Thanks for reading and reviewing my story but this is probably the last chapter. I'm sorry it's a super short but I've lost interest in the story.

Moze found that working with Loomer wasn't as awful as she had originally thought. He turned out to be a great partner. Sometimes she wondered if he realized that they were working on a school project. He took the project very seriously.

"Jennifer, could you watch the baby next period because I have physical education" Loomer said.

"Yeah sure, I have science so the baby should be safe with me."

He treated the baby like it was real and would panic every time the doll started to cry. Ned and Cookie were using every opportunity to tease Moze about Loomer.

"Jennifer and Billy sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g" sang Cookie at lunch.

"Oh shut, you're just jealous that Loomer and I are working so well together. By the way where is your baby?" asked Moze.

"Ned has the baby," replied Cookie as he took a bite of his sandwich.

Ned had a look of shock, "WHAT? I DON'T HAVE THE BABY!"

Cookie nearly choked on his sandwich, "WHAT?!"

Ned and Cookie immediately got up from the table and sprinted out of the lunch room.

Moze laughed as she shook her head. Billy would never lose their baby.

"Jennifer," Said Loomer looking kind of shaky.


"Umm… well…. I …. Umm."

"What is it?" asked Moze.

"Well…. I kind of…., lost the….. baby."

Moze merely smiled, "No you didn't.

"Yes I did. I lost the baby. I set her down for a few seconds and the next thing I know she's gone. GONE!" he yelled looking close to tears.

Moze froze. "YOU DID WHAT?"

"I'm sorry…. I was just …I'm sorry!"

Taking a deep breath, "Billy calm down, We'll find the baby.

We had to find a baby there was no way Moze was getting anything but an "A" in Life Science.

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