Life as they knew it had changed for eternity. For Jill there was nobody there to cuddle up to in bed, nobody to help with the children but most of all, no Husband there to support her. For the children there was no male figure to tuck them into bed and read them stories, to play with in the garden or to reassure them that everything was okay.

It was also difficult for everybody at 'The Royal' to adjust to working life without Gordon. He had been the senior partner and had worked there for years, taking the once small hospital from strength to strength. With Jill's approval, a new Doctor was appointed but shared a room with Dr Ellis. It was understood that nobody should disturb Gordon's room and that it had to be left as it was, for now at least. A locum Dr was also bought in to cover for Jill, she took a substantial amount of time off to sort out home life. There were nights when the children, especially Tom & Katie, were unsettled and just needed Jill to sit with them. They loved talking about their dad.

'Jill do you remember when dad got himself covered in paint?' questioned Tom one quiet night

'Before Jonathon was born? When he was decorating the nursery? Oh I remember that. We couldn't stop laughing could we whilst your dad stood trying to look angry. I think more paint ended up on him than the actual walls!' Discussed Jill, tears in her eyes accompanied with a smile; just one of many conversations they had about Gordon.

It was tough for Jill, not only because she'd lost ehr husband, but also because she now had to raise 4 children singlehanded, cook meals and do the housework, things which Gordon always used to help out with. She also knew that soon she'd have to add her working life into the mix. Jill missed sitting own at the end of the day and talking, now she was lucky if she got a 5 minute break; constantly running from one child's room to the next trying to get them settle. Out of the two of them, Gordon had always been the best at getting all of them off to sleep. A job that took him 5 minutes took her half an hour instead.

Slowly they were adjusting to life without their amazing father. He'd lost his life whilst trying to save another; they'd always remember him for his bravery. As long as stuck together they could face the world & its hurdles with the knowledge one day they would all be united together again.