty they treated him, so she treated him bad to show she wasn't the average girl.)

"Hey, Ryo?" Kotoko asked, rolling over. He had been right; The school roof was a great place to have lunch.

"Yes, Kotko-san?" She made a face. "Just Kotoko's fine."

"Sorry, Kotoko."

"I never really did apologize fr that day, hm?"

"It's fine, really! I get that you-" She stood up, pointing an accusing finger at him. "It is NOT ok! We're friends now, see? I need to apologize, and even if we weren't friends, that's the nice thing to do." She sighed. "It's easy for you and everyone else. Why am I the bad apple?"

"I think you're nice." Ryo rubbed his wrist.


"Well, you haven't beaten me up or stolen from me or anything of that sort. I'd consider you nice." Well, what do you say to that? Now, what would you say if you were Kotoko?

"Gee, uh, thanks!" She bent down to get a piece of her onigiri(rice ball) and fell over into a frog position. He didn't want to laugh, but he did anyways.

"Dammit it's not funny!" Kotoko said, cherry faced. She sat up and brushed off her skirt. It was almost time for class anyways, so she tossed her bento into her bag and turned away. "You comin'?" She called. Ryo took his time to clean up, much to Kotoko's dismay. 'I don't have all freaking day!'

Back in class, everyone was wrapped up watching a Duel Monsters duel. It was between Yugi and Jounouchi.

"Aw man, no one can beat Yugi!"

"He's short, but super good at this!" This peaked Kotoko's interest. "That card game looks so hard. What's so cool about it?" A few kids looked at her, shocked.

"Y-you never played Duel Monsters?" Honda asked. She shook her head.

"Well, it's only the coolest game out now! See, the people playing start off with a certain amount of points. Each card has to power to either take away points or defend attacks. Whoever ends with a zero loses," Anzu explained, not taking her eyes away from the game.

"Uwaa(Yikes)!' And I've been left out this whole time. I want in!" Kotoko announced.

"Well, if you'd like, I can teach you to play and some tricks," Bakura said. Kotoko smiled and grabbed his hands.

"'Kay! You'd better not be lying!"