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Director Fury sat at his desk, reading over the latest round of reports from the last Avengers mission. He sighed as he read through them; they all ran the gamut of professionalism. Steve's reports were highly detailed, explaining everything in military terms; Tony's, however, showed the minimum amount of effort possible. Fury was surprised he didn't simply write "we came, we saw, we kicked bad guy ass." Natasha and Clint's reports were relatively decent; they weren't as detailed as Steve's were, but they told Fury exactly what he needed to know. Bruce's report was the shortest; he could only remember everything until he hulked out; everything after that was a series of short memory clips. A quiet knock at his door had him looking up from his files, running a hand down his face. "Come in," he said gruffly.

"I can't reach," a small voice said. Director Fury smiled, something most people thought he was incapable of doing, as he rose from his seat and opened the door. He looked down as he opened the door, meeting the smiling face of Asgeir. "Asgier, what are you doing here?"

"Asgeir insisted he come and see you," the agent standing next to him said.

"Momma and Auntie Pepper went to see the Avengers in the doctor's room so I wanted to see you, Grandpa Fury," Asgeir explained.

Fury ignored the short laugh of the agent as Asgeir called him Grandpa Fury. He might be a grandpa, but he was also the most feared person in S.H.I.E.L.D. "Agent, you are dismissed," Fury said. He lifted Asgeir into his arms, shutting the door behind him.

Even though he was the biggest distraction from his work, Fury loved when three-year old Asgeir came to visit him. Asgeir was better behaved than the Avengers on most days. And Fury had to admit his heart melted quite a bit when Asgeir began to call him Grandpa Fury more than two years ago. Despite being the son of a god and the nephew of a group of superheroes, Asgeir was still a normal child and Fury loved that about him. He loved the happiness and laughter Asgeir brought everywhere, loved the normalcy he gave to life. Asgeir was smart and kind, observant and honest, all qualities Fury could appreciate.

Fury settled back into his chair, placing Asgeir on his lap. "Whatcha doing, Grandpa?" Asgeir asked, looking at the paper scattered across his desk.

"Just reading some paperwork your aunt and uncles sent me," Fury replied. "How have you been, Asgeir?"

"I'm okay. Momma and Daddy and me went to see Grandfather and Grandmother last week. Grandpa Fury, I have a question."

Fury smiled slightly; it was always interesting when Asgeir had a question. It could range from "what are you doing" to "can I have a bow like Uncle Clint?" "What's up, kid?"

"How come you and Grandfather only have one eye?" Asgeir asked, covering one of his eyes with his hand.

Fury laughed, a loud belly laugh that usually left you doubled over in stitches. Most people were afraid to look at Fury's eyepatch and here this little three-year old was asking him outright why he was missing an eye. "We only have one eye because we got hurt in battle," Fury explained once he was able to quiet his laughter. "Not all injuries go away."

"Oh," Asgeir replied. "But Daddy and Uncle Tony and Uncle Bruce and Uncle Steve and Uncle Clint and Auntie Tasha are gonna be okay, right? They won't get hurt?"

"Yeah, they'll be fine; they're the Avengers after all," Fury said, dispelling Asgeir's worries.

The room was quiet for a few minutes as Fury continued reading through his files and Asgeir played with the slinky Fury kept for when he would visit. "Hey Grandpa Fury?"

"Yeah, Asgeir?" Fury answered, looking away from his papers.

"We watched a movie at home with Lilo and Stitch and you look like Cobra Bubbles," Asgeir said. "Uncle Tony even said you did."

'Of course Tony agreed with the kid,' Fury thought. "Well I've never seen it before so I can't agree or disagree. But I can tell you I am not Cobra Bubbles."

"But you're part of my oh-ohana," Asgeir said, stumbling over his words. "Ohana means family, Grandpa Fury. And," Asgeir paused for a moment, his brows furrowed in concentration. "Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. So I have a big ohana."

Fury smiled again, wrapping an arm around Asgeir's shoulder. His mind drifted to the picture frame in his desk drawer containing a picture of the Avengers. Sure they were insane, a pain in his ass, and half the time more trouble than they're worth. But they're family. "Yes, Asgeir, you have a big ohana. How about we go look for them?"

"Okay," Asgeir said enthusiastically, sliding off of Fury's lap. "Come on, Grandpa Fury; we have to find our ohana." Fury followed after Asgeir, the only person he would waste his time with, one of the few people he would put his life on the line for, his beloved grandson.

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