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Final Epilogue: June 25th, 2091

A dark haired, slightly balding man was pacing the foyer of a very expensive looking mansion, his hair on end due to the amount of time he spent running his hands through it. The stress was getting to him. His grandfather, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts, was on his deathbed. He had waited until Spring Term had ended, flooed back to his old home, got into bed, and had not moved since. No one knew why he had not really moved and all the Healers were stumped. There was no reason why he was like this. He loved his grandpa, who always made sure that he was ok and his father would always go on and on about. He was even named after him, which had caused a stir in the Magical Community. His Grandpa, who had experience dealing with the press, gave a short interview and everyone quickly changed their opinion.

"It is nearly time." A voice said from a nearby doorway. The man looked around to see his father standing in the doorway with tears in his blue eyes, eyes he had got from his father. The younger man hugged his father, who was holding a small package wrapped in a bow. His father was never known for tears. The last time he had seen him cry was when Grandpa's partner had died some 11 years ago.

The raven haired man entered the room as his father stepped out. His eyes immediately fell onto the elder face of his grandfather, who was lying in bed with a heavy blanket covering him. The man made to take a step but tripped. Sputtering slightly, he looked down to see that he had tripped over a plate of little cakes, which seemed to bounce across the floor after they were disturbed. A small laugh came from the bed.

"Hagrid's cooking was always bad. Never had the heart to tell him otherwise. Was surprised to see that he sent them, he must be ancient." A small voice said from the bed.

The man quickly took a seat next to his wizened Grandfather and placed a hand on the bedside.

"Grandpa, he is half-giant. He will live for at least a few decades more." Raven hair explained with a smile.

"Surprised he lived this long to be honest. I remember a few years back he tried to bring about the Blast-Ended Skrewts again. Had to stop the Ministry from locking him up." Grandpa laughed.

Raven Hair laughed a little. He remembered that. His tiny little grandpa had stormed into the Ministry and raised hell. It was amusing to read about it in the papers. An old hand was placed upon his hand.

"Now Harry," Grandpa said, his green eyes meeting Harry's green eyes.

"Grandpa Harry I don't want you to die." Harry Potter II said a bit childishly.

"Do I need to tell you the The Tale of the Three Brothers again? I remember reading it to you when you were younger and to your children as well." Harry Potter Sr said sternly but those twinkling green eyes gave away his amusement. Harry Potter Sr had made sure that his children and, by proxy, his children's children knew the story of the three brothers.

"I know Grandpa. You read that story to me when I was little when Grandpa Charlie was still alive." Harry Jr saw his Grandpa's eyes mist over a little "You miss him don't you?"

"Course I do. He was my first and only love. Now onto business. I am 111 years old and I haven't got all day. Where is the Marauder's Map?" Harry Sr asked, his face turning serious.

"My second eldest admitted he stole it from me when he started Hogwarts. His daughter told him she stole it when she started Hogwarts. Last I heard, her children are starting Hogwarts soon and she still knows where it is at." Harry Jr said, proud of carrying on the tradition of stealing the map.

"I am glad that the trickster gene got passed down. My other possession was given to your father and you will get it when he passes on." Harry Sr said "I am sure that Minerva was thankful I did not give it to him when he was in school, although I do suspect he stole it from time to time. He did nick the Map after all." Harry Sr said with a smile, his eyes hazing over. He mentally shook himself. "As you know, I am leaving the properties I own to your father, uncles, and aunts."

"Same with Uncle Teddy?" Harry Jr asked. Uncle Teddy married Victoire Weasley.

"Naturally. My money will go to them as well but I have enough money to give some to all of my family. Goodness knows I never had to work again when I came into my Inheritance as Lord Potter-Black and spending all that time as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and Headmaster did not help." Harry Sr said. "Speaking of which, you are going to be the Heir to the Potter line you know. Your father is going to be Head of the Potter family and your uncle Brian is the head of the Black Family. This means he will get Black Manor and Kreacher II. I hope you both continue to work together with the Weasleys, Malfoys, Tonks,... and who am I forgetting?" Harry Sr asked, his mind going temporarily blank.

"Grandpa, the Zabinis, Finnegans, Thomases, Boots, and McLaggens are also part of our family. I think the Lovegoods and the Longbottoms are related as well. Of course we will work together with those families. You set forth the new Potter Family Motto 'Sumus coniungimur sic valens ut eo', We are as strong as we are united." Harry Jr explained and Harry Sr smiled.

"Good. Never forget that Harry." Harry Senior's eyes twinkled. "You know why you are my favorite grandson, not that I am allowed to have favorite grandchildren?"

"Because I am the carbon copy of you." Harry Junior laughed softly.

"Besides inheriting my obviously good looks," they both sniggered at that, forgetting their age "you inherited my heart I think. You were always so good to your children. I saw a little of myself in you when you were at Hogwarts. Unused to the stares, newspapers chasing after you. If all that had happened to your father, goodness knows it would have gotten to his head. You, however, took it gracefully. You were and always have been modest, kind, and brave. You were a true Gryffindor, not that I am not proud of my other children who were not little Lions. I think one of your sons went into Hufflepuff right?"

"Yeah he did. He thought I was going to disown him." Harry Junior laughed. "Like I was ever going to do that. He ended up with a pretty ex-Slytherin girl and we had the same conversation. I just wanted him to be happy. You will be pleased to know their children ended up in Gryffindor."

"I remember their sorting. Such good kids... Ah, Minerva told me I would love being Headmaster, when she nominated me when she retired. I was one of the youngest Headmasters as you know, only 50. Poor Minerva, dying just a few years after that, and Filius dying in his office just before term started. He was so looking forward to seeing the children, as he did every year." Harry James Potter, Savior of the Magical Community looked away and onto the grounds of the estate that Charlie and Harry had started to build after their wedding. He saw his extended family looking over the kids, some of them his great-great-great-great grandchildren. He noticed some pregnant bellies even at this distance and he smiled. His family was growing. He never wanted any of his children to be lonely and to live in loving homes.

The Boy Who LIved closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Harry Potter Junior, named after his famous Grandfather, grabbed the hand that had saved the World.

"You are such a good boy my grandson. I am sorry to say that my time here is done. I think a certain redhead would be furious if I did not join him soon. " Harry Potter I said in a whisper as he patted his grandchild, who had started to cry. "Maybe we can have some more adventures together. I think... that would be nice... Charlie."

Harry James Potter drew his last breath and was no more. As news spread of the death of the Savior, more and more people flooded into Britain, wanting to pay their last respects to Harry Potter. People and magical creatures from around the world came to pay their last respects to Harry Potter, whose body was to be buried next to Charlie Potter-Black, who laid next to James and Lily Potter in Godric's Hollow. On the bright 1st of July Day. Alastor Cedric Potter, eldest son of Harry James Potter the First gave a moving speech about his father. Some of the guests had trouble hearing this speech because Hagrid, who was sitting in back with Grawp, was sobbing loudly into a handkerchief the size of a tablecloth. Grawp, too, was crying, and getting anyone nearby soaking wet. Ginny Weasley, who was still alive and kicking, her hair dyed the deepest red just for this occasion, gave a speech about her love for Harry Potter but more importantly how he loved everyone, most importantly his husband, her brother. All of Harry's friends who were still alive were there. Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan were crying with their heads together, Donal sitting next to them with his family. Terry and Blaise were there with their daughter Aurum. Hermione and Ron had both died a few years ago while their husbands lived on. Draco had been reduced to a wheelchair pushed by one of his sons but, as he put it, he "would not miss Precious Potter's funeral for the world." Everyone knew better than to trust the sneer that went along with those words. Draco and Harry had been bestfriends since Hermione finally married Draco. Cormac was still his cocky self but today he seemed a little deflated, missing both Ron and Harry. However, his daughter and son were both there, both having the flaming red hair of their passed father. Bill was gone, as was Fleur, and Percy was in St. Mungo's with a wild case of amnesia. His sons, Fred II and George II, and daughters, Molly and Lucy, were all with him. His wife, Audrey, was there at the funeral. Teddy and VIctoire were there with their kids. Neville and Hannah both were gone, their three children there in their stead. Luna had outlived her husband, Rolf, who had died from a bite of a new creature they had discovered. Their sons, the twins Lorcan and Lysander, were seated on either side of her, all of their silvery grey eyes brimming with tears.

As the funeral came to an end, a cry came from above them. A Phoenix flew over the crowd and began to sing a song of sorrow and everyone soon had tears in their eyes. A few of the Harry's classmates recognized the bird and smiled through their tears to smile at Fawkes. The bird finished his song and flew away.

In a castle in Scotland, a new portrait appeared. As the portrait opened its eyes, a round of applause met him. The portrait smiled nervously and waved to four pictures in particular. Albus and Minerva returned the wave, Severus gave a look halfway between annoyance and happiness, and Phineas Nigellus Black looked at him with distrustful eyes.

"Do not worry, the Black line has been continued." the new portrait said.

Phineas smiled.

Meanwhile, a younger looking Harry James Potter was meeting with old friends and family, who were just like he remembered them, in a fairly clean version of Kings' Cross Station. First was his father, then his mother. Next was Sirius and Lupin. Ron and Hermione both jumped him and hugged him tightly. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley hugged him next. Albus smiled at him, Severus gave a slight nod, Dobby showed him his new socks, Kreacher bowed to his last master, Minerva had one of her rare smiles, and Filius squeaked at him when he waved. Cedric, Moody, Andromeda, Tonks, Narcissa, Bill, Fleur, Neville, Hannah, Fred, George, and Colin came next. They all waved to him and Harry waved back but he still did not see the person he wanted to see the most.

"Harry" a soft voice said behind him and Harry turned to see Charlie standing before him, his arms outstretched. Harry broke into a grin and a run, flinging himself into Charlie's arms.

"Missed you." Harry said into Charlie's neck.

"Missed you too, love." Charlie said and they shared a deep kiss.

There was a distant whistle and Harry finally noticed there was a train in the station and everyone was already on the train, waving for them to follow. Harry and Charlie looked at each other and smiled. They walked towards the train, hand in hand, ready for their next adventure.

"After all, to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."- Albus Dumbledore- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone